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September 10, 2012


Melissa L.

So charming, every one of them. That red coat (with its own mittens!) is just the best. Congrats on your new web shop!


Love the new shop!! I've been saving up so when the kit went up I'd be ready. Now I'll have to save up for some of the beautiful photos! Every year I think 'this is the best one' and I'm right :)


Oh thank you for another beautiful kit, these are such a treat every year - even though I never seem to get far with the sewing! I'm excited I got my order in yesterday and your new shop was very spiffy and whizzy and worked perfectly :)

Nancy Wirz

Just ordered the 2012 kit and once again you have knocked it out of the park. So glad you had an extra pair of hands to help out this year. I can't imagine how you do it! Now comes the hardest part, waiting for it to arrive! I


You always do such beautiful work!! Lovely!


I've been checking everyday for your new kit and was so excited to see it today! It's really cozy and perfect. What an extra treat to see that you re-released some of your previous ornament kits! I love Walk in the Woods but it was sold out long before I started reading your blog. Now that I've ordered both, I only hope I have the skill to make them!

Lisa in Brisbane

The shop site was super easy to navigate and also very inspiring of course! So excited to get my kits, and thank you so much for shipping to Australia :-)


Oh! I'm so excited! Every year I say I'm going to order one of your ornament kits and then every year I chicken out or put it off too long but this year I did it! I can't wait to get them! And, yes, I'm a beginner embroidery person but I will find a seasoned vet to show me the ropes if I get stuck.

Mary Ann

LOL, and last night I thought I had missed the big reveal and off I hurried to order. I was thrilled to see your shipped today and then I had to laugh when I saw your post today! i wasn't late but I actually snuck in a day early. They are so lovely Alicia, I always buy 2 sets, one for each small granddaughter. I hope they will love for all their Christmas' to come.


Fabulous kits! Your work is exceptional.

kristi shreenan

I am so delighted that I was able to order a kit this year. I've drooled over them in the past and cannot wait to begin stitching as the autumn air has come to the Northeast and is begging for cozy activities. I chose the one with the arched doorway with the pretty wreath on it. It reminds me of the door on my childhood home and all those Christmases when my dad and I would go choose the wreath that we thought would most beguile Mom. She was always thrilled! Thank you for this sweet memory, Alicia.


Yeeeaaaaa!!!!! New kits!!!!! They are seriously precious =D


Oh, my! You've done it again Alicia, you've captured the absolute essence of winter in an adorable kit. It was 86 degrees today here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but looking at this makes me want to sit with a pot of tea and a book by the fireplace.


Wonderful! I feel a little holiday cheer coming on just looking at all these darling ornaments.

annamaria potamiti

These are truly precious!!!


I'm making them ALL this year! this is happening. i love them so much and really just feel like everything you touch is infused with beauty. what a gift that is!


they are exquisite! congratulations on your success with these kits-you are an inspiration.


Wow, your kits are just adorable!
Congrats with the new shop!



Oh boy. that was one deadly blog visit in my lunchbreak. :) Looking forward to the mail coming in a couple of weeks or so...
Also I wanted to let you know that you and your blog a pretty much solely responsible for my sudden embroidery fever. Not that I needed another hobby. ;) Thanks for everything (and I mean that!).

Anita K

Ok, I can relax now, just ordered the last 2 kits, now I have them all. Literally woke in the middle of the night, hoping that they didn't get sold out before I got those last 2 kits ordered, these things are addictive in a very good way. Not too happy to come to work today, wanted to stay home and embroider, but must come to work so I can start ordering more items. Trying to talk myself into being happy about being here, not working!!!!


Why! Mrs. Paulson..I LOVE lighted windows, teakettles, and bluebirds:))) and I LOVE your new shop! Just purchased my kit!!! SO excited to start stitching! Thank you SO very much for all the loveliness you add to the world:) XXXOOO


*squeak* I've been hoping for this day for AGES! I can't wait to make! :D x


Seriously beautiful! Can I confess to looking forward to Christmas now or is it still too early? ;)


I've been so very patiently waiting for the kits to appear! So happy they're available for international shipping!!


I just ordered my kit last night, and I really have to emphasize to everyone who has not ordered one of these kits that they are of the highest quality! Alicia and Andy (and Greta!) do a marvelous job of finding the finest materials for them; the kits themselves are a work of art, and I really enjoy just unpacking the kit and looking and savoring all the pretty little packages and bits and bobs that come in the kits before I start the project! And the finished ornaments... I am not the most skilled person at crafts, but these ornaments are exquisite! I just can't say enough about them. Thank you, Alicia, for sharing your joy.

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