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December 14, 2012



I love all the photos you are sharing of your girl. Today, eight years ago, I became an adoptive mom! The time goes so fast! So happy for all of you. A million hugs!


Oh the shoes!!!

I was thinking what a cute little Christmas package she looks like! Clover Meadow, hanging right there by her! Fake sleeping~Haha!!

Yes, you should put that blanket on Ravelry. I was just looking at that pattern yesterday. I love the new version of it they recently posted on Purl Bee The buffalo check pillows are the stuff!


omgoodness she is too cute! her feet, her sweet little feet! i love that you use your pretty candles, for morning light. i SO want to borrow that idea.


Photo #6: "Christmas Angel".



Darling little Santa Lucia! So much sweetness, Alicia! Pure joy.


So sweet, love the second to last pic.....she looks as though she mght take flight at any point and flap around the room. So adorable. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible joy, love multiplied is so much better! Thrilled for you and for us that we get to peek in on her so often.

Anita K

Happy 2 month birthday sweet Amelia, my one and only baby girl is 33 today, time goes by way too fast, seems not too long ago my Kristen was sleeping on my bed just as Amelia. Wishing you the same happiness my daughter has brought to me for 33 wonderful years. Nothing like the love of a baby girl :)

I like those shoes for myself, too cute.


"Wake up, Lucia comes today. Oh, be glad. Lucia comes again this year, to bring us joy and bring us cheer!" I love this holy day! Little Lucia, so sweet.

TracyMB at Crow's Feet Chic

Oh I love the pic of A & C on the bed.... and another little gnomette outfit! Love it! :)


Oh how irresponsible - a lit candle on the bed! your dog could jump up, the candle topple over and .......


This kid is killing me! She's so sweet Alicia. How so very blessed you are to have her and she to have you.

Anita K

To Josie

I believe that is a flameless candle, harmless!!!!

A Little Blue Dragonfly

SOOOOOOooo precious!!! Those little shoes are adorable. I love Baby Girl fashions! She looks so sweet and content and warm. *sigh* :)


I love it! I'm not Swedish but I've always thought the St. Lucia custom was so dear. So will Amelia wear a wreath of candles on her head and serve pastry and coffee(?) when she is older.
I've seen instruction for shoes like that. It's in a book about felt crafts. I've borrowed it from the library.
I think it is so wonderful that you know she's Norwegian.
Do you have beautiful christmas music playing?


The most beautiful Santa Lucia I've ever seen!


you inspire me to no end!
I finally buying your embroidery companion book today.
SO excited.

Amy Kortuem

Sooooo precious. The second to the last photo looks like she's about to take off on little angel wings.

And I want a grown-up pair of those shoes! So cute.


She is such a love and it is beyond precious that sweet Clover Meadow is always near her, keeping a loving, watchful eye. What a blessed Christmas this year for the Paulsens!



Where did my post go?

mlle patty

Your sweet girl reminds me of the Russian dancers in the Nutcracker ballet in that outfit!
Isn't the morning light amazing lately - so peachy pink.
Happy Santa Lucia (my grandmother's name)!


I have been following your blog for years and I don't think I've ever commented, but I have to say, I am delighted for you and your husband on your new baby girl. I look forward to your posts as they just warm my heart - the baby, the doggie, the lighting, the warmth, the COZY-ness of it all. I lost my mother this year, and my grandchildren are all past this sweet newborn stage. It gives me a happy start to the day to read your blog. Thank you so much for sharing with us all.


Be still my heart.....;)


So very happy for you!! God bless you all!!


Oh my goodness what a cutie!! She almost looks like she is dreaming of swimming. I hope more laughs escape today ♥

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