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November 29, 2012



Oh, lovely! I'm so glad I checked in!


All appears to be well in the Paulson household. Have a wonderful holiday.

Mary Ann

In that one photo Amelia looks just like Andy...really!


i cannot believe...well, yes, i can...that you completed that stocking already. *sigh* you are absolutely amazing, alicia. thank you for the snap of clovie. your house looks like the houses through whose windows i peek when i go walkies. it snowed here in omaha, briefly. it was beautiful. i love your "cozy" home. thank you, as always, for sharing.


I like reading your blog and looking at pretty pictures and seeing pretty Amelia all snuggly sweet!


Oh I like winter too and everything in mentioned! That stocking is a wowzer - really truly stunning.


That was simply beautiful. thank you for sharing.




how wonderful! the stocking, the sweater you are knitting looks stunning! thanks for sharing


I like winter, through your eyes. Not much winter here, so I live vicariously through you & am so grateful for all you share.


Ditto the snow wish! actually predicts snow for our (pdx) area in mid December!


That stocking is GORGEOUS!

Lisa G.

You have such exquisite (the word is overused but can't think of a better) taste - everything in your home goes so well together!
Amelia looks like a merbaby in the sixth picture.

Mice in sweaters and aprons - shades of Tasha Tudor!

Alice S

Your perspective makes winter so much more enjoyable. As I age, I'm enjoying winter more myself. I would love to be snowed in for a few days.

Amelia's stocking is so perfect. Her pink sweater is precious on her. She must have a dream wardrobe of hand knits and hand mades! What a blessed baby!


Everything around you has now taken on new meaning. Soak it in :)

Teresa Kasner

I like how you appreciate all the wonderful things in your life. I'm an appreciate-er too. I like that you got Amelia! I'm so enjoying seeing her in all her sweet natural clothes, handmade with love. I spent the day volunteering at Multnomah Falls.. it was gushing loudly! I am happy to be home next to the fire! Hug the baby for me.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


That Miss Amelia is one blessed little baby. Lovely post.

Amy Miltner

Your post makes me smile! Thank you!


kisses for Amelia!!!
I love the soft gray sweater(dress?) you are making her so much. And her stocking is wow!!! you did get that done quickly! so many sentimental articles she will have someday!

Sunny Simple Life

My heart is so full for you. The simplest joys in life bring so much happiness. I am with you on the baby thing. I love the smell and the sounds. I think babies smell like buttery cookie dough. I just adore them and love that you have been blessed with your daughter. How wonderful!

Deborah Schroder

I love winter too, and even though I live in Tallahassee, FL, I cross my fingers EVERY winter that we will get snow. I love how the stocking turned out--exquisite.


Love seeing all the pretty little clothes that your making for your sweet Amelia! The little flowered dress in the picture above is quite darling.

In regards to your books about snow, have you read The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey? I just read it a couple of months ago and find myself wanting to read it again already.


I love everything about your blog! I'm so glad I found you over at Mabel's House. There is not another that I love as much as yours :-) I have a daughter who has cerebral palsy and everyday she asks me, " any new pictures of Amelia" ? She loves babies. Hope you get your snow!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

All I can muster is a happy, deep, and wistful: Sigh!

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