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February 15, 2013



Oh! She is the cutest little valentine and has won all of our hearts! Seeing all of Amelia's books reminds me that I've been meaning to ask you if you've read the wonderful children's book "The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate"? It's so very charming if you haven't.

Happy cozy weekend to all the P's!


your daughter is the cutest thing :)!!


Wow, just have to gush (again!) -- Amelia is fairy-tale beautiful -- and all the more so in those sweet fairy-tale clothes you've made for her and in that lovely fairy-tale house you and Andy live in. She looks so loved, and warm, and cozy. I hope sweet little Clover Meadow enjoys being a good "dog mommy" too?


The cuteness is almost unbearable!! I hear the sun was shining brightly in Portland today. Happy times!


There are no words . . . except for the sleeping photo . . . sweetness . . .


She is such a sweetheart !!! It is all about her and so it ought to be !

wasabi honey bee

Such sweet pictures, and yes that bunny print is wonderful!!


Oh everything looks so amazing!!! I went furniture shopping today and had a moment where I wished you would appear to give me decorating advise. Your home is so lovely.


She is a beautiful baby :)
You have a really nice pics there.

Have a great weekend!

Lluisa x


So many pretty images to stare at in this post. Love Amelia in her top with the pink bow, gorgeous. The shelves look perfect and the tulips in the enamel jug: just lovely.

Gillian x


yes, when you start feeling like you're in the swing of things then it's a genuinely wonderful feeling.

Gorgeous pics as always, that is one adorable little girl!

Ah, a pic of something I love. Childrens toys scattered here & there. I love seeing my girls stuff (well, within reason!) around the house. Especially when she's at school. A little reminder of her, and feels like she's saying hello!


Your house and that baby look absolutely divine 💕


Ah, cutie baby, cutie puppers - so much to love there! You are indeed getting organized and what a wonderful job, it's looking fantastic.


alicia y su cambalache.


I'm always happy to see a new post of makes my daY! It inspires me to make handcraft myself, to change my room, etc and it makes me think of those happy baby-time of my own 3 teenagers....Oh Enjoy this time, smell her sweet hair, kiss her sweet cheek, watch her all day and PRINT it in your memory!!!( you do; I think!)
Sometimes you will need those sweet memories when they are 16 or 17 and not always so adorable!! ha,HA!
warm greetings from the netherlands, Fleur


There isn't anything more beautiful than a child and your baby is just so darling. The pictures kind of make me want to run upstairs and wake my baby. I love the pictures of your home. They are so perfect. I just ordered your Woodland Sampler Kit I can't wait to get it. I just tried my first cross-stitch project and it was a disaster but now that I know what I was doing wrong I am ready to do your patterns.


So beautiful! And I'm loving that rabbit print - it is the sweeetest. Reminds me of the Little Grey Rabbit stories.


Those pictures of that babe just bring joy into my heart (and not much else does this day.) When I look at your photos, I feel like I am able to escape into this world of light and warmth and comfort and beauty and love. Thank you for sharing.

ps. My sister gave me your Winter cross stitch kit for Christmas this year, and I have been loving, loving, loving doing it...


Oh, where to start. So much beauty! I'll just leave it at that.
I still have my own copy of "the Real Mother Goose" from my mom and dad. Inside it says, "Merry Christmas, Lori 1971" first Christmas. I love the way Amelia's bookshelves turned out, and I can't wait to see more of the room. I know you'll show us when it's time.


What sweet pictures of Amelia! Her first Valentine's... The pictures of your house look great. Those must be Amelia's shelves in her room. It made me smile to see her books. Your hallway is so pretty too. Also the bunny print is too cute.

Kristi Shreenan

So much to ponder in these photos. First the precious babe who is such a snuggly peach. Then her bookshelves which are packed with a collage of her young life. The bunny art is divine! LOVE the matroiska (sp?) dolls which I have on our bookshelves too. I giggle when I see Amelia having her photo ops on pretty quilts and propped up on the bed pillows b/c I used to do the same thing with my wee ones. I love those photos even more now as they are teens. Enjoy every tiny special moment. What a happy Valentine's day for your all, sweet family.


You are such a tease with that picture of your new built-ins!!

Kate Bratt

She is getting so big! Her hair is a terrific color, and those cheeks! I love the pile of blankets on the shelves. I'm hoping to finish my first crocheted afghan soooooon.

Nancy McKEnna

Are the books in the bookcase yours from childhood? My kids are in their 20's and I am still saving their favorite books for their children...someday... I love how you put a few quilts into the shelves too.

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