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March 08, 2013


Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Spring on your dining table!
I noticed your daffodils.
I just brought some home, too.
Amelia is blooming! What a sweet blossom.
Enjoy the light!


I adore Amelia's wardrobe...I want clothes just like hers! LOL...How wonderful that you share your joy with all of us...Thank You!


So nice to see Each Peach Pear Plum on the table. It's one of my favourite baby books.


Those cheeks! That hair! Miss A grows more beautiful by the day!


I spy Tom Thumb! We love that book around here too :) And Amelia is sooooooo adorable!

Lisa at celebrate creativity

Oh my, Amelia is growing fast, isn't she?

She's so pretty and expressive and so clearly checking out what's going on in front of her. Lovely photos which capture it all.

Take care and enjoy your weekend,


karen on bainbridge island

Amelia is ready for sunshine, spring and bunnies...and mouses.


We love her too! Imagine:)


I'm glad to follow your blogg, sweetest baby ever... looking forward to every new picture from you. Even your house pic are so nice and different from our houses here i Sweden.


Oh sun! Spring really is pure magic, I hope you have a great walk and a beautiful weekend.


I spy Tom Thumb! Hope your weekend is amazing!


Oh my word...the dearest little legs ever!!!! Your joy is so infectious, thank you so much for sharing all of your happiness with us still. You could just have gone to ground and hidden away with Amelia and Andy, and to be fair we'd all have understood, but you have been so generous with yourself...thank you xxx


Good morning beautiful! Wishing you a sunny and happy visit.

Tiffany Harvey

Love the PJs in the last pic! We've got a baby girl due in about 2 months and I've been clothes shopping this week.


Your daughter is growing up so lovely. Glad to see Bee today. I took almost identical photo of my cat Tinka yesterday. Great minds think alike.
Yay for the sun. Hope you girls enjoy your walk today.

Katie Morene

My baby girl is 19 years old and I still feel exactly what you wrote about Amelia. I love my husband but she is the grand love affair of my life.


sunshine in seattle too -
happy day!


Just checking in to see your little sweet pea. Give that precious little girl a big hug from Bentley and me!! Love to your family.
Susan and Bentley


The news from Casa Paulson is always, always a day brightener for me even when skies are grey!


We are expecting freezing rain, ice, and snow this week end.... Your glimpses of spring reassure us that spring is in fact just around the corner!

(Have you read... "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch yet? It's a must read for any Sweet Husband has read it aloud to each of our children's first grade classes. It's a grab your heart and hold on tight story...that you really can't get until you gaze upon your own child's face and know in is possible to love deeper than you ever imagined possible!)


Man that girl has some style!


OMGosh!!! Can there be any cuter little bitty stockings hanging off little bitty feet?! Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the nice weather. :)

Tanya Pedroni

I can't imagine why you adore your baby girl, she is absolutely beautiful!!


we had sun on Tuesday. It made such a pleasant change, even though I am a confirmed cold weather girl.

raining again now though, well, it IS England!

Ah that little girl of yours is truly scrumptious.


I love your blog - have never left a comment before. But I had to this go 'round because
I read your last post 3x! It was a heartwarming tale for me. I'm 59, have Multiple Sclerosis, I craft (knit mostly), and don't have children. I continue - like everyone who reads your posts - to 'benefit' from your philosophizing! Aside from the fact that the
projects are so lovely and your sense of style a true inspiration, and Amelia is just a joy
to have a glimpse of! I am sad often with the crazy state of the world, climate change and the often horrible way people treat one another. Your little world is a spark of hope and sweetness; that goodness is not only possible - but happens!

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