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November 29, 2012



I think I've mentioned it to you before but if haven't already seen Onegin, please do! The snow, the passion, the story-all so good-I don't see it on Netflix but maybe the library?
Happy wintry to you all


I wish my Christmas stocking looked as nice as yours! Mine is knitted, but it was my first one, and I have learned so much from doing it.
I've been looking at smocked little sweaters for one of my little grandchildren. Can you share your pattern, please? :)
What a fabulous season this will be for your family!
Please give Clover a hug from me!

vintage market place

WOW I can't believe that you can still get so much done as a new mother.
I remember just being a zombie, lol
All your likes are amazing and I so miss things like clouds and rain this time of year. sigh...and yes I REALLY miss snow.
Happy Holidays


so, so sweet!!


I love your days.

Amy {One Day Closer}

Okay, I feel like I've reached an all new level of blog-stalker. ;o)

We find out on Tuesday if we are having a boy or girl... and I have been loving Miss Amelia's wardrobe. I zoomed in on that little tag on her sweet little floral top (that looks oh-so Liberty of London) and thought it looked like mini-boden tag. A little baby-fashion-csi later... and yep! It's the Pretty Play Set. Not only that, I already have that outfit pinned on Pinterest. ♥

You inspire on so many levels!


Who needs the powerball...that sweet baby has won the life lottery. Again, thank you for sharing the sweet, beautiful details of your life. They are a treasure.

Katy Noelle

Alright! I can keep silent no longer....

Firstly - THAT BABY IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! sigh.

Secondly, Cozy is right! Very lovely!

I don't think I've ever commented before but your story is just heartwarming!

Best wishes and smooches to little Amelia! =D



Only two pictures of that beautiful baby this time? Sigh.
I am just happy for you, and your chest-resting baby.
The book: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey is so stunning.


Alicia, if you haven't already, read "The snow child" by Eowyn Ivey. It is very beautiful, sad and magical and would really resonate with you, I think.


You bring such warmth and joyfulness . . . in every like. I love listening to you . . .


i am hoping for snow too!


Thanks for sharing your Posy Coziness, Alicia...I have been looking for snowflakes around Portland, too:) Hugs to you and yours from Gracie


And I like your likes :)
What happiness and coziness.
And every time there's a pic of Amelia, I just get so happy I almost cry.
After seeing your like to the modern folk etsy site, I immediately purchased two patterns and cannot wait to try them out (isn't he the nicest shop owner?)
The new stocking is perfect. In every way.
Thank you, as always, for sharing and reminding us of the goodness of the sweet, holy things.


I'm so happy that you are enjoying the baby days! They are not always easy as I'm sure you know. Thank you for sharing your family and home with us. When do we get to see a beautiful photo of mama and baby together? Those are the photos Amelia will treasure the most. :)


I can't believe you finished an embroidered stcking already!

Susan Wells

Thanks for all your liking and loving. Our time is too short for much else.

Amanda Polson

I just love your home, so peaceful and full of the perfect beautiful touches. Your list of likes is dreamy, makes me want to calm down and just enjoy being - sometimes its so hard to remember that! I also want to make cross stitch linen stockings now, love that!

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag


'Ice' has been on my list for ages.

Have you read 'East'? It's a retelling of the fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon. I really liked it!


I have a confession to make: I've always liked your blog. But I like it soooo much more now that Amelia is here. I mean, seriously, I have never met a more well-dressed kid, nor one who so expertly poses on all matters of blankets and quilts. Meadow's cute, too.


And.........I like people like you that can get enjoyment from small things.


I like your blog so very much! Just lovely :)

Debbie from Illinois

Lovely! Thank you for sharing your little family and cozy home with us.


Love it all but especially want to know about the star tree topper! Is it wooden? Do you remember where it is from? Love!

Jenn V

Your photography is amazing! I love the comfy photos of your home!

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