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November 26, 2012



How delightful to see her filling out that little steel blue onesie that we all remember!

barb in Edmonton

She's smiling! She's smiling! How adorable.


Oh, the baby smiles...just when you think you couldn't possibly love them more, they give you a little grin and your heart explodes.


Beautiful, beautiful ... d'you know what I love? Your home - it looks like everything just happened ... that it was all just meant to be there and the decor just grew with the house! So uncontrived. I so admire that! That baby is just too beautiful, look at her smile!!


What a heart melting smile! Your home is lovely and your sweet baby girl looks so happy and loved!


So many gifts to give and receive; I imagine you'll have more than you could imagine this holiday season.

I feel so behind already with the holiday gift-making, but your decorations are getting me into the mood!


Oh she is starting to smile...that always made my day with my babies. ENJOY. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


She really is the most adorable baby. When they start to smile is such a wonderful time. Lovely photographs.


Her smiles made my day too...gosh and her bonnet:-) I love her:-)


She has a gorgeous smile - and that dress is really, really sweet! :-)


Babies are wonderful and Amelia looks like a healthy, happy and contented baby! :)

Noelle the dreamer

Everything looks so much better when loved ones and our surroundings brings us smiles! Love the little shoes!
Thanks for sharing and blessings to all,


Loving that crocheted dress that Amelia has on....awesome colors! The holiday/new baby combo is just the best :)


Such sweetness. The holidays will be glorious for all of you this year. Blessings.


I've been Santa for a few years now (Stage 1: you believe in Santa. Stage 2: you don't believe in Santa. Stage 3: you are Santa. Stage 4: you look like Santa), and stocking stuffers are my FAVORITE part of Christmas shopping! Especially for little ones, it's so great to have an excuse to buy all of those little things you see throughout the year.


Always love your photos! Your neck of the woods look so much different than my neck of the woods, even though it's still woods!! That Amelia has THE best smile!! And yes, by far, this will be the start of absolutely the best part of Christmas; planning and giving it to your child!!! Was so happy to get a Posy fix today!!! Many blessings to you and yours!!


A smile! Amelia grows more adorable by the day. And is there a better-dressed baby in all of Portland? :)

Mary Mulliken

what's the spinachy globby-looking thing on your plate? creamed spinach??? yum!!! must add that to my thanksgiving repertoire next year. the smile -- oh, yes!!


She's such a cutie! More great photos! I love your fireplace. The roses on the front are so pretty. I like your stitch project. Very pretty. Enjoy the season! :-)


Lovely home, lovely child!! Love the mantel, so gorgeous and uncluttered. I do miss the Snow Village though. I thought the lovely Pendleton was a new Andy shirt in the making. Poor,neglected Dad now that Amelia is here. Best of Luck completing all the Christmas projects! I'm not going to make it with all of mine but most will be ready. Love the SMILES!!


I love the way she is looking at you now ;))))) happy days.


Love Amelia's little grin. We are big stocking stuffers over here ...well at least I am. Finding little gems, funny gag gifts or inside jokes to fill them.


Amelia is such a cute girl!!!
So happy for both of you!X


I totally get the need for cross-stitched hearts - she is a killer!

My daughter confided to me this weekend that the stocking is her favorite part! And I have to confess, mine too - the need to find wonderful, inspiring, miniature somethings - so much fun! Plus, always a coca-cola in holiday ball shape because she never gets it any other time.

Lisa G.

You're a brave soul to use a wool piece for the table! But of course, you can wash it - it will survive.

Everything is beautiful.

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