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Ahhhh. Feeling much better, thank you! Much better. I finally feel like doing something other than whining and drinking Sprite for dinner. Actually, what sounded good was just a Big-Gulp sized cup of Airborne with ice. Bah.

And — glory! — the cabinets are done. Yesterday. Today I'm playing catch-up. Paying bills. Changing sheets. Finishing painting the stairwell? Vacuuming. Getting some drawer-divider things so I can start putting stuff in the new drawers and cabinets. I'm looking forward to all of it. Spring cleaning's coming early this year.

Alas, not in the back yard. It's kind of a wreck. Stuff is sprouting through the gunk — we planted stuff — bulbs — I don't remember what. Allium, I hope!

Amelia turned sixteen-weeks-old over the weekend. It seems utterly impossible that that much time has passed already. She is so big and luscious and beautiful and funny and sweet and wonderful. She is so easy-going and laid-back; I still just cannot believe anyone on earth is just like this. My mellow yellow. She is such a cool person. Her infancy has been nothing short of complete delight. And it's going, as everyone said, so fast. But every new day is so much better than the one before. Our three days a week alone together are long — when Andy's at work (yes, he's an R.N.), morning starts at about 5 a.m. and the day doesn't end for me until her bedtime, around 8 p.m. Andy gets home around 8:30. She naps a little during the day, but she sleeps through the entire night, no problem. I think I'm finding a good rhythm during the days, though. Starting to get the hang. We've been managing really well lately, especially now that the weather is getting a bit nicer and we can easily walk up to the grocery store and stuff like that (and now that construction is over and we can actually leave the house). Not that I'm not exhausted at the end of the day. I am! But it's a good, honest, awesome kind of exhaustion. The days just feel so good to me now. Her happiness (and ours) is so straightforward, and filled with joy and sweetness and ease that I am encouraged, and so grateful, and nothing seems too hard then.

Now, wallpaper. People! Do you see how pretty it is? How can it possibly be chosen. Someone said that vintage wallpaper has nasty stuff in it. That stands to reason, but I'd never heard it before, so thank you. I'll probably pass on it. The swatches on the table are vintage. The swatches hanging on the wall are actually new, they just look old. From Fabrics and Papers. The one I like is the last one I thought I'd like. Can you guess? I still have a few more samples coming from other places. I want to wallpaper about fifty things now.

Finished Bernadette! I liked it (though I have to admit, I liked the first half better than the second half)! Next up is Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods. Of course I had to get that one! Thank you again for all of these. I'm really looking forward to them!

Do you see Greta up there with all of that Liberty? I am drooling!!! We have ten different ten-yard lengths here right now. I want to roll around in it. But none of it is for me!!! Liberty torture.

***Forgot to say: Here is my Pinterest board with some more wallpapers (and some of these).


Everything you posted today is so lovely! That is why I love your blog! Thank you!

I just love reading this blog,I smile as soon as I see it's a new entry. it so uplifting to hear someones life that is happy to them and they enjoy every minute of it. so refreshing. The sweet baby cheeks makes me want to cuddle. so cute!
I think I like the yellow wall paper and I really love the icy greenish one down at the bottom right (as your looking striaght at it)that looks very cozy vintage.
everyone out there in blog world...Have a Great Day!
Lisa Jo

I love the roses and the teal & white, but I'm thinking you are leaning towards the gold. Although your walls are teal-ish, so maybe that for you, too.
The little fox next to Amelia's face is perfect!

If you like Bill Bryson, be sure to read his Sunburned Country, about Australia. I had to stop reading it in bed at night because I kept waking up my husband---boy, did he get testy!

Simply Delightful! Everyone of your photos make me smile, it's all so sweet.
I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better, too. Oh, Amelia is such a beautiful, happy baby (love the pics with puppy!) xo ~m.
Who here isn't in bunny love?! I know I certainly am :D Can't wait.

Hmmmm, in both pictures the yellow wallpaper caught my eye... but could you paper your daughter's room in The Yellow Wallpaper? Eeeeeek! Anyway, I think they're both sweet and a departure from your usual palette. My Amelia didn't nap longer than 20 minutes until she was your Amelia's age, when her naps became 45 minutes long. A month or two later she began taking 90 minute midday naps, heaven!

