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February 06, 2013


Frances in Florida

Wow! Am I the first poster? (What a dumb thing to comment on.) I read Bernadette because of you, and finished last night too. Loved it! but yes, ending not as satisfying as beginning -- isn't that some kind of metaphor for life, or dessert or something. House looks great, baby looks great. Don't stress about the garden. XXOO

mlle patty you like the golden one? Lots of pretty choices there!
Somehow I am always drooling over the Liberty when I see it at the fabric store - thankfully my local place doesn't carry it or I would be a goner!


Oh, that beautiful baby!!!

I'm reading ( & having a hard time putting down)
The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window & Disappeared

It's a delight!




Bryson's Lost Continent is one of the funniest books I've ever read. The CatMan and I were stuck in a traffic jam on the interstate a few years back and entertained ourselves by reading it out loud. Sure, we got the side-eye from other drivers, but only because we were the ones having the most fun.

Melissa L.

That last photo..........lurrrrrrrve.

Vintage wallpaper is awful to deal with, cute though it may be. Get washable, strippable stuff in a nice pattern instead. I vote for the pink poppy!


So glad you feel better! I really prefer the new/old wallpapers over the old/old papers you have displayed. Choosing is so hard!
I would just chat with Amelia all day! I remember the constant conversations I had with my son when he was a baby. No arguments! Just a captive listener. Heavenly.

Elizabeth Mackey

Well, that little girl just gets more beautiful by the day doesn't she! That second picture is so beautiful, with those blush pink little cheeks :)

I would have such a hard time deciding which wall paper to choose. I think it is the indecisive Libra in me. I love the gray blue one with the white floral patterns, but they are all lovely.

I want all that Liberty fabric!!!! The bunny is so darn cute.

Devon hanna

I have read A walk in the woods and liked it,,your wall paper choices are all beautiful I would have a hard time choosing..good luck..and of course Miss Amelia is as beautiful as always..


LOVE the first picture with the sunlight dappling through the quilt. I am a longtime reader and just think you're the bee's knees. Can't wait to order a bunny kit!

P.S. Amelia wins for cuteness. What a doll.


that kid of yours has an exceptionally good face. so expressive!

Kristy L

I never heard of bad stuff in vintage wallpaper, but the bad part about using it is that is goes up very delicately!! My mom and I did strips of it in her back hall and it kept ripping and ripping, but we were adament and just pieced it together and finally made it. It was some of my great-grandma's old, unused wallpaper so we really wanted to make it work. It is precarious work, but worth it. But I'm with you, just use new that looks vintage. That's what I did in my kitchen and didn't regret it.

sharon stanley

oh my goodness so many good ones to choose from...i lean toward the gold and ecru and i love warmth...but i also like the blue-ish one with ecru (hanging with the pinkish sample)...can't wait to see what you choose. and yes, i would surely roll around in liberty...golly, 10 yard lengths...hmmm, i'd wear a liberty toga...little A is getting more and more adorable...can you stand it?? waiting for bunnies here......


I love their apple blossom paper. It's my favorite flower. I am still head over heels for Waverly's Ballad Bouquet (at Lowes). I love all of the colorways, too; the blue, the tea-stain, the faded black...with those big, vintage blossoms. I've always wanted to use them somewhere. Even in a closet!


I cannot get over that you just made that bunny up. It is so gorgeous. My kids are too old for one but I think I have to have one for myself! As for the wallpaper, my favourite is the stripey blue and white (cream?) one. But that yellow vintage one is killing me! So so pretty. Amelia's personality is starting to shine so much. Which I am sure it has from day one but the photos are showing it more too. Such a doll.


She is just precious, Alicia! Oh my goodness, I am still--and always will be--just so happy for your whole family. So sweet. ♥♥♥

And this post reminds me to get going on patchwork curtains for the bathroom. How does one ever STOP choosing just one more fabric?

'Glad you're feeling better.


The boots on that bunny! Oh, I've been debating making any kind of doll for my little one (he's 19 weeks) - he already has a few knit animals, but those boots!
Or maybe I just want them for myself...


Oh - are some of those clothes hand-me-downs? Because I'm recognizing the material of those overalls and those (I think) Janie and Jack pajamas that my oldest little one wore years ago. Complete flashbacks. Completely adorable.


I was reading these eloise wilkins stories to my baby, and all of the pictures reminded me of your sweet house - lots of wallpaper inspiration here, I imagine ...


So glad you feel better.
Last summer, while on vacation in sweden, i read "a walk in the woods". I would love to walk the appalachiantrail myself ( at least part of it - and not alone).
There's another book of Bill Bryson I found really hilarious. It's called "I'm a stranger here myself".
Amelia is such a cute, little girl.


A whole lot of loveliness! Thank you for making my morning a little brighter here at 6am on the other side of the world :) I love all of the wall paper and would use all of them! Your bunny is delicious as is Amelia... I'm also liking the fabric strips hanging up there! A new quilt on the way?

Sophie xo


I love the golden yellow floral. It reminds me of your cross stitch patterns! I love looking at your world through your blog. So beautiful! You are blessed.


Oh my gosh...that wallpaper!!!....those bunnies....that Liberty fabric....that Amelia!!!!!! So, so, yummy xox !!!!!!! Keep it up!


I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore the wallpaper smack dab in the middle - the one with the pretty pink roses! Please tell what that is - pretty please?


Mustard with white floral print. Versatile and warming for the long gray winters. Beautiful'

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