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November 12, 2012



More pictures of you holding adorable (and beautifully dressed, I might add) Amelia, please! Just beautiful.


Such a sweet, sweet autumn for you this year!


Planned to live in a hollow tree? No wonder you like "I Am a Bunny"!


Wonderfull! you sound like you are starting to exhale! As always, amazing photos and prose as worthy.Your blog is the pick me up I need when I feel lost.


Babies just get better and better as time goes on! That heart warmer is the cutest thing ever. Must make me one -- if my chest was warm maybe I wouldn't always feel so cold! Amelia is so precious -- thank you for sharing her with all of us!

Beautiful pictures like always. And you gave me inspiration to make something for my friends soon to be bourn baby! Thank you!


Oh how I've tried and tried to knit that pattern out of that book....if you slightly struggled just a little bit, then I know it's just not me understanding it. I found it a bit difficult to say the least....maybe one day I'll give it a go again. Nothing better than a babe in scrumptious wool. Gorgeous.


oh that little angel is SO cute! love that last picture with her sweet mouth :)


I am so happy to have found your blog, I very much look forward to each new post. Your home is so lovely, and I enjoy each photo of it (and those of the sweet baby too of course;)).

Laura Nelson

You have been knitting a long time for this.....I used to be able to get little cordoroy carriage sets in a second hand store , they were just adorable. Little yellow jackets and bonnets to match.
So many mothers don't even put hats on their babies....goodness.My babies always wore hats-even to bed. OOHHH cashmere bedhats, lil cashmere to make baby hats, short, satisfying, loving.
Does she ever cry? She looks just so do you.

vintage market place

I love the photo of your room into the nursery.
And that little fireplace I want one!
You make me miss those days of baby and how mine was born in the snowed here 5 days after he was born 10 inches...Did I mention we live in Vegas, he and that snow were a miracle.
Cuddle her, and wrap her in all your love...


Oh my gosh, between you and Andy, this baby girl will be able to do Anything! Love, love, love the heartwarmer!
She's such a beautiful baby. :) I'm sure you all are just in heaven!


It's all so very precious, and it makes me smile. Thanks for sharing!


That photo of you two together made me cry with happiness. Love, love, love. xo


what an incredibly fortunate family you all are. thanks so much for sharing your heart.


I always love visiting here. There is such a calm in your photos and writing. That oatmeal looks really good. I must try his recipe.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

All that warms you is warming me, too.
This is such a cozy, comforting post.
Oatmeal cooked in milk? Sounds rich and dreamy.
Love Andy's quilt... ready to wrap Amelia in love.


Alicia, I rarely comment but always, always read your blog. I have rooted so long for you and Andy and so happy that your life is filled with your precious baby girl. The clothes you make are astoundingly beautiful. I love Andy's quilt. I wish you many blessings.


Another cozy post! Beautiful baby. Lovely home. Yummy food. And, knitting. It's all wonderful! :-)

sharon from sharon stanley writes

oh my goodness how i love andy's quilt! that little muff is just beautiful...and her room...ah...her little knitted duds are so perfect...your colors...i could go on.


Love your knitting!! Adorable baby girl!! I'll become a Grandmam in May - God willing :-}}


Hehehe, I think those cheeks are getting bigger!

Nancy Eaton

How lucky is this darling girl, to have a Mama who knits her warm things and sews up sweet little dresses!! I love coming here and seeing what's going on - everything seems so warm and loving!


Your daughter has the most unusual and beautiful handknits in the world! That heartwarmer! I have never seen something like that before. And that gorgeous cuddly long squirmy sweatery thing! It looks so huggy. Gorgeous quilt Andy - love the embroidered name :)


=) that tiny heartwarmer is KILLING me - so cute!!

we went up to the mountains yesterday. My in-laws live in a tiny river valley, right in the mountains. You have to tilt your head back to see the sky. It was so, so cold up there, with new snow powdering those distant, slate-grey peaks. We couldn't even see the tops of them yesterday; they were lost in the shifting frozen clouds and mists. I was getting lost, on the drive up, in the russet haze of ruddy twigs, all these shrubs without their leaves. I couldn't get enough of that lean cold, that hard-iron winter feel in the air, the distance, the stony silence, the spareness of it all. We came inside and ate broccoli soup and tea. I couldn't get warm all afternoon, but I loved it.

I am so ready for winter this year. Maybe I'm getting older? I don't remember ever wanting winter so badly before.

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