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November 08, 2012



Bathtub picture CRACKED ME UP! That look! :-) I'm so loving watching you enjoy these beautiful days with your wee one.


Let me see, what do I love? The beautiful white plate with the delicious looking pastry, the sweet baby kimono, the baby in the pink pinafore with the bonnet, Clover lounging on the rug, the yellow gold of the park and lake, the warmth that just oozes in the coffee shop, the yummy stew, the sleeping sweetness of a beautiful baby, the ever watchful Clover, the adorable expression in the bath, sweet clean baby laundry, and oh yes, the absolute contentment of the author! Ahhh, it’s nice to have a Posy fix! Blessings to you all!!


I love seeing the baby you dreamed of for so many years finally wearing all those lovingly made things. I may not know you in real life but I am so happy for your family. The love that comes across in these posts is amazing.

Miss Holly

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! All those beautiful clothes!!!! She is the best dressed little bunny in the world!!! I think about you so much....just so happy for all of you !!!

Teresa Kasner

Awww.. that photo of Amelia asleep without a care in the world is priceless. Such a lucky girl that she will be so treasured. I'm enjoying the fall leaves, too. The little dress you made fits her perfectly! Hugs from Corbett.. Teresa


This Thanksgiving seems so close and for some reason this year I just want to jump right into the Christmas season. Decorate our new house - all the fun things. I must say after seeing all the pictures of the clothes you made - it's so wonderful to seem them on little A.

Eileen Rhoadarmer

She's filling out! I can't stress enough how much you should enjoy her being tiny and easily posed. They grow SOOOOOO fast!

I know this isn't your style of photography, but I'd really love to see a few family pictures now. You know, all three of you together. Just my two cents.


These pics are wonderful, great captures! :-)


Oh my goodness, I just want to gobble her sweet little toes! It makes me so happy to see her wearing the sweaters you knit and crocheted in anticipation of her. Lucky girl with a mom so crafty! I just watched "Love Actually" the other day. It's getting cold in these part - not too early in my book!


It is just me or has Amelia started to look a bit like Andy? Newborns are supposed to look like their Dads anyway. I love autumn and when you have your own baby to care for, it is even more special and there is so much to look forward to. Bx xxx


That little bonnet! Lovely photos :) What's the casserole with the scones/dumplings on top? Looks *delish*.


The bath photo, the bath photo! :D


Lovely. Golden happy days and years ahead. These photos make me so happy. And bubby is waking up and smiling, still so little!


that is one sweet faced baby. she's beautiful.






When they are beautiful are they???
love, xxx Alessandra


A real Bathing Belle !


So thrilled every time I see her and imagine you together. I know that every mother and new babe is gorgeous, but somehow your journey makes the images even more poignant. x


That expression while bathing is a total hoot!
Happy Fall!


That look she is giving you in the bath is just so precious and funny at the same time.


Hi; Every time when there is a new post of you on my bloglist; I'm happy to open it....looking forward to see your nice pics!
No one can ever get enough of babypics.
The little princess is lucky to have a knitting/crotching mother-
so many beautiful clothes!
And for jou it must be a joy to dress your own little girl in it!
Little babyfeet are SOOOO cute!
Warm autumn greetings from The Netherlands,


just adorable! Yes, get everyone to help out with Thanksgiving, you are really rather busy now!


What lovely precious days!


Natalie the Chickenblogger so eloquently said exactly what I was thinking...your happiness is shining through your photos. Thank you for sharing that joy with us!

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