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A storm is moving in! I'm excited, even though it will only rain here. No snow. It's been a very mild winter, without even that much rain. I'm so jealous of the snow everyone has had these past few weeks out east and in the Midwest. At least it's really blustery here, and rain is streaking the windows, and my baby girl is sleeping peacefully after a long morning of rolling over! She learned how to do this yesterday. It's just so incredible to be able to watch these things. It was so beautiful and cool. She was so pleased and proud. I got a little choked up. She is a genius!!! ;)

I'm determined to grow houseplants. These are the easy-to-grow types, I hope. I PRAY. I can't tell you how many times I have redone this window. Everything I try to grow here eventually croaks. Any advice is very appreciated! I figured these succulenty ones would be good for someone like me. But I don't even know how often to water them? (Window faces west.)

***Her dress. Her sweater. Her book. Her quilt. The log cabin quilt. And her hat was from this Etsy shop. :) I'm meaning to write a post about Amelia's clothes. I'll do that sometime.


Yay it is such a great moment when they do something in front of you and the emotions just well up
I too just bought 11 succulents and hoping as well I can keep them alive cause they are the best looking house plant.
Such rich green in such a blah desert setting is nice.

Send that rain our way please :)

Hi there, i just want to say that i adore, absolutely adore, your blog!
It is paticularly special to me as your georgeous little one reminds me so much of
my 2nd little girl who is around The same age- she'll be 6 months
on 1st march. They seem to have a similar temperament and i identify so much with
what you write, particularly when you share your feelings about little A. :) I discovered your blog by accident a couple of months after she was born and
I have been following and watching little A develop at a similar rate as my little Emma Louise:) You live in Oregon if i recall, i am english but i live in Norway, scandanavia. Shame since i keep getting urge to invite you for coffee so that we can chat about crafting and the amazingly peaceful natures of our little girls!:) i have a kinda newish blog, http://www.marilynmeanders.wordpress.com. At some point i will add links of favorite blogd and yours will be at the top. Enjoy your newly refurbished home and little A's sweet smiles!

oohh Amelia's hair is getting so long! what a beauty :)

The plants I've always had success with are spider plants, and I live on Vancouver Island so we have similar weather :). I like the look of those succulents, though! Haven't tried those yet.

I agree with Kat (above) on succulent care. you DO have to water em though :)

That's it, your daughter is officially the most adorable child EVER. Really, that is not even a lie. She is amazingly photogenic...and a genius! Congrats on the rolling, mama.

A small geranium would love the afternoon sun and the leaves would smell so nice. I've just been growing some cat grass - I think anyone could grow that! (although I hope the cats won't be throwing up in the house now - more than usual, I mean.)
But perhaps you should ask at a nearby nursery what they would advise.

Such lovely pictures. And the knitted sweater and dress. Oh my. Thank you for another peek into your world. I'll be in Portland next week for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping for some sunshine instead of the snow we've had in Spokane.

Cracked me up how you put a link to everything you photographed! We really are curious little readers aren't we!? Now though, I am going to have fun going back through your 2010 posts. I must not have been a reader then, cause I see a lot I've never seen before. YAY!
I too, have missed seeing snow this winter~boo!
I have never been able to grow house plants, but can make most anything thrive outdoors????! Good luck to you, I gave up!
SOOOO happy to have 2 posts this week~thanks busy mom, Amelia and Clover Meadow!

Genius... yes, yes... all the signs are there!
With a baby in the house, all things are new
and fascinating, for us and the growing child.
Their accomplishments are marvels to behold!
Would you believe... we found snow! Not much
more than an hour away in our own county!
Enough snow to thrill and excite! Enjoy your weather
in happy comfort.

I'm not great with house plants either even though I don't have a brown thumb. My roses out front are glorious. But my house is also quite dark so I think I'm limited with what succeeds.

I have always done really well with little African violets. Well, I say little but I have a few healthy ones that have gotten quite big. I'm in the Portland area with you so I have similar light/temp issues. The violets do OK with artificial light and they are OK in the window when it gets cold (I've had a few plants go toes up after one of our super cold nights).

