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Another day, another hippie dress. Not like I don't have fourteen other things I should be doing. There is so much hand sewing on these things. The bodice lining is stitched in by hand, along with the entire hem, and the sleeve hems. Two entire afternoons of hand sewing. Good thing I like — love — that sort of thing. Especially because we have a new sofa. With the chaise lounge thing. Best invention ever. Except you can't get out of it. Literally; it tilts backwards (need wedge). Finally, we have enough seating. Comfortable seating. It's not the nicest sofa in world — kind of scratchy (compared to our old microfiber one), and from Ikea (it's the Kivik). But it's kind of frumpy in a way that is really appealing to me right now. We are very hard on our furniture. We wear it out. It serves us well, but we live hard on it. Now I have three offices: the studio, the office, and the chaise lounge.

My first hippie dress was Bloomsbury. My second one (which I guess I never took a picture of), Hefeweizen. This one, guest lecturer in medieval studies at Reed College. Last night I was thinking the next/fourth one would be Sigur Ros groupie but then I changed my mind to Joanna Newsom groupie (because I was watching her on TV last night [it was TiVo-ed], and took a picture of the TV). I wore the second one to the mall the other day. I took my extraordinary, luminous niece/goddaughter shopping for some school clothes. I got some interesting looks while wearing the dress. I think some people thought I was on my way to my handmade-soap booth at the Oktoberfest. Cool!!! Or about to serve them a hot pretzel and a pitcher. I said to Andy that I thought it might be a bit too "bar maid." He said, "You say that like it's a bad thing!"

There was a barbecue with lovely new friends, there was more curried soup, there are now eggplants in the garden, there was brown sugar–banana ice cream good grief. There has been almost no reading. I thought this was going to be my summer of reading and it's been my summer of no reading. I don't know what the problem is. I picked everything up and put everything down. And then I fell asleep. Summer kind of wears me out, I think. It was good to have the long weekend of lazy. I think I needed that.

The best part of this summer were the afternoons we spent sitting in the river on our chairs together, watching the rapids and the hawks. I think of those afternoons every day. I hope there's a chance to go back one more time before it gets cool. I really, really, really, really enjoyed those afternoons.


Love the new sofa! Let me know if you come up with a good way to get out! I've been trying to figure that out for almost 10 years!! Everything seems to get higher up the back of the sofa the longer I sit, if you know what I mean!

Oh I love the couch :)

I always look forward to your posts. Your photos are gorgeous. But your home, if I could buy it up as is with everything in it, I'd be happy for life! So beautiful and, well, cozy. Many of your photos are in my "inspiration" folder on my computer.

Great dress, it positively individual and what's wrong this that I say.

I love your rooms, I love your rooms, I love your rooms.

I love your new couch.

I love love love your new dress.

I am full of love today for all things AP! (I wish you would line all those dresses up so we can see them together and name them and have our own fantasies about them....)

One last thing: the way you put fabric together is genius! You are such an artist.

Rambling days...ambling toward one direction then another, productive, but not in the way I thought I was headed to be productive...how DOES that happen :) Precious in retrospect, though, huh? and the reading...well...sometimes one is so involved in living a story, one postpones being absorbed in reading another's story :) Yes?
We plan to ramble to Dodge Park this Friday to enjoy the Sandy River rippling by...our first time since last summer!!! How DID that happen:)
Happy ambling to you and yours and hugs to you from Gracie

Would love to know what color your LR & DR walls are painted. Love!

Great pictures, great home...

Sitting on a chair in the river sounds wonderful! I live in the Portland metro area as well. Can you tell me some of your favorite river spots?

if you were my guest lecturer at Reed College, in ANY class, I hope you'd wear that. or the bar maid one. it's just so cool, and I think if you were teaching statistics or business or even African dance you could pull it off. well, maybe not business. Is there such a thing as a class called "business"? probably not. you can see, I'm very smart. In the meanwhile, what in the world do you love about hand sewing? I have a whole basket of unfinished sewing projects in my studio that are unfinished because I dislike hand sewing. do tell.

lovely to see the animalcules