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November 05, 2012


Melissa L.

Yay, a fashion show!

sharon from sharon stanley writes

i just have to wonder how many times a day that sweet little muff changes her clothes! she has the most adorable "style" a little doll...i know i changed my BOY'S clothes a lot when they were teeny tiny just because i could and the clothes were so cute!!! i can only imagine what it must be like with a girl. can't wait what you decide to knit...the choices are endless are they not?


Your baby looks like an adorable little hippie. I love that. That's my favorite kind of baby.

Gina :|: Listening in the Litany

What a perfect, "new mommy" sort of day. She is so precious.

vintage market place

OMGoodness, could she be any cuter and those outfits!!!
Oh swoon...
Those little baby feets, too cute.
I know what it is like to find yourself at a loss for what to make when the baby finally is with you all else goes out the window ;)

Lynda M O

Blessings are amazing when they come with snorts and snuffles. She's adorable, Alicia,


Oh you and your sweet. Your blog never disappoints, Alicia.

It's been a lot of fun to see more of your color sense and how you make it work in your home and in dressing up Amelia. You have a unique voice in that way and I really love seeing it.


Oh my goodness...the picture with the crossed legs and boots! She is precious and so is her wardrobe.


those booties are too much! seems like a perfect girls day. congratulations again :)



so happy to find new pictures today! She looks like a very happy baby ;) The little hat with the flower by the ear is just adorable. Enjoy~~~~~


I just love seeing your photos. They're beautiful! You're so good at capturing the beauty of life. Your photos warm the heart. :-)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Amelia starts a wave (picture #2) and the crowd loves it!
Amelia shows a fist pump: Girl Power!
She's changed, already... oh, dear. How does this happen?
She looks full of health and vigor, like loved babies do. It's wonderful.

Jenni Anaya



i love that bonnet. i knit it for my daughter, and she wore it all last winter. it might just be one of the most commented on knits i've ever made. babies look so sweet in that hat. amelia is so sweet, thanks for sharing her with us.

i heart robertson davies.


Oh my goodness, tell us about the booties!


Today I read, "When the midbrain is engaged by the repetitive movement involved in many crafts, the temporal lobe is unable to focus on worry or stress, " says psychologist Robert Maurer [11/2012 Martha Stewart Living p. 180] My youngest daughter is getting married this Sat. and I am knitting a garter stitch blanket with lovely soft merino yarn whenever I can snatch a moment this week :) Happy stitching and continued joy to you and yours, Alicia! xx from Gracie

Esther Sunday

Little girlfriend has got some hair! Lovely whittle thing...


What a lovely baby! This is my first visit here, saw the link when I ordered your wonderful winter woods kit. I have a feeling I will be back:). And you are very right- keeping up with your favorite things is key when you've got kids-even when it isn't easy.


How about the Baby Surprise Jacket? Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby jacket. Then little Amelia will have a warm sweater and you have fun knitting what looks like a wad and magically turns into a jacket!


These are the sweetest pictures. I love her little outfits and boots.

Tanya Pedroni

Amelia is just all her clothes! I think the bonnet is adorable - absolutely a good idea!


I love all her little outfits. She wears them well. This is a cute, cute hat,on Ravelry, and it has a kind of fun construction:

Melanie Routhier

Love all the photos. I also love that you refer to knitting as a multivitamin. I am definitely going to steal that reference.


What fun . . . playing dress up! I am so happy for you!

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