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December 11, 2012



Amelia..I want your mommy to make my clothes too:)

You are such a little Christmas treat!
I love polka dots since my mom and Pretty Woman..home made sweaters since my best manager ever..and quilts since my daughters were born..
Happy Christmas Amelia:)
God Bless bring us smiles!


You know what else you have to look forward to? Packing her lunch in a cute lunchbox and then having a snack ready for her when she gets home, and talking about her day. That's pretty great, too. :)


Little tiny sleeping baby fists, and pouty little lips, there is nothing sweeter.
I love that you live everyday knowing, that these are the best days of your lives.
Reading your posts make me slow down and really appretiate all of the joys in my life!


You bring sweet tears to my eyes a LOT lately....happy little drips. She is so lovely...created perfectly for two very special people. xoxo love from muskoka xoxo


Love all these photos especially the first one of Amelia under the polka dot quilt. She looks so sweet! And those curled up little hands...mwah! Did you make that quilt? Love polka dots, so cheery.

gloria g.

always checking your blog....your pictures are so heartfelt......makes me sad that my babies, are no longer babies.....but very big adults living far far I love looking and dreaming in and through your pictures. Thanks again for sharing. Your baby girl is just breathless......for me.

gloria g. Hemingway, SC

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

it would be a goofy comment, indeed,
if I were to list back everything
I love in this post: but, I. do.
love. everything. in. this. post.
Maybe most especially Amelia asleep,
awake, asleep, awake! Such a beauty.


AH! I get so excited for new Amelia pictures!


So very happy for you guys, such wonderful magic has entered your lives after a long wait. Thank you for sharing such sweet glimpses of it all!


It is so much fun to see how fast she is growing and changing! Thank you!


Oh man...I have such overwhelming feelings of happiness when I read your blog. I am filled to the brink with joy for you + Andy + Amelia. I love the story of your early morning and I almost FEEL the content and bliss in your voice. So so happy for you.

Also, I am just so happy for Amelia. I feel there is no doubt that you two will have a wonderful relationship forever. I don't have a great relationship with my mom because she doesn't give but only takes. While I am sad about this, it also gives me a chance to really see good relationships and I now understand the importance of the mother/daughter relationship and I know when I become a parent, I will breathe in every moment and make the very best of everything. I guess that was all to say, Amelia is a lucky girl that her mama loves her so much!


it made me so happy to read this. all of it. i especially loved the ending. 'excited for her' - i love it! i love that perspective.

jeanne e.

i don't have children and while i am okay with this choice, i have been lately finding myself getting my parenting/maternal thrill vicariously through a handful of my favorite blogs. yours is pretty much at the top of my list! amelia is so sweet and your pictures are so warm and cozy and comforting and full of love. i am so happy you and andy and amelia all found each other and that you are happy to share this with us. thank you. :)


my heart is so happy for each person in your lives


I love your photos, tea musings, MIL visit, beautiful tree shot, and most of all, Little Amelia . . . she is growing and looks so cuddly and snugly. . . I love your writing too!


I never get to writing out Christmas cards - though they are pretty to look at and the thought is always there.
Sounds like a lovely morning and so special to spend these days with your mother in-law.


Each day I anticipate more lovely photos of that baby.
She never disappoints.
You've made me remember those wonderful early baby-days...cocooned, warm, snuggled in our cozy home.

Rhonda Jean

What a beautiful Christmas this will be for you and Andy. A late congratulations on Amelia's arrival. She is such a cute baby. There are changes to be seen in her already. You're becoming a wonderful mother. ♥


beautiful, beautiful girl, and beautiful family - i'm so, so happy for all of you.

sharon from sharon stanley writes

oh my goodness she is such a little muff. just beautiful and those little fists! oh. you have such a lovely way of making the ordinary extraordinary...such a gift for us all to enjoy. amelia is such a style maven already in her beautiful handknitted frocks. oh and send some of that wet rain our way. ..we are dry.

Christina Aiton

My son is long grown and gone from home - he has his own home and hearth - but I so love seeing sweet little Amelia - it brings back such fond memories.

Cheryl Doran-Girard

As many other of your "fans" I find myself checking in more and more to view your wonderful images and your lovely daughter. Thank you for taking the time to share your happiness, it wraps us all in bliss.


lovely great moments and thinkings!!!
xxx Alessandra


I stumbled upon your blog via another blog that I can't remember. I get the feeling that your home is so quiet. Like everyone whispers and walks softly. In my house there are loud teenagers playing guitar, three dogs running about, the tv blaring. I visit your blog for a little peace.


Beautiful post, as always.

I just read the comment above my own..the one from JB who wrote about the peace that seems to be all around in your photos. I, too, love it and visit for a little quiet time. My home is full with my family of musicians, teenagers, their friends, puppies playing. It is so nice to have this quiet time. Your home seems truly very blessed with your sweet girl, Amelia. She is a beauty.

I really like your shiny kettle.

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