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February 13, 2013



ohhh Amelia is adorable!
I have a baby girl that born just two weeks before your little one... and I'm feel blessing for every moment I can spend with her...

love your blog (I think this is my first comment here) and always enjoy see the beauty in your photos...


Val Reaves

I love, love, love Amelia's little baby toes! Love your pictures and thanks for the recipe!
val in kansas

Lynda Catlin

Amelia is soooo darn cute and I love her little rosebud lips :-) Today I like the mint green and white wallpaper on the right and the tiny one beside it that looks white and red or is it pink...good luck choosing!!!


those lips, that hair, those high-waisted pants...miss amelia you are too cute.

she looks so cozy!!!

Annie Vennerbeck

Dear A & A,
Oh that little girl- melting my heart! And she is growing so fast.
I would like to vote for the white floral on pale-ish green wallpaper - and its companion (clipped on?)...beautiful choices all around.

As you may know we have almost three feet of snow ~ yikes.
wisht we could mail ya some!
Annie in New Hampshire


Baby Amelia is an absolute sweet heart ♥
Such a beautiful quilt ~ I am working on one for " soon to arrive" grandbaby #2 and hope it looks as lovely as yours when I'm done. And your Avocado pit ... wow ... can you share your secret to getting one to grow? I've tried over and over with no luck (and I eat Avocados a few times a week) :-D
thank you for sharing your lovely photos Alicia.

Teresa Kasner

February.. I start to get some business done after my "down" month of January. We've got seas of Snowdrops in bloom in the farm yard! Amelia is so sweet - Andy looks so happy holding her.
*H*A*P*P*Y* *V*A*L*E*N*T*I*N*E*S* *D*A*Y*
Teresa :-)


What a little pumpkin...what a little pat of butter...I want to scoop up Amelia and kiss those chubby cheeks! Lucky you!!




her little squishy pouty lips and cheeks so crack me up!


Those cheeks are just getting more pinch-able every day. What a cutie. I love how the quilt is looking.


Precious little pudgeball! ♥ Amelia's adorable!

Daffodils are my favorite. They were my bridal bouquet flowers along with Cattails and Pussywillows. :) And we need their bright yellow this month, for sure.


I don't think she can get any cuter...she is just a doll!!

You look to be very the quilt on the bed!!

Joy @ Joyfully Green

So sweet to see the happy dad smiling! I continue to be heart-warmed that the three of you all found each other. Lovely and amazing.


Alicia, we are desperately awaiting bunny kits! Can see you have been busy.


HGTV has been on a lot here on the far east side of Portlans as well :-) But I just took some photos of some of our rosy red camellia blossoms I plan to post today. Looking at the bright blossoms out my front window are cheering us up as my 3 and 5 year old grandgirls bounce in and out of my room and my 8 month old grandgirl is carried in and out of here, too. My oldest daughter is sitting here knitting as I type. :-)

Thanks for the lovely photos and yummy sounding recipe.

Happy Valentine's Day, 2.14.2013 Alicia, Andy and Amelia <3<3<3


I love the big, round baby stage. The full moon face. She's a darlin'. I'm sure your Valentine's day will be overflowing with love.


OMG she's enormous! What a big, squishy, delicious baby! Love this.... aw I'm going to go squeeze my baby now.


I rarely ever comment on here, but I come, every day, to visit and enjoy and absorb all the goodness here. My baby girl is just 8 months old. So, I get little moments of deja vu when I see your precious Amelia doing things, smiling a certain way, or just staring at the camera saying "what in the world? Another photo?" Thank you for continuing to stay true you and your beautiful, melodic voice. I treasure it all! And, it's about time I said thank you!


Happy Valentine's Day!


Oh those cheeks! Ridiculously cute!


You could be describing the South of England right now, exactly. Grey, brown, dark, cold ... ugh. And guess what? In response to all that dreariness today I went out and bought 'Country Living' magazine (so much colour and prettiness on the cover) , a big bar of Dairy Milk chocolate, and a bunch of daffodils! Great minds. x Hannah

Lisa at celebrate creativity

Hi Alicia! Amelia is adorable and you've managed to capture so many cute expressions. You seem to be a pro at this already and it's great to see how everyone has settled in so beautifully.

The photo with all the wallpaper above Amelia's head is really cute.

I think my favorite paper is the gray-blue sample with the white flowers.

You'll probably change the room decor here and there as she gets older but I think that blue wallpaper will work all the way until she's a pre-teen (maybe even longer, depending on her teen personality which I'm sure you've heard can be tricky-lol).

You're clearly having a blast and it shows. Keep having fun.

Take care and enjoy your day.


Amelia is so big yet so tiny. Love the sort of sitting up picture. Her cheeks resemble squishy marshmallows.


She is growing so big and her hair is so long now. Your photos are so pretty. Sarah x

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