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It's been cold again this week. Between that and remodeling people here it hasn't been easy to get outside but I'm so anxious for a walk in the woods I can't even tell you. I can't wait! Though I am loving the sun we've been having. I showed it to Amelia the other day from the back door and she flinched and scowled at it, thoroughly appalled! Like, "Ack, what is that??!" True Oregonian!!!

I think I mentioned that I was reading The Palace of the Snow Queen. I like it a lot but it is not light reading, really. Do you have any recommendations for easy, fun, fast reading? I think my choices last summer (spy and pretty heavy mystery novels) were a little too dark. I didn't really make it through anything. I'm looking for something — novels, I think, or maybe even travel non-fiction — that is lighter and funnier and just . . . relaxing and fun to read?

***Forgot — here is the Summer Reading Booklist for kids we (you and I) made a few years ago. The link was broken in the original post — sorry about that!


Anything by Bill Bryson is great, especially if you get the book on tape because his expat American-British accent is great. And my hat is off to you for getting any reading done at all with such a cutie in the house. :o)

Anything from your library by D. E. Stevenson. Her "Mrs Tim" books are so fabulous! They begin with "Mrs. Tim of the Regiment." Oh! I'm going to go find it and begin reading now! Unless I should mail my worn copy to you??

I loved The Art Of Hearing Heartbeats:-)
Not light..but not heavy..and it stays with you:-)
Hard to recommend books..everyone has such different tastes..Both my girls like The Book Thief..again not light.
I was not thrilled with Gone Girl..but many were.
Loved Sarah's Key..
The Language of Flowers..
I think I don't read many funny books---
Love Amelia with her dribble..and I enjoy my Silpat too:-) It's 0 F right now here...

*I meant dishy. Typing on a Kindle Fire is a nightmare.

Karen Stevens says: January 22, 2013 at 03:37 PM

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye is a sweet an endearing and fun read!

Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher. Not too light, but sweet and meaningful. And, yeah, 1930s-1940s England!

the best book i've ready recently was "the fault in our stars." have you read it? the topic is heavy and sad, but the reading is easy and you don't want to put it down.

(my birthday is tomorrow. my cake will have strawberry jam and gluten-free cloud frosting. thank you so much for sharing that recipe, we really love it. xoxo)

Stephanie Barry says: January 22, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Bringing up Bebe -- really light & amusing, about an American bringing up kids in France :)

Steph in Houston

For a light fun read you should read Restaurant Man by Joe Bastianich. It's the story of his life in restaurants, a very interesting look at the business side of the restaurant world and all that goes along with it. It's very funny and entertaining, a quick read, you won't want to put it down.

Forever I will picture this (pic #4) as
Amelia's _not impressed with the sun_ face.
Spit happens!
The last book I read was The Big Year, a
birding book. It was both light, and enlightening.
I find that I have no self-discipline, and when
I get into a good book I cannot put. it. down.
The children go hungry, I stay up too late. Nothing
can happen, until the book is done! It's not good.

I thoroughly enjoy children's literature and young adult literature...rereading books I read when I was younger and then having books to read that were not written when I was young...I have read and reread the "All of a Kind Family" books...I also recommend "A Girl of Limber Lost" mother read that when she was many to choose from really...Enjoy!

I would agree with all the Rosamunde Pilcher recommendations - Shell Seekers and Coming Home are two personal favourites. Amelia is sure growing fast!

Nicola de Vries says: January 22, 2013 at 03:45 PM

I really enjoyed "Austenland" and "Midnight in Austenland" by Shannon Hale. She also wrote The Princess Diaries (they made a movie with Anne Hathaway..)

It's a fun/light/mystery novel about a themed holiday place based on Jane Austen ...
Fun if you like the Austen genre.
PS Very cute baby photos...

Oooo! My favorite genre of reading - light and happy! Anything by Philip Gulley but particularly For Everything a Season and Home to Harmony. Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. Black Beauty never gets old or The Secret Garden.

I just read Half Magic by Edgar Eager. It's a children's book, but quite delightful.

Have you tried The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and the other books in the Flavia de Luce series?? If you like mystery this is nice and light.

Also, waiting anxiously for the bunny pattern. I just love her!

Have you ever read anything by Bill Bryson? I would recommend both 'A Walk in the Woods' and 'Notes from a Small Island'. 'Notes...' is especially quirky and funny!

Some recommendations for "easy, fun, fast reading" ~
The School of Essential Ingredients - Erica Bauermeister
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Helen Simonson
House of Daughters - Sarah-Kate Lynch
Rules of Civility - Amor Towles
The Probable Future - Alice Hoffman
Emily's Ghost: A Novel of the Bronte Sisters by Denise Giardina
The Vanishing of Esme Lennox - Maggie O'Farrell
Broken For You - Stephanie Kallos
The Language of Flowers - Vanessa Diffenbaugh
The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein
Easter Island: A Novel - Jennifer Vanderbes
The Whistling Season - Ivan Doig
Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen - Laurie Colwin
More Home Cooking: A Writer Returns to the Kitchen - Colwin
Any of Laurie Colwin's five novels (maybe start with 'Happy All The Time')

Mrs Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn, City Girl, Country Vet (can't remember author and not at home), Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. Someone mentioned Bread Alone and The Bakers Apprentice by Judith Hendricks...both so good! It will make you want to get The River Cottage Bread Book and a bag of flour. And Miss Amelia is oh so yummy! What a snuggle bug.

The Flight of Gemma Harvey by Margot Livesay--a reimagining of Jane Eyre. It is GREAT.

A Fatal Winter by GM Malliett--nice cozy escapist British village mystery--fun and well written.

PS Cutest. Baby. Ever. freezing here in Maine, too, EEK!

Katie Morene says: January 22, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Elm Creek Quilt series by Jennifer Chiaverini. Lovely stories about strong, small-town women, quilting and friendship. Enjoy!

Our Yanks - A Love Story by Margaret Mayhew
There are bits that are sad, but so charming and lovely. I reread it when I am in need of comfort and cheer.

Lynda Catlin says: January 22, 2013 at 03:54 PM

Gone With the Wind...a good good book and a delight to read!! Seriously...also love the Rosamund Pilcher recs.

Weird Sisters is fantastic!

I just read "Where'd you go, Bernadette?" by Maria Semple. Fast and very good! Also a young adult book, "Code Name Verity" by Elizabeth Wein. Also great.

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