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February 26, 2013



Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...can't wait to order a bunny kit

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams)

Thank you, thank you for the e-mail option AND for the bunny kits. I have been refreshing your shop page over the past couple of days in anticipation of them selling out. Phew! Your images really tell a story of Portland to me. We have been here 3 years now and I am smitten to say the least.


I want to be out too but there is just too much of a nip in the air to be comfortable yet. I want to plant some primroses so bad but I did that last year about this time and then we had hail and snow and they all died, so I am just going to wait awhile. Love all your beautiful pictures -- Amelia resting on her cute little arms is so precious -- she just gets cuter every day! Her sweaters are so pretty too, as well as all of her other clothes!


So excited for your bunny kits - can't wait!! And I absolutely love the beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.


OMG--the first smile in a picture! Soooo cute. You are so smart to let her occupy herself. Can't wait for the bunny kits! Thanks for all the great pictures.


That pesto pasta looks so delicious!

Kathy C

Thanks for the advance warning on the bunny kits, and the reassurance of their availability (i have been stressing and checking your blog a bit obsessively). I'm very excited to order one! Love the photos from today. Gorgeous images! Happy rolling over -- :o)


Oh I am SO ordering a bunny kit! Because of your blog I have already made a quilt (doll-size), made bread from scratch, picked back up an embroidery project, and found my dream dining table. :)

By the way, I use Chrome and did have the same issue with getting code when I tried to subscribe to your blog but somehow I added a button on my Chrome toolbar that allowed me to add your blog to my feed. I'm not sure how I found it but, if other Chrome users google "RSS Feed Reader 4.1.6 extension" they should be able to find it and add it to their browser as well. Easy peasy.


I am so excited about the bunny kit too! I'm dreaming about this little rabbit in my sleep! We are moving into autumn here, and I love the smell of the fresh rain - the turn in seasons is delightful! I also thought about your plants, and thought some terrariums spotted around the house could be good, they would need a south window though if you want them on the sill.

Rach x


What beguiling pictures!! We're getting to see Amelia's personality emerge and it's such a treat. I imagine her in the second photo saying, "You lookin' at me??!!" In #4 she has a rather surprised look, as if to say, "Wow, I rolled over!" And in #6 she might be thinking, "Oh boy, things look so *different* from this perspective!!"

I just couldn't be happier for you and Andy and your precious daughter.


My girls have picked out their first and their second choices from the photo of the fabric/yarn for the bunnies. They have also assured me that they are going to forget all about them before Easter. I am feeling silly because I have already placed two orders from you in the past week (birthdays and little girls learning to cross stitch!--but you'd think I could do a better job consolidating) and obviously I will be placing a third on Friday for bunnies!

sharon stanley

bless her heart with those precious dear fair isle boys had them as my MIL was a wonderful knitter...she is one lucky little girl...hand crafted is best...but, bunny-friday can't get here quick enough for me...i have a special spot all picked out for her!


THANK YOU for the update about Fri:) I do have to work, but I am hoping I can log on and order!!! I have been so worried about them all selling out! I would be heartbroken to NOT get a bunny kit! I know you can relate:) Amelia gets cuter every time you post pics!!! I don't know how that is possible, since from day one, she was just the sweetest, most precious little girl! LOVE her clothes...well, actually, I just love everything about you guys!! XXOO


amelia is getting cuter by the day. i love the smiles. my 43 y.o. bike has had its spring tune-up and like you, i am ready to be outside.'s snowing again here in omaha. maybe next week. i hope you and the best-dressed baby enjoyed that sunshine. cute doll wardrobe, too.


Oh that smiley face could make anyone's day a whole lot brighter! Can't wait for the kits to go on sale... You're welcoming spring and I'm anticipating Autumn days on the other side of the world. I'm currently making a few quilts to keep our toes nice and warm come the cooler months :)

Sophie xo


There's a lot of rolling going on over there!


Whenever I see Amelia's face, I just smile so big! She is an angel, and God knew where she should land. You can't know how happy I am for the 3 of you (or maybe you can).

xo Linda


lookee that adorable smile!! I just love seeing the latest pics of the Divine Miss A!


She is absolutely beautiful! I look at those photos and see a very loved, precious little girl.


Might have to get myself one of those bunny kits. They're just so cute. This baby gets more adorable every day; you must be having a ball with her. They learn so quickly at this stage.

Val Reaves

I can't get over how fast she is growing! It is a joy to be able to see it...Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to check in with you...
Val in Kansas

Debbie from Illinois

Oh my, your daughter is so pretty. No signs of Spring here in Northern Illinois. It is a very blustery day and we have 7 inches of new snow. I love the snow!


what is that dessert??? yum ...


That smile just makes me smile! She is so beautiful. I can't wait for the bunnies.


She is getting so big so fast.
Whata cutie
I cannot wait for those bunnies to arrive.
Does that mean it is Spring?
It will be 72* here this Friday so it sure will feel like Spring. :)

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