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January 18, 2013



Love, love, love the bunnies. And your little Amelia is pretty precious. I am loving the smiles you're showing us these days. So sweet.


The shoes on the bunsers are also what is so cute about them - love those. Will directions be included in the kit for them as well?
Your pictures always evoke warmth, I love seeing glimpses into your world!


The bunners are so boho chic! Liberty print dresses and boots like Doc Martens! Will there be a little cardi pattern too? Oh no---I feel another obsession coming on!


Amelia just gets cuter by the day! Can't wait to see the new remodel! :)


That baby is beautiful. And That Hair!


Amelia's hair is the best!


Every time I see one of those bunnies I become more and more convinced that I am going to have to order some! Because they are amazing.

In my dreams we can all hang out with our nap hair and drink tea and play ukulele songs for each other. xoxo

Kieley Rae

A beautiful happy family. How lovely you all found each other. Your photos always make me smile. Good things happen to good people. Enjoy your darling girls and your lovely man.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Baby, bunners, muffins, Clover, and the ukulele?
Sweet delights... this is one delightful treasure post.
Happy Weekending, and thanks for loveliness.


Oh look at Amelia sitting there like a big girl! So sweet! She is going to love her room when she gets in there! I can hardly wait to see what you do with it. Did you decide on the wallpaper? It'll look cute I'm sure.


Oh, thank you thank you for the bunnies! I can't wait. Amelia is just precious, I'm so so happy for you all. Clover Meadow is just the best big sis.

Maria Zdazenski

LiL Amelia is beyond adorable...God bless Her ... God Bless Your Family! so so so precious!


I wish I looked and felt like Amelia..remodel or not:) She's always just so..

The bunnies are too cute:)
My daughters gave me the Nespresso frother for Christmas..

It's magic.
Te ukulele too:) and that cheesy goodness.


PS I am a baker(home)..and never knew about muffin pucks!

anne brown

What a beautiful blog,your wee daughter is adorable and its wonderful to see her smiles coming out.I love love love those bunnies!There little boots remind me of the story of the shoemaker and the elves,the ladybird book version I had as a child ,you must find a copy for Amelia.Compleatly adorable x

anne brown

Sorry I meant "their little boots" its late here :-)x


The bunnies are ever so sweet in their Liberty frocks! I must ask about the Bee, she seems to be absent lately, hope she is fine!


What brand/description is your milk frothier?

Kristy l.

So excited for a bunny kit!! Amelia had cute, crazy hair just like my little sis did. Love it! I think she looks like Andy, hair not included.:)

Troy Louise

As always, just adorable pictures of Amelia. I love the one of her being serenaded by Andy. Can't wait for the bunny kits, they are so sweet. Your muffins sound yummy. I usually don't have any left over to freeze! Happy Weekend - maybe a respite from the building noise?


That beautiful smile! And, I can't believe Amelia is already sitting up. Wow, time flies. Thanks for pictures of the always darling Clover Meadow.

Tanya Pedroni

Amelia is the sweetest, happiest baby!! Love your bunnies, too! I hope you make a kit of them!


Just finished the Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt. I've been making quilts for years but NEVER have I followed a tutorial and MAN does this one look better than the last ones. I did a crib size and am looking forward to doing a "Blueberry" one for boys. ; )
I am SO thankful for you. You make things easy, fun and filled with warmth.
Good luck with the rest of the remodel and the bunners.
Thank you for everything and please never stop blogging and making things.


The pictures of Baby Amelia just make me so, so happy! They also make me feel a little less anxious about the little one that I will have in my own lap here in just a few short weeks.

She seems like the most laid back baby...I just want to cuddle her little cheeks! :)

Donna Bell

Lovely, lovely Amelia. She is so sweet!

Can't wait for the bunny kits. I'm sure I'll buy several. I just LOVE bunnies. :)

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