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Mornings, noons, and nights. My girl and I are early risers. Up around 5 a.m. (which is when Andy gets up to go to work), I take my shower by Christmas-tree light, and bring my trusty coffee pot and my...
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Nicest Week

Christmas was wonderful. Festive, joyful, fun, and so sweet, with just enough quiet to let you stop and take the quiet moments in without rushing. Christmas with this baby girl is a dream of mine come true. I think she...
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Merry Bright

*** Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous Christmas, filled with everything and everyone you love. *** With much love and best wishes from us here, The Paulson Family: Andy, Alicia, Amelia, Clover Meadow, and the Queen Bee
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Winter Wonder

Oh, snow! Thank you, thank you Brother North-wind!!! A million small blessings, falling on my face in the front yard, in the morning light. The most beautiful thing to wake up to. [Pirouette, and flourish.] All gone now, but nevermind....
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Today has turned into a such a sad day. My heart is breaking for all of the children and families and everyone in Connecticut, and for all victims of such terrible senseless tragedies, including my fellow Portlanders here at the...
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Early Light

Baby Santa Lucia. She is Norwegian by birth, Swedish and Italian by adoption. What a little love. She looks like she's fake sleeping in that last photo, and she is. She was up almost all day yesterday. That's only happened...
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Outside it's cold, dark, gray, blue, windy, rainy, and wet. Inside we are warm and dry and happy. Andy's mom has been here visiting from Chicago since late Sunday night. Amelia has spent the past two days pretty much completely...
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Andy is back at work. The house is so quiet! It's just us girls here. Amelia's sleeping on my lap. I'm watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning. The Bee is looking out the window. Clover's sitting in Andy's spot. Pining....
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The past seven weeks have flown by like a team of reindeer racing through the night sky. Everyone said that would happen and everyone was so right. Amelia is so big and beautiful. Each day she is more like a...
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embroidered A


My name is Alicia Paulson
and I love to make things. I live with my husband and daughter in Portland, Oregon, and design sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet patterns. See more about me at




Since August of 2011 I've been using a Canon EOS 60D with an EF 18-200mm kit lens and an EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.