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Blug. I got sick. Coughing, sneezing, headache, eyeball-ache. Been laying low. How Amelia has not gotten this when both Andy and I had it (one after the other) I know not. I've been washing my hands fifty times a day, but still. Poor dear! I think she thinks that coughing is just how people normally talk to each other, so she's imitating it. Typical conversation:

Me: "Hun [sneezing fit], can you bring me the [coughing, hacking coughing, disgusting sounds, throat            clearing, sneeze, sneeze, nose blowing] blanket?"

Amelia: "Goo goo, gah, fake cough, fake cough, goooooo [bright smile]."

Andy: "Sure [sneeze]."

Me: "Wonderful."

Dear lovies.

I seem to be rounding third on the sick. I feel a lot better today. I made the soup that my mom always used to make us when we were sick — the Lipton's chicken-noodle. Always makes you feel better. Maybe we'll make some real stuff this weekend? That sounds really good!

The construction has been delayed by a week [fake crying]. The doors and drawers were all scratched and dinged because they were wrapped for delivery before the paint was fully cured (note use of passive voice in attempt to not assign blame). But, agh. All had to be returned to paint shop for re-sanding/re-painting. We were only a half-day away from being completely finished when this was discovered, too [real crying]. Oh well. Better to do it right.

I'll be happy when it's finished so that I can put everything away. Right now boxes of things that belong in the guest room are still all over the house. We have bunny kit stuff coming in, as well. Naturally, then, I started a new quilt for Amelia!

I decided, with the books, to only read one at a time. First one, recommended by tons of you, Where'd You Go, Bernadette? It's absolutely exactly what I wanted. I'm flying through it! Thank you!


Lipton Chicken Noodle! Yes! Mrs. Grass is good, too. It must be the salt. Hope you feel better soon.

Adorable! I have the same cough, cold etc. My little ones are mothers and their littles now have the cough etc. Try using Vicks Vapor Cream on the soles of your feet and cover with socks. Helps the cough !

Holy cow, Amelia is one cute baby! Speedy recovery to you and Andy.

I recommend lots of tea, plenty of sleep, and good books. My favorite herbal tea when I'm sick is Tea Source's Evening in Missoula.

Argh, that construction delay would make me nuts...

Sorry you and Andy got the dreaded lurgy! I'm glad Amelia didn't succumb. Love the photos of our darling girl. I bet you're excited to teach Amelia to knit, crochet and quilt someday. I downloaded that book, thanks for the tip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Amelia - what a doll!

Nothing cures a cold like homemade chicken soup and if you add a jalapeno to the pot - either whole or a few pieces with seeds removed it really helps with congestion.

My hands are raw from washing them this winter - but knock on wood I haven't gotten it yet.

I agree with you on the home improvements - remodeling is great but I am so glad when it's done.

Lioton's Chicken Noodle soup was our traditional cold & flu remedy too! I still crave it as an adult when I feel unwell. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. I'll be keeping my eye out for those sweet bunny kits!

bless your poor hearts...the awful awfuls are...well, awful. please feel better soon. that muff..oh my goodness, she is a doll baby. how you are able to NOT hug and kiss those cheeks all day while ill, i don't know. tissues, lemon drops, chicken soup and homemade orange juice.

Amelia is so beautiful and the photos are so lovely. Where'd you go Bernadette one of my favorite reads last year. And for you: squeeze half of a lemon in a mug. drop the squeezed lemon half in the mug and drizzle with honey. Pour boiling water over it all and let it set 10 minutes. After taking lemon out, drink it down--add more honey if you must. You'll feel better after this----promise! xo

I hope you are on the mend soon. My mom always made me Lipton soup too when I was sick. Thanks for the memory.

I have been having that same cough-punctuated conversation for two weeks. It's terrible, isn't it? (though my cat Harry isn't as good at bring me blankets!!!)

And is that Burren Perfumery Gardener's hand creme by your bedside? I think it is! That place is magical, as are their products...

My favorite soup when someone is sick (and someone was this week so I made it on Tuesday) is your recipe from a few years ago. I think the title of the post was "Is anybody sick", but I am not sure. Anyway it is the one with the dill. We ablsolutely LOVE it. The downside is that no one makes it for me when I am sick. I think I need to make an emergency pot and freeze it for when I am the one who is under the weather. I hope you all feel better soon.


Sorry to hear you guys have been sick. Sometimes tiny infants are way tougher than adults!

And....could that child GET any cuter?! What a face. She should be the new spokesbaby for Gerber or something.

Oh poor you. It looks like we're on the same flu-schedule though. I'm finally starting to feel human again after 3 days of total exhaustion. I didn't think I'd ever get better, it took all my energy to just step into the shower. I even had to blow-dry my hair sitting down on the bed with my elbows resting on my knees, THAT's how weak I was :)
You can read about my moaning here:

Goodnight Moon is wonderful. You always have her look SO lovely, I have been wondering where the little dress pattern came from.
I have been making Ottobre s Maya blouse for my 2 month old grand-daughter - so sweet.

Sorry to hear you are ill, that sort of things drags on and becomes a pain. Ditto the pain with the construction; as a person who put up with 38 weeks of insurance works last year which were meant to take 12-14 weeks, I hear your pain! That photo of Amelia with the giraffe...oh my! Thanks for sharing that beauty. Have a super (hopefully more cough-free) weekend.
Hen x

Germaine Hall says: February 01, 2013 at 11:29 AM

I love Amelia's facial expressions in her pictures. Hope you all feel better soon. I am soooooo looking forward to the bunny kits!

Feel better soon! This winter has been pure evil with colds. Can't wait to see the new quilt - they always inspire me to make another ... that's exactly what I need right now.

Oh, hope you both are well soon.

Sounds like a mixed blessing - one for which to be thankful. Just when you didn't need more workers coming through the house, just when you needed rest (and not to be filling drawers and organizing), the work was delayed. All things in their time. I hope you're better REAL soon. And healthy and not sneezy when the fun work of putting things in drawers and on shelves begins. More fun to be well doing that! (hugs)

Hope you all feel better soon! Tea is the panacea of choice around here. Strong, milky, sweet tea. Love the quilt selections!

Hope you hit home plate this weekend and get completely over the bug. It's super hard and harder when you have a little one. I still make the Lipton chicken noodle when we are sick too. Full of too much salt and whatever but it is comforting :) Seven Up and popsicles too. Glad to see all those reading suggestions too. Take care Paulson Family :)

She is beautiful, how old is she? Ilianna, my baby girl is 10 months and is very healthy too, only a few weeks ago she got a bit of fever because she is teething, but she find a big relief breastfeeding, anyway....hope you get better soon .

Have a great weekend!

Lluisa x

Well, I'm so sorry that you and Andy have been sick, but I think the reason Miss Amelia is still well is the love and nurturing she has received from all the people in her life, including us who follow your blog! I remember when I was a little girl, back in the stone age, my mom would take grapefruit and lemons and oranges, cut them in half and boil them (still unpeeled) until they were really nasty, then make me drink it. She let me put a little sugar in it, but HOT grapefruit broth is horrible!! I think I remember her saying it had quinine in it, and it was supposed to cure what ailed ya. I think the reason it worked is because you willed yourself to get better so you wouldn't have to drink it any more..... 8-). Give that sweet baby and miss Clover Meadow a kiss for me. They are both so wonderful...

xo Linda

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