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October 31, 2012


Leslie Budd

It's all so lovely!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Julie G. from Iowa

Am I really one of the first to say congrats today! :)
Along with so many others, I've been sending warm wishes and thoughts your way. I know you're in baby bliss and should be spending all your free time with Miss A, but I'm so glad you remember us and are involving us in your wonderful new adventure. Thank you.
I love the photo of Andy taking Clover Meadow for a walk, so sweet to know she's still got her routine and extra attention. My heart melted at your previous post with her laying under Miss A's crib. Our fur babies have such BIG hearts don't they? <3
Hugs to you all! -Julie G. from Iowa

Erin C.

I am so unbelievably happy for all of you! You photos are always beautiful, but now they seem extra special. I don't think I will be able to get enough of those rosebud lips! Take care and embrace every moment, as I know you will. (I've been reading for over a year now, but I don't remember if I've ever commented.)

Louise Knechtli

It all looks enchanting. Oh the gorgeousness of Baby Amelia. Does her neck smell amazing?
Enjoy, enjoy! X

Monica Eisenberg

My most heartfelt congratulations to you and Andy. I have been reading your blog for a long time and know of your long road to parenthood. I am immensely happy for you. Amelia is a very lovely and very lucky baby. I am looking forward to seeing her grow and thrive in your loving home.


Congratulations again, she looks just perfect! I love her name and that it was a group effort. My daughter's name was chosen by us and her first parents. What a beautiful legacy! Enjoy!


I never noticed before how much hair Amelia has! My son was born with lots of hair too and by a year old the back was down below his shoulder blades. If Ameila follows his path she'll have lovely long hair before you know it.

ps. What was her birth weight? She already looks enormous in your arms!


I love how you came to her name, it will mean so much to her when she is older. Such a beautiful baby, so much love here . Glad Andy is able to stay home right now, soaking up all this wonderful newborn time. I bet you are all just glowing.

Donna Bell

I was just thinking the other day that you would be sooooo busy with Miss A that you wouldn't have time to update us but I'm glad to see you are handling it all.
Love the pictures.


love the names and how they came about. My daughter has 4, and not only were they names we loved, but they all turned out to be old family names too. Funny how things just work out.

I loved the 'finding our routine' times. They changed every few months, but we always settled in quickly. Happy days.

Enjoy yours :O)

jill collins

How about that hair! She is so beautiful. Thank you for posting and sharing this wonderful adventure with all of us. Your family is so deserving of all this happiness. Blessings!


so lovely and so happy for you.


So happy for you two, and your lovely little lady :)
I look so forward to reading your posts, I am so glad that you two are so happy! My heart smiles for your happy family!


I am a new reader -- your daughter is precious and her names are lovely, too. Thanks for sharing this special time with us.

Susan, a reader in Zurich

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

MY FAVORITE BABY BOOK, I spy!!! I think we're going to have to have a lot of conversations about children's books Miss Alicia!!

Thank you so so much for sharing your beautiful pix ~ Biggest cliche ever -- enjoy this time, it goes by so fast! (I was so annoyed by all the people who told me that and look, here we are) Before you blink you'll be sending off a Big Kid 6 yr old to school in her Halloween costume, like I did with my daughter today :)


You are very blessed and so is Amelia. My grandmother's name was Amelia. I know this may seem funny, but she has features which looks like Andy! We in the blog world see more pics of Andy and few of you. I have been a reader for at least 2 maybe 3 years. I have followed your journey to this new wonderful beginning. You both have such grace and dignity. May you continue to be blessed.


Isn't it funny how everything has changed. There is this contentment and wonder that settles into your bones. From that first day forward I was someone different, someone better, someone who woke up every day feeling more grateful that ever for my new life, my new daughter, the absoluteness of my new family. Love. Lovely. Lovingly. You know.


This is all such magic, what a wonder


Beautiful! Congratulations! Just the scene I am looking forward to in three more months! Can not wait!

Elizabeth Mackey

I love how everything looks extra "Cozy" at your house :) So nice that Andy can stay at home that long to enjoy all those early days that are so very special. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful photos.


I thought that you selected the name Amelia since it fits in cozily between your names ALicia, AMelia and ANdy. How interesting that it was just a coincidence, not the artful planning I imagined it to be!


Sigh.... Just sigh.....
Wonderful times for you, Andy and Amelia. <3


She is such a little cutie. Still reading and can't wait to open a posting hen I see it is from you. Yes, everything changes. The whole world shifts on its axis toward the sun, just a little closer, or so it seems. I would absolutely love to hear about your adoption story someday. Seems like her birthparents are still involved. I don't mean to be nosy. Just so curious as I've shared before, I've so often considered adoption, although I'm a single mama. Sounds like an interesting, loving, story of the heart. I'm sure we would all benefit from your sharing this love and generosity, beyond comprehension. Much love to you Dear Lady and your sweet baby and hubby. Enjoy each and every second. I know you are!


Your pictures remind me of when my daughters were born..I can even smell the baby smell:) Your pictures are beautiful...what a wonderful way to capture all the love you have for her!!



Yep, cool how you all have the same initials! Also, October is the best time to have a birthday (says mom of one born in October!) Sooo happy for all of you! I remember with my firstborn how strange and yet thrilling it was to go out with baby, and what a monumental achievement it can be on some baby days to be ABLE to get out! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

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