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October 11, 2012



Brownies! And so perfectly cut. How in the world do you wait long enough for them to cool so they cut so perfectly?!

Loving that sweet flowered shaker.


Oh my goodness, so very delishious, I love brownies and especially presented like this! :-)

Farmgirl Susan

Now that's my kind of dinner. :)


Sounds blissful! (Really, what is the point of cakey brownies??)

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

GIRLFRIEND! You and I are on the same brownie wavelength. I've been craving brownies but the fam demanded snickerdoodles, as I think I mentioned the other day. The next dessert is definitely going to be brownies!!!!


Oh yum! The light in your house is like what we've been having here too. I might have to try these brownies for dinner tonight!


I always love a good brownie recipe! Thanks for sharing.


ooh, I could scoff a couple of those right now with a cuppa!

Anita K

Ok, now this does it, you have to, I mean it, have to do a cookbook. I can't possibly keep up with all these delish recipes you are showing us, but if I had them in one nice well organized book.PRETTY PLEASE......


What a lovely way to spend the evening. The recipe looks yummy, love fudgy brownies! And it's finally cooling down so I can use the oven! Yay!


Yum, and the Cath Kidston sugar shaker is a nice touch :)


oh, yumminess! And so easy. How do they compare to Ina's Barefoot Contessa Outrageous brownies (which are a bit labor intensive, but oh so delish).


I love to have the windows open and be snuggling under something warm, especially if there's a breeze - absolutely love the feel of wind in the fall. And brownies for dinner - great idea! I think they'd be even better with a scoop of excellent vanilla ice cream and some hot fudge sauce. Thank you for the inspiration.


*num* thank you. unsweetened chocolate will forever remind me of my father, who, after i INSISTED he give me some chocolate, gave me some...baker's chocolate. that put paid to my chocolate craving. that day. i will be trying 'your' brownies. perhaps with a hint of orange?


I had the same chocolate craving that ended in brownies as well last weekend! I believe all brownies should be fudgey and not cakey! Those look delicious and mine were too!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

also, drooling
Look away!


Brownies for dinner! Aww man, wish I had more people in my life that think like you do. That sounds amazing..


Hi Alicia, So glad I checked out your blog today. My little boy is home from school - sick. Poor guy. I whipped these bad boys up and he has decided he needs to be sick more often if it means brownies. They were fantabulous! Thanks for the recipe!


These look delicious!! I will definitely try. Do you think chocolate chips in the batter & chocolate frosting on top would be overkill? Triple threat/triple treat. Thanks for the recipe!

Heather (montreal)

I can relate to your dinner choice ;) I've spent years searching for then perfecting the perfect chewy brownie recipes. I have a couple tips to offer you on the 'best' brownies ever.
It's important to beat the eggs til they are triple in volume (~ 5 mins). This is what gives that shell like crust. Add a tsp of strong espresso brewed coffee (replacing the vanilla). It really intensifies the chocolate flavouring by giving it depth. If you feel naughty, a tsp of brandy does wonders to round out the flavours, too. The most important tip, I think, is to freeze them before eating. I know, it takes practice, but you will have the fudgey-est brownie ever- I promise! In fact, I eat them straight out of the freezer.
Should you feel the need to 'gild the lily', here's the recipe for the fudge frosting my grandmother used to make: 1 tin sweetened condensed milk with 2 sqs (2 oz) unsweetened chocolate (chopped), a good pinch of salt. Heat, stirring til slightly thickened. Spread over brownies with offset spatula. This makes enough for a thick 8x8 or a proper 9x13 pan.
The very best - enjoy!


Oh lala tout est beau~Love the cozy pillow photo♥


All I can say is Yummy! xo

Jennifer in KS

Were there good crunchy corners? Can I have one???


Please, please tell me where you bought your tea kettle! My husband just wreaked ours today and I love yours!

Angela W.

{{Brownie recipe pinned with a fierceness.}} Soooo, Imma need you to come design my kitchen/home to look exactly like yours. 'Kay thanks, bye... :)

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