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It's just us girls home today. Nice and quiet. I made chicken stew and chicken stock while my mom and sister held the baby. I think those were the first things I've cooked in weeks and weeks. Something about the kitchen reminded me that I hadn't cooked in a while but now I can't remember what it was. I'm trying to put some of my normal activities back into my days, when I can. Cooking (I honestly haven't needed to at all). Reading at night before bed (just finished Fifth Business by Robertson Davies, which was strange, and strangely readable, and for some weird reason I just couldn't put it down). Need to knit something because knitting is like my multi-vitamin. I shouldn't go without it or I become unbalanced. I literally just cannot decide what to make. That has never happened to me before. Maybe this bonnet. It would be cute with a little bound edge and ties in Liberty lawn. I have the book with the pattern somewhere. We'll see if I can actually find it.


I love that tiny "girl power!" hand in the fourth photo, and Amelia's awesome wooly kicks.

I think this might be the sweetest and best-dressed baby I've ever seen. I love her little outfits and her sweet face! :-)


Such cute clothes on an equally cute little girl baby! She looks so comfortable -- plenty of space to toss those little legs of hers around. I love those high "pants" she wears -- surely not what they're called but I don't remember what you said they were! They sure are a good way to keep her warm and toasty without all the blankets, even though I know you cuddle her up in those delicious looking quilts and afghans at times! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your motherhood and Andy's fatherhood -- you are all so blessed!

Chrissie Reese says: November 05, 2012 at 04:59 PM

Alicia, Your new Baby is just so precious, so sweet and cuddly on her quilt, and the little bonnet would be a delight on her.
I have just discovered blog, and find so interesting with all the recipes and bread making, sewing and knitting and it is such a pleasure to read.
My name is Chrissie and I am from England, but now live in Crossville Tn a little mountain Town on the Cumberland Plateau, it's very beautiful here.
I do not have a blog so I hope you receive this little comment okay.
Blessings Chrissie Reese

I have just had my fourth sugar plum girl and I indulge in all the femininity in our house, I wish our big sisters were as patient and well behaved as your big sister Clover. But alas our wee Florence is smothered with love by her sisters Ava,Pearl and Primrose.
I love that stage when you feel more yourself and can resume knitting.
I have just knitted Florence (2 months) a pale blue bonnet (blue sky alpaca suri merino) with a green i-cord tie and a big white daisy on one side. I quite like pale blue on baby girls and it matches her middle names Bluebell Mary. I am a bit sick of pink four girls in!

Also where are her lovely clothes from? The polkadot dungarees are so cute :)

SNUGGLY BABY!!!!! love all the outfits. love the fist pump!!


Adorable pics! I made chicken stock today too, I love how it permeates the whole house, yummy!

She is getting so big! And in the one picture, she's got a bit of a laugh in her eye! Such a perfect, perfect baby.

Love all your photos of this precious little baby...and her clothes are all so beautiful - do you spend your days changing her from one cute outfit to the next?? How fun!! Enjoy these wonderous days...

Oh my, I just love that third photograph. Thank you for sharing your baby days, it brings back such beautiful memories of my own daughter at that age. Savor everything.

So, so cute and Miss Clover so sweetly standing by....I know how much you are savoring these days and us with you!

I love her crossed legs:-)
She reminds me so much of our eldest daughter..now 38..she had the same full head of dark hair..by the time she was 6 months..the sides had thinned from being on her side:-)
I love her wee clothes too:-) So unique.
Une perle .

I'm just catching up with your blog and I'm so overjoyed at th arrival of Amelia in your lives. What a wonderful life you and Andy will give this sweet girl. So strange how a stranger can know that, but lovely too. Blessings to your family and congrats!

Pure pleasure, getting to see Miss Alicia in all the wonderful natural fabrics and adorable outfits. Have you ordered the natural color organic cotton yarn from KnitPicks? It's SO soft and natural.. I have 5 skeins of it in the mail heading my way. How is Clover Meadow doing with the new pack mate?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

so funny the fourth picture : it seems that Amalia is ready to fly, like a super hero!!!
have a good day, xxx Ale

Amelia is going to be the best dressed baby EVER! So darling. You have such a creative eye for photos Alicia. Just beautiful. :)

My heart just smiles when I read your posts...and see your pictures. I am so happy for you and Andy.

I thought my fave Amelia photo today was going to be the crossed feet in the boots, but the fist!

Good that you are back to cooking. I hope you can find your pattern because knitting is essential.

She looks so much older already! LOVE the booties. I want some.

I love the felted booties, how fashionable. She is always dressed like such a cutie pie and she looks so happy. And it is always nice to see pictures of Clover Meadow and the kitty.

What better way to showcase beautiful quilts than with a beautiful baby!

that shot of her bum and booties slays me.

don't think that i have ever looked half as smartlydressed as this tot is.


I could look at pictures of your sweet girl all day long. I simply cannot get enough of her. (And her beautiful clothes and blankets are spectacular, too!) xo

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