Violets like to be watered from the bottom so I invested in a few of the violet pots that are sometimes called "self watering" because they are a pot within a pot. You put water in the bottom of the round pot and set the violet's pot in that. I have gotten them at Fred Meyer so they aren't hard to find.

I've also done well with orchids. I don't get them to bloom much at all but I have really nice foliage so I'm happy.

My feeling about house plants is that they are like bouquets that last a bit longer. Enjoy them, water once in awhile and if they don't last "oh,well". Once I got this attitude things seemed to last a lot longer.

Christmas Cactus will reward you no end..and bloom maybe 3 times per yr:)No fuss..no muss..you can propagate etc:)
An Olive tree is so cute too..w/ that window it would work.
I am growing indoor lavender too that is about to bloom:)
Ficus Bejamini is a great tree:)

She's going to be able to have her hair french braided soon:)
I have lots of snow for you if you want:)

You could buy a moisture meter (mine came from Ace Hardware). Stick the probe in the dirt and the dial shows how wet or dry the dirt is. The accompanying list tells what number various plants like. The list is printed in itty-bitty print, so you also need a magnifying glass and a highlighter to mark the plants you have.

over here in rose city park....my plants have all been dying this month! i'm thinking it's because it's been so cloudy and i've had the shades drawn too much. opening the curtains and trying to let some of the light in....

Congrats on her rolling over! How amazing:) She is such a little cherub!

Hi! Tried to Comment earlier but not sure what happened, kinda new
to following blogs, but i just wanted to say how much i love your blog. I have a little
baby girl the same age:) i almost never water my succulents as they grow
too fast and get a long stringy sprouting habit.. So they are The perfect plant for me as i tend to either
neglect plants(unintentionally) or literally drown them in love...lol:)
have a wondeful weekend!

Did your built-in get finished yet? I am awaiting a full unveiling with pictures and everything. I think I saw a picture of your kitchen with view towards the dining room on pinterest. I recognized it! possibly from the catalog shoot.

: )

I'm admiring the lovely knitted things that little one is wearing. Have you been doing some knitting? I'm new to commenting on your lovely blog. Hello from the Newbie in Scotland. Cheers!

Love that Amelia baby girl . . .and her clothes, her rosy posy cheeks, her hair . . . Her growing and learning. What a gift a simple baby roll over can be . . . time to celebrate!

Trick for succulents . . . water once a month, I/8 cup and no more. They pull moisture from the air and it sounds like you have plenty of moisture . . . Good luck!

Dear Alicia,
For some reason, your blog disappeared off my blog roll after being there for years, so today, I saw your sweet baby and had to read every single post from the beginning of September to see when you adopted your little wonder miracle girl..As I read all your heartfelt and happy posts and saw all of your photos, there was such joy in my heart for you and Andy!
I am looking forward to seeing the bunnies that you are creating...
Happiness and joy to you always,

It is SO WONDERFUL!!! So freaking Wonderful...to see your little girl, Miss Amelia Ma'am, wearing the beautiful clothes you lovingly made for her. So, so wonderful. Amazing. I feel so blessed to get a peek into your journey to becoming a Family. And Miss Clover Meadow! She takes her job very seriously. What a Dear. Thank you for sharing your world with us! And I agree with you about wishing we'd had more snow. I live a wee bit north of you, and have my fingers crossed that we get snow this weekend, but I don't really expect it.

No holding her back now...on to see her world. Blessings.

After my fifth (in a row) aloe plant died, my husband teased me that he saw my picture in the post office !~! (Ten most wanted list). Since then I have moved to shore, grown a jade tree and an aloe plant outside my front door-mostly by ignoring them both. Succulents inside are not a good plant for me to grow but outside (here in SF Bay Area) they do well outdoors go figure !~!

Rolling over already-wow, she is a genius. Love to all of you.

Nothing better on a rainy day than baked goods, quilts, furry ones, and a beautiful little girl with rosy cheeks!

I have been wanting to add some houseplants into our rooms, too but I am well known around here for killing them. Pretty much all I have to do is think about owning a plant and at a nursery nearby a plant withers and dies. Succulents look really beautiful, their textures and dimensions are just very cool. Yay for Amelia learning to roll over on her own! Babies are adorable once they learn that. Of course, it makes diaper changes a bit more challenging! LOL

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