Early Autumn

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Before the rains come, there is warm, early-autumn light. It's the best light. Oh, I love love love it.

On Sunday afternoon we wandered around up near the park near the woods. When we were tired we climbed a long hill and put the quilt under that big green canopy of leaves you see up there and were drowsy. So nice. Warm. Dappled light. The sound of leaves rustling. No talking. Just resting. Quiet. Then some dude came along and started playing the BAGPIPES. For an hour. It had to have been an hour. And when I say playing I mean practicing. Not even complete songs. Just parts. It was seriously deafening and sort of hilarious. He cleared out the park. We were too lazy to move. Portland.


I was enjoying the photos as usual and got to the text and read about the bagpipes and burst out laughing.. and hubby goes.. huh? So I read it to him. Yep, Portland.. gotta love it!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) (I just put up a post with a baby wearing the pink booties I made.. hope you pop over. )

I love all of the gingham in your home. How refreshing to see that and the colors are so pretty! :)

I am so grateful to this post - I finally have a name to the gorgeous little flowers I've noticed in the neighbourhood. The little pink five-petalled flowers in the 5th photo from the bottom are - just as you've labelled it - Japanese anemones. I checked my guidebook and the closest I could come up with is the purple-flowering raspberry, but I wasn't quite convinced. Thanks for that unintentional bit of cheeriness this afternoon!

I just love your photos.

oh, for the love of Liberty!!

can't wait to see what comes out of that loveliness...

It IS wonderful and so is this post! :-)

what a sweet chest of drawers. the color combination in that photo is lovely, how the chair picks up the little leaves in the decoupage floral painting...green and golden and delightful. as the others have said, i was drifting off in your dreamy photos and then read about the bagpipes and couldn't help laughing out loud.

How funny! But kudos to you both -- you stayed there! Portland is one of a kind city -- words escape me to say anymore but GRIMM picked the perfect place for their storybook creatures.

Can't wait to see what you make out of that lovely fabric -- looks like some I used in my younger years -- very pretty and somewhat retro looking.

Funny. Bagpipes are a heck of a thing. Best heard at a distance I think. Lovely pictures!

Rose hips and roses. How awesome is that. We are the same here in North Vancouver. Luscious warm days, cool nights, sunshine and no rain in site. It is blessed. Apples, need apples! Bagpipes! I love bagpipes but ya' gotta play the whole song! Especially if you are in the park.

The bagpipes story is hilarious! I remember being in London and seeing a bagpiper outside the National Art Gallery, surrounding by a group of young kids who were watching him in complete awe. It was brilliant!

Love those Liberty fabrics so much, too.

Your blog is always the highlight of my day and today was no exception. The fabric and flowers are lovely and your home is the stuff that dreams are made of. The story about the bagpiper got me as my nephew is a piper. Actually, he is quite accomplished and does funerals, memorials and parades. I don't know what is worse, a bad piper or a beginning violinist. They have their moments!

Wonderful, warm images. Thank you :)

On the very 1st day of Summer break, that day you look forward to all school year so you can sleep as late as you want? 6:30 a.m. sharp the high school marching band comes down the street, the 1st practice of the new school year.

mlle patty says: October 02, 2012 at 03:22 PM

There's a guy who sometimes is at my laundromat that fancies himself a great recorder player - oh, he is so NOT. I would welcome those bagpipes to drown him out!
Love the fabric!! You are inspiring me to go hit my local store for some prints, not that I don't have many scrap bits here already...


And let me tell you: of all the blogs in my feed, I *always* click through and visit you here. Your website is just too pretty to miss.

Bagpipes! What an odd thing to do in a park.

Linda in Waterloo says: October 02, 2012 at 05:19 PM

Hooo that's funny! I laughed out loud. What are the chances? Love the dark William Morris fabric and the pink hellebores. Thanks for the post. Always a pleasure. You mentioned 'hopeful' before. I hope for your hopeful. (You have Gina Lollobrigida eyes - lucky girl!) I am catching up on my comments/thoughts here so they likely sound pretty random.

I was in a choir a few years ago when it was moved from its regular rehearsal space into a different school music room because of some renovations. We had been happily using the new space weekly for over two months before we discovered that we were sharing the school and time slot with the local pipe band. They had been practicing with just their canters (I think) and no bags and we'd never heard them. Just before Remembrance Day they decided it was time to add the bags to practice properly. The look on our conductors face was something well worth seeing as half way through a quiet, gentle piece (we were also practicing for a Remembrance Day service) a keen rose up from some other part of the school and all we could really do was stand there and wait for it to finish.

The choir found a new rehearsal space very quickly after that.

Great story, great comments!
Bagpiper reminds me of my son - a trumpet player. He used to go outside at college to practice in the woods because there wasn't enough practice rooms at school. The spot he chose just happened to be where students would "smoke". Im not sure if his long tones added to or detracted from their experience.

I was all ready to comment on your bagpipe story and share mine...and then I was the hilarious story left by Penelope in Kentucky. I am from Kentucky..that's where I began life and where all of my family still lives..in Eastern Kentucky where it is mountainous and gorgeous...so that story could 'even be true'. ha ha
We've been in our home for 33 years and right after we first moved in I heard someone playing the pipes and got real excited about it..because I couldn't figure out where it was coming from much less why...then on another evening I heard them again and I thought I had it figured out to be in the backyard of a house one block over. This went on for years....that's right...years...and one day at work I mentioned it to a co-worker and she knew where I lived..and she said, "Oh, that's my dad..he lives a block over from you and he's a Bagpiper and he's practicing for FUNERALS". It was almost always Amazing Grace. So, bagpipers are not as rare as one might think. Your autumn pictures were beautiful and it must have been a lovely and peaceful day...til the Piper. I look forward to see what you are going to make with your fabric.

oh all I can think of when I hear a bagpiper story is from So I Married an Axe Murder, "We've got a piper down"

Otherwise your weekend sounds lovely

annie hall says: October 02, 2012 at 06:42 PM

Will you remind me again where you purchased your red stove?

Beautiful imagery of that divine light! And that piper, that's hilarious! I'll keep it in mind if I ever need an entire park to myself! Can't sign off without sending a big kiss on the nose to my favourite corgi x Katie

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