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January 14, 2013



Love, love, love the bunnies!! X


The bunnies are so sweet! Almost as sweet as Amelia's little 'O' mouth! What a kissable little face.


Please put me down automatically for a bunny kit! (When the time comes, of course. Take care of that gorgeous baby first and foremost.)

And, a disclaimer: I don't want to make the bunny for anyone else... I just want one for me!


Um, I'm obsessed with the bunnies too. Can't wait for the kits/pattern/whatever you come up with to share with us!


The picture with the missing sock is too much for me. So sweet.

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

BUNNIES IN LIBERTY!!!!!!!! yes yes! can't wait to see that film and as far as the wallpaper goes.....leave it to chance or put one in front of Amelia and see which she grabs first!

Love her little milk mouth. :)


PLEASE!!! Bunnies patterns/kits, your kits are so high quality and directions so clear. I have 5 grandsons and in May will have a granddaughter. She'll need a bunny too! As always, wonderful post, anyting with Amelia and your wonderful home,food and receipes is a keeper. My daughter is in Portland also and she's been freezing but she's a California girl. Your wallpaper choices are amazing, I don't know how you can choose. Stay warm!!


risotto AND saint cupcake?! fabulous!


did you make her sweet shirt?
I want one for me :)

stay warm - cold here too

Melissa Alcoces

I love to bunny boots!

Rebecca D. Martin

Please, please, please make bunny kits! Please!!! :)

Melissa Alcoces

oops I meant.. I love the bunny boots!


Stay warm and cosy. Hope the week of work passes by quickly. I'm the same, want things done, then want it all finished quickly because I can't stand the noise and mess!

adorable photos.


Your little treasure is going to be one spoilt "Little Bunny". Love seeing her progress .


I am so thrilled about the bunny kits. So much work must go into all of your kits, but they are such a gift for all of us!


Such pretty photos, thank you; what can be better than a cute baby girl, log cabin quilts, dinky bunnies and Liberty fabric (I'm going to Liberty tomorrow, yay!) Well, ok maybe a kitty would have been the icing on the cake for me!
Vintage wallpaper, too beautiful. I actually treated myself to two rolls from Hannah's, paid the $95 roll and the shipping to London (yikes!), wondered if I was a little nuts at the time. I had no need to worry, it is so beautiful, I can't bear to put it up on the wall! I have used little bits to cover boxes and so on and it is so so lovely, worth every hard-earned penny. On the other hand, did you know Hannah also has an Etsy shop where she sells packs of vintage wallpaper sheets (about A4 size)? I bought 6 packs and have a patchwork wallpaper wall in my guest room. That way I didn't have to choose! You can see it here, if you fancy:
Hen x

TracyMB at Crow's Feet Chic

Love Miss A's 'cooing' picture and the mountain photo is magical. Love, love those bunny boots and I hope the pattern will come with a crochet cape pattern too. My bunnies could never get the hang of knitting. :)


I love those bunnies so much! And the boots. aaaaaaw..
Please make a kit, i would be happy to order a set or two to Denmark:-) or maybe four or five sets.. i really like them! :-)



Love your bunnies - cutest boots, ever!! Amelia is such a doll-baby! I'd love to give her a big squeeze (hugs).


I have a new grandaughter Amelia's age, and want to make her a bunny, I hope you find the time to make the kits or at least put out the pattern. but I understand completely if you don't find the time or energy,


I wish you could do a video tutorial of a bunny ! It would be really interesting to see how you work with them :)


I'd love to make a sweet little bunny! Though I adore the Liberty of London dresses, I'd also love to make a little boy bunny too, in case you were looking for requests. He could certainly wear a Liberty print too. ;) I love love love the inside of their ears!


Need those bunny boots!!!


I need a bunny! Do you sell them?

Karin - The F Girl

Those bunnies are perfect. And so is your little girl, obviously. I know the feeling of not knowing what wall paper to choose. It's agony! I hope you'll find a way to figure it out. Or choose a bunch and let Andy pick one. I do that often too (and then I don't agree with my husband, but suddenly dó know what to pick myself. So it's useful after all :-))

Enjoy the cold!

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