I am loving the new quilt! You have such a great way about putting fabrics together. Therefore, I know you will pick out the most perfect paper and it will be wonderful! I am guessing the mustard one on the top left (or is it the one to far right?), but that is just a guess. I am seeing you adding a lot of gold in the quilt, and I see the gold and white check fabric draped over the bed. Way to add to the suspense BTW!

Bunnekins, cutest thing ever!

Nope, take that back, Amelia, cutest thing ever! Is she starting to teeth? She sure is chewing on those fingers!

So glad you are feeling better!

I love the two to the left. The perfect mix of vintage and modern. The stripped one gives me flashbacks to stripping too may walls in an old apartment. It's vintage in not such a good way. the bunny and the baby slay me.

Cutie-pie baby, love the way she's looking at Clover Meadow who's on guard. Don't know how you can possibly choose between those lovely wallpapers. I especially love the pale mustard real vintage one but not if they used dyes & chemicals. One of the top ones looks very like vintage Laura Ashley which I always use - it's such beautiful quality and a joy to hang. I used some that I bought over 20 years ago the other day, in our little bedroom upstairs - so pretty. Our back garden is horrible at the moment - so wet and brown and yucky. Never mind, Spring is just around the corner.


Happy February to you all. There is always something wonderful to celebrate isn't there?
Thanks for sharing the wallpaper snippets. The vintage ones surely can't be old enough to be considered vintage...gasp, how OLD am I? Now those new/old ones I can really dream about. I love the largest sample with the roses spaced just the perfect distance apart. So Summer Sheet. And the pale Wedgewood Blue is worth considering as is the extreme right dottish one; sort of reads as texture which is nice. Still, I keep coming back to the rose for some reason. It is such a happy, old world print. So feminine without being fussy. Kinda timeless. Happy choosing. They are all lovely and one could make a case for each.

I love it when babies bare their necks!

Aaah, that perfect little face, a beauty to behold!

have to weigh in- the grey with the white pattern. or the mustard with white. but you always choose so well- could be anything you like and it will be gorgeous.
Amelia is as darling as can be! growing into herself before our very eyes.
for a new mama not feeling well, you get an awful lot done! thanks for sharing your joy with us.

Love those baby smiles! Quilt-- wow, so pretty! As for wallpaper, just thinking of vintage wallpaper makes me want to sneeze. I'd pick the pale gray with roses:)

I like the yellow one, and the pink roses too.
And gosh, what a cute baby!

Every little bit of your home I see each week, I fall in love with. Same goes for your little one, what a cutie. My favorite wallpaper is the mustard one. So pretty.


I just love the wallpaper with the big pink roses on gray. Swoon!

And we NEED to know what the fabric is, in the first picture, with the little animals...elephants and giraffes? NEED!


I have serious wallpaper envy right now! Ok, got some baby envy too! Man, she is getting so big!

I love the one with the big roses. Somehow it just is so incredible! The yellow is good too for lots of warmth. Such a fun choice to make...your little sweetie girl is so beautiful! So nice to keep up on your progress. xo

I like the golden with white. Happy. I can't imagine you'll have a single untouched corner in your beautiful home with all the redecorating you've done in the past two years. Wonderful.

Your house is darling! The quilt is lovely! The puppers is sooo cute! But that sweet girl of yours is precious! Good luck with the wallpaper selection. They are all beautiful. :)

I love the grey wallpaper, just under the yellow.

I just finished reading A Walk in the Woods,which, like all Bill Bryson's books, was both funny and informative. A good read indeed!

Loving seeing Amelia's sweet face, I miss when my kids were babies....

I would guess the pink background with white flowers on far left on the wall.

I like the gold/yellow and white one. Our living room and dining room are that color and always feel warm and inviting. Amelia......One. Adorable. Baby Girl! I've taken to visiting your blog several times a day just to live in the comfort of your photos and remember the precious days of our daughters' babyhoods. Enjoy every moment!

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