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February 19, 2013



So much GOODNESS!!! I am REALLY hoping that I am not at work the day the bunny kits are available!! I am so afraid I will miss it!!! I really...REALLY...want to make one for my grandaughter..and now that I know there will be clothes patterns too..well, I know, YOU KNOW, just how EXCITING that news is:) Give sweet little angel baby Amelia a kiss from me on her perfectly plump cheeks!!! I love ALL that you do:)


you seem to just be percolating with ideas, bubbling over with plans and exciting. it is lovely to see life with baby unfolding in this way for you...i can only imagine how content you all must be. love the colors of the liberty print and the green ball of wool...


I love to see pictures of Andy with Amelia and maybe this sounds crazy, but I think she looks like him!


Can you talk a little more about hand sewing the bun? (I am a knitter with minimal sewing skills, especially when it comes to hand work.)

One of my friends is pregnant, so I was looking at your projects on Ravelry for ideas. Amelia has already grown and changed so much in this short time! (I have started a Dale of Norway cardigan for my pal's baby---it's hard to go wrong with something so traditional.)



And SO MANY PEOPLE are having babies ... I'm going to need to make a lot of bunnies! =)


How do you do it? When I had babies I could barely dress myself, let alone sew and knit clothes for a bunny. *sigh* Some people . . . :)

This is such a cute bunny and I love all the ideas you have for her. I imagine a whole bunny world — bunny bedding and picnic linens, pajamas and rain boots, bonnets and perhaps her own little basket of knitting. Sadly, I know that my own sewing and needling skills are nowhere close to your and that my bunny will end up looking more like a distorted, puckered version of yours . . . *again, sigh*


Those ruddy cheeks and bubbles are killing me.

Those golden, actually golden! threads through her hair.

The look of pure love on Andy's face.

LOVE love love all of this.


You will SO love these Alicia. Your bunnies are gorgeous, and these dolls are just fabulous!

Heather Menzies

A matching dress for Amelia and her bunny! I love it. Amelia is the cutest thing EVER. Love and hugs to you all.


You certainly have the best of muses! :-)


Bread, Amelia, and bunnies! It doesn't get much better than that. As a bunny lover, maker, and seller - different in style of course - I am very excited about purchasing and making your beautiful Maggie. I firmly believe there can never be too many rabbits in a little girl's room.


Can hardly wait for Maggie Rabbit! You are so clever, Alicia! Love the Amelia photos and news.

Lynda M O

Amelia grows more lively each week; isn't her development just the most amazing experience you have ever been witness to in your life ?~! I LOVE babies and how they grow-I began looking after a little guy born Nov 29th and what a joy it is to hold and snuggle all day with him. His name is Wyatt and my husband asked with a grin, "Wyatt burp?" He's a cutie like your darling and about the same age too so we can have fun together watching them grow.


That little one is so adorable! What chubby little cheeks!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

That has got to be the Dutch Oven Bread!
You've made us baking believers with this recipe.
Maybe our weather is in synch... hot bread would
be ideal, right now.
Maggie Bunny is darling. Amelia is extra darling.
Shall I go on?
Yes. Yes, this is a completely darling post. I am


So. The blanket + coffee mug + chair + outside = one very lovely morning.

And. Baby. Precious sweet girl. You are so very blessed.

Seanna Lea

Awesome. The bunny will have to be something I pick up. A great project.

That bread looks good, but this (similar) bread is the one I turn to. I have made it dozens of times in the past year.


oh my! how cute is that bunny Maggie and Amelia! Thanks as always for sharing such a sweet peek into your life. By the way, love Andy's shirt, looks like a Liberty print, did you make that for him!? Can't wait to create my own Bunny!


This is so exciting! Thank you for your bunny kits! I am expecting my first child and can't wait to make one of your bunnie designs! My mother knits so I will delegate Honestly, you knitters fascinate me with your abilities! I would lose count all the time. But give me a sewing needle or a sewing machine and I am your girl! Thanks for sharing your creative gifts with all of us along with your beautiful blog! Working on one of your samplers now.

Melissa L.

Those cute lil socks! OMG.


how timely. i was just at trader joe's for bread flour. it is supposed to snow up to 14 inches this week here in omaha, so bread making sounds perfect. i love your sense of humour...'floor model'. cute.


I love that bread! Cannot wait for bunny kit!
Your daughter is beautiful.


That bunny is stinkin' cute but still pales next to Amelia! So sweet. And I think her pants are shrinking!
We always liked the Plan toys too. My youngest daughter had a set of wooden boxes that opened and stacked and made a doll house with all the little furniture. I sort of liked the modular design of it. We still have it all, of course. Oh, she'll be 20 next month!! So happy you are so, so happy.


oh my where to I begin?
It is all so wonderful and I must make a bunny.
What a wonderful creation.
Your Amelia is just so sweet and I just had a ton of memories of my boy at this age come flooding back.


That bunny is perfection! I'm so sad my girls may be too big to play with a darling bunny, but I may just make it for *them* anyway (and I in NO WAY mean for me :)

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