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February 13, 2013


Susie Sears Taylor

Look at her long hair!! She matches the rose on gray paper above her on the wall. Great pictures.

Desiree Fawn

She has the best lips everrrr! Love that little one! :)


Just catching up after a very long time away from my blog reader. Thrilled to see your latest addition to the family. What a blessing for you all. My eldest was 18 last week and my girls have been the best thing that ever happened to me. Much love to you all. x


Amelia under the wallpaper samples is in the running for one of my favorite pictures of her!


Love, love, love how she's plumping up! So sweet!


I love that sleeping picture. Reminds me of the times just sitting watching my babies sleep. Beautiful.


agreed! grey as grey.... hopes for snow are let down.... and right smack dab in the middle is a day of hearts! a little pick me up in a month that needs one!

pat king

Oh, my, did your photos ever bring a smile to my face this morning. Amelia grows more dear every day, doesn't she? It's easy to see that Clover Meadow is very fond of her little human. Thank you for sharing. I know what you mean about February's Pacific NW weather. I still feel like pulling the covers over my head until mid-April.

Harlow Nash

I just love you guys and your beautiful little family!


That photo of her with the little smile after Andy has kissed her just melts my heart. Such a sweetie!


Your description of February in Portland sounds a bit like winter here in the Netherlands. Like you I am longing for spring!
Your little girl is very sweet.


hmm. that weather sounds familiar, you sure you're not actually in England?!

Aw, lovely little girl. Looking at your pics, I'm reminded at how quickly they change, become alert, start showing their personality. Every day brings a change, and every one more amazing than the previous.

She is beautiful.

Brenda Miehling

Is she a daddy's girl? I see a content little girl surround by love and beauty. So nice to visit your site and get these images of happiness.


Hmmm, I bow as always to the supreme cuteness of Amelia, but uh, Andy in a Dead shirt is a close 2nd. ;)

Enjoy the making & eating of your lasagna.


Of all of the blogs I read and all of the baby pictures I see daily, Amelia is by far the cutest. You guys are such an awesome family. I'm so happy for you.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Well, as long as you're stuck at home... let it be home with that adorable child, funny husband, dear puppers, love and lasagna, and all of your creative endeavors. It looks and sounds splendid. Stay snug, and do keep blogging... you are our ray of sunshine!


I just love your life -- that for sharing it with all of us!!


oh, alicia, that third photo is adorable. the moving foot. happy four-month to amelia tomorrow. (it'll be our twentieth year tomorrow.) here in the midwest, the sun is shining and the last bit of snow is still on the ground. more snow on its way. it's difficult to be cozy in the house with sunshine. i understand your nesting instinct. as always, lovely post.


Your description of February makes me think you might like to add this book to your bedtime reading routine...


Baby Amelia is absolutely stunning. She is so beautiful and appears to be the happiest baby. Love her little smile and the hair! Too cute, really.

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

LOVE THE SLEEPING SHOT!!!! Love the one of her under the wallpapers. Any ideas yet which one to pick? :)

I so hear you about the gray and the rain. I'm up north from you,in Seattle, I think I've told you and I'm just gritting my teeth trying to get through this month.

Guess what. I HAD CREAM OF WHEAT, for the first time in 30 yrs, no joke! Totally inspired by you. BEST THING EVER. My husband and I were freaking out how magically good it was!

Anita K


Rhonda Jean

Amelia is such a roly-poly now. She looks happy, beautiful and healthy. I share your love of little flowers - both in the ground and in print and fabric. Enjoy your lasagne.


So enjoyed the pictures. The ones of Andy with Amelia make a person nearly melt, ya know? Daddy love is so endearing....Property Brothers were taping a new show on our street last week, and I got to see (dreamy) Drew being interviewed/taped in the front yard of one of the homes as I was walking my dog. Very exciting stuff.

glenda penner

Great Scot!!!!! I had no idea the wallpaper prints were so large. There was nothing to give them scale before. I imagined them as dainty sprigs and little dots. As a result, Amelia looks like a tiny elfin baby to me now; Like a little Thumbelina. Kinda cool.
February will melt into March in no time and the birds will fill up your back yard with song, and potato salad and iced tea will appear on the second shelf in your refrigerator. Just think of the grayness of February as a soft warm shawl. Maybe? No? Oh well.

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