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November 02, 2012



Precious..Everything, just precious.


I can feel your joy in every post. I don't know how to tell you how happy I am for you and how I feel to know there is joy in this world still and you are sharing some of it with us. God bless you, little family. I hope you blog all the while Amelia is growing up. I am amazed at all you get done with a baby in the house.

Kirsten J

Oh Alicia! I've read your blog for ages and wandered away and back again and a few weeks ago there was a happy little post in the forum at TwoPeas and I was thrilled for you guys - you should seek it out, lots of well wishes. I don't know if I've ever told you, but I've always thought of you as our own Pacific NorthWest Susan Branch :)

Shelley Noble

Bless you and keep you from now on.

How is it possible that she looks like you and Andy?! I guess she is yours by all means.

At last, someone actually here to wear all those lovely things you've been preparing for so long.

Someone fully worthy to receive all the love you've both held and nurtured in your hearts all along.

A garden in harvest.


All 3 of my girls are adopted, but only one (our first) was tiny when she joined us. These pictures remind me so much of those first weeks - so much change and so much love. Thanks for the reminder of such a sweet, sweet time. You are so lucky to have found each other.


Your little baby girl is beautiful!!

Laura Nelson

So here in Maine we are getting over the storm....and I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your lovely sweet days that have slowed, become floaty and sweet. Reading your blog is like opening a door and peeking in to view this rich, ochre and green, doggie noses and sweet baby toes, glimpses of sweet old fashioned childhood memories of handmade clothes, knitted baby things. Can you imagine Amelia in that pretty baby sweater in a year??? Thanks for sharing such lovely moments with us. Used the words lovely twice and sweet 4 times ..sheesh.

Laurie in Georgia

You know what they say, "The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs!". The wee chirps and peeps of newborn babies are the best...
I remember returning home from the hospital with my first born...I swear the grass was greener, the sky bluer, and our little house cozier...ahhhhhh, the world was a new place! So very happy for your bliss--enjoy!


Oh, Enjoy! Enjoy these speechless days of early bliss! You are so right: nothing is harder than living without the children we *know* are meant to be with us, and yet are absent. {{hugs}}


Oh my! I just love your blog! Your home is so homey and Amelia fits right in. How precious she is. Thanks for sharing.

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Fairy tale haze of perfection ♥

Mary Ann

I think several folks have said this before Alicia but I feel so grateful you are willing to share these joyful days with us. It brings us all a measure of peace to see Miss A wiggling in the cloths and in the space you have long filled with love for her arrival.


You know she'll start smiling, some day soon, not faint fleeting wonderful newborn grins, but "I see YOU, and I LIKE what I see!!" smiles? And you know your heart will break all over again, then?

Just saying. Be prepared. It only gets better.


Elizabeth Mackey

Thanks for sharing a little peek of her room :) Oh how I miss holding a newborn! She looks so warm and cozy in her little knit wear. It sure has been a beautiful fall out in the western part of the country. Once again the light is captured so beautifully in your photos.

Pam Gossett

More nursery pictures, pretty please! Wait till she gives you that first full blown smile, its gonna knock your socks off!


you were both so meant to be parents..........such a lucky girl!


I am so happy for all three of you! Amelia is so beautiful Blessings for your family as you enjoy this wonderful time in your lives.


It is just amazing to see how much you little one has grown over such a short time. Enjoy these times as they don't last long.


Oh, I just love everything you wrote here, Alicia. My daughters weren't newborns when they came home to us but that time? Those first few days/weeks/months? Exactly what you said, "Even the hardest parts of it are still so much easier than anything was, before she was here." We waited so long. You and Andy waited so long. It doesn't take away the pain. But it does allow you to embrace the joy and love in an entirely different way. Sending much love to your beautiful family of three...xo


This makes me cry a little bit--joy for you, remembering joy for me. When our son came home with us, we too had experienced a long, sometimes tortuous road. Having him with us, finally, having him complete our family felt so amazing I couldn't really express it. Yes, there was lots of sleeplessness but truly? I was euphoric about it. None of it mattered. I remember that time so fondly--sounds like you will too. Enjoy it! Year 4 and 5, they are a coming! ;-D (Sorry, in the trenches of those right now. Yikes!)


I know.... I know.... The hard parts are amazing when there is a miracle to look at!


oh alicia and andy, thank you for sharing amelia with all of us. she is absolutely amazing. if your posts were a book, their pages would be so worn. i, for one, keep going back reading and re-reading the latest. amelia is changing already. she is so loved.

Lynda M O

These moments are inimitable and ephemeral; savor each hour. Thanks for the pictures, she's a dream come true for you all.

linda Cannon

So glad you are enjoying the honeymoom phase and blogging. We all truly appreciate following your progress. we were there before and we are here now and thrilled for both of you for this marvelous time in your life.


Eloquent, about the hardest parts. My life is divided into Before My Daughter Came and Since My Daughter Came, and part 2 is so much deeper.

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