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Egads, *THANK YOU* for all of the book suggestions! Thank you thank you. That is seriously exciting. I have read a lot of the ones that you suggested (you know me well!), but there were a ton of them I have never heard of that sound awesome. This is thrilling! Thank you!

Were fighting colds here. Blaaaaaah. I've lost my voice and am speaking in whispercroak. Lots of hot tea, hot and sour take-out soup, more blueberry streusel muffins, a hot bath for me. I'm really enjoying these muffins in the morning, I must say. I think this muffinmaking will be my "thing." Like how some people are good at sports and some people are funny and some people have great hair? I'm going to always have muffins in the house. Yeah.

Construction on the window seat is almost finished. It is gorgeous but I won't deny that it's been a loooooong couple of weeks with people coming and going and saws whirring and things banging and the front door opening and closing and people clomping up and down stairs and the dear, poor puppers patrolling (and barking) throughout the day. Doors and drawers go on and in on Monday and then, hallelujah, some quiet. Yes, please. Ready. Then I can obsess about the pillow for the window seat, and the wallpaper (some more).

Miss Amelia P. takes it all in stride and wakes up every morning with the biggest, brightest, most beautiful smile you can imagine. Always happy. Made of sunshine, this girl. Dearest darling! Lights my world. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


I went thru a major muffin phase for awhile and here is something I think you will ADORE, if you don't have it already: Marion Cunningham's 'The Breakfast Book'. It's probably the one cookbook I'd run for if the I could only choose one. TONS O'MUFFINS, really lovely and unusual ones as well. I've been making her Irish Oatmeal muffins for over a decade and I never tire of them. They are the perfect vehicle for jam!

WOW that window built in is seriously amazing!
What a super lucky little gal!!
OOOH and look her hair is long enough for a cute barrette!!!
Take care and get better soon.

as always ALL of your photos are beautiful, but i just cannot have this scrolling-to-the-bottom-to-get-my-amelia-fix thing. haha!

The remodel is beautiful. I can't wait to see what textiles you bring into it.

Judy Sandras says: January 25, 2013 at 01:54 PM

I love the photos of Amelia, they brighten my day. It's going to be fun to see how she grows this next year. Muffins are a favorite of mine, too and they're great with tea. I love your small teapot. I've seen it in your pictures several times, but I've not been able to find one like it. It's quite possible that you've shared what brand it is and where to buy it, before. If so, would you mind sharing again? Hope you feel better soon.

New room is absolutely beautiful. Is that Burt's Bees Baby Bee I spy in the bathroom? Lovely. Your world is looking wonderful as always. Thank you for sharing your light.

I wouldn't mind being known for my muffins....

Your built-ins are so gorgeous!! I should know better than to peek at your blog while dinner is cooking...I was hungry before and now I am starving:). I think I need a teapot now too. Feel better!

Becky Hicks (messyhead) says: January 25, 2013 at 02:21 PM

When Amelia first came to you, even the everyday photos that you took had an extra brightness to them. I suppose I was seeing your world through your forever changed lense-and was rejoicing with you!

Yes! The Mrs. Tim series and anything else by D. E. Stevenson. Not much happens. Jumble sales, and tea. Country parties and tea. Tea. Perfect. Also 'Make Way for Lucia' by E. F. Benson. 1920's country village. A huge volume of his Lucia and Miss Mapp series-all in one. PBS did a couple seasons. Yum.

That looks a lot like Tom Yum soup with Tofu from Thai Orchid. :-) One of the best soups in Portland, IMHO!

Country Kate says: January 25, 2013 at 02:22 PM

Your blog is a pleasure.cant wait to see Amelia's little girl bedroom finished!!

I do love reading and looking at your blog (such fabulous pictures) Wish we had blackberry honey in Scotland - looks delicious and you did a muffin delivery service!

Everything looks wonderful - I get the 'muffin' thing, I have a soup/stew thing. I'm good at them, it's my one culinary claim to fame so I OWN it and am sure to let everyone know about it *smile*.

Oh Alicia, you'll be so happy with those built ins when they are done. I can see Miss Amelia sitting and playing there and reading, reading, reading. I had built in bookshelves installed years ago and as soon as the workers left I made a a delicious large cup of tea and sat on a chair in front of them, gazing at them and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. My husband thought I was nuts. :) Muffins sound like a plan! After weeks of close to 40'Celcius here we now have monsoonal rain from a downgraded cyclone so it's wet and dark and cool - about 26'. I was feeling like baking so muffins it is. Get well soon.

Susie Sears Taylor says: January 25, 2013 at 02:37 PM

Look at Cath Kidston "Birds and Flowers". pretty.

She really is such a sweet baby. Along with you, I've watched her wake up from being a sleepy tiny baby to now when she is alert and you can see her taking it all in. I would like you to read my book Down to Earth - A guide to simple living, published by Penguin, but it's not available over there. Sigh.

I meant to ask: Is that a little felt mitten clip in her hair today?

I've always, always, always wanted a window seat. Nearly talked the husband into buying an otherwise wildly inappropriate house (way out of our price range and on a golf course, we don't golf) just because it had a window seat in the master bedroom. Sigh. I was so close. Yours looks fabulous. What a lucky girl that Amelia. A window seat and a muffin-makin' mama. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Amelia is a most delightful girl!!

I always love seeing your dishes and pots and pans. I like your kettle- what kind is it?

Wow!! That is going to be a seriously beautiful room!! Yes, the fun part is here, can't wait to see how you decorate it. Know it will be perfect. Amelia is growing so fast! Thanks you SO much for sharing her beautiful smiles with us!! Have a great weekend, Best, Lucy

Love reading your posts- like a soothing balm!
Little Amelia is the sweetest.
Get well xx

I was scrolling through with my three year old by my side. She said, "Mama, can I see that dog again?" So I scrolled back up and she said, "Mama, that isn't a dog, that's a coyote!!! She has a coyote!!!" Hahahaha

My daughter too was the happiest little thing first thing in the morning. Such a dear sweet happy little thing she was. She's 25 now and still a mellow soul. Your little one is so lovely to see, as you can tell that she just loves life and is infinitely fascinated in it all to boot.

Window seats are great, a friend has one and it is lovely. I think you will really enjoy having yours. Muffins are the best for breakfast - cake but not really! And it's allowed. What a relief though that all the noise will be over very soon. Clover will be pleased about that.

Your taste is impeccable but always interesting. That is what makes it all so edible. Do feel better soon x

The new bedroom is beautiful. Your sweet girl will have a wonder space to grow.xoxo

Your home blows me away, it is beautful. i hope to get my cottage looking like that one day..... Feel better...lots of lemon and honey and cinnamon should do the trick.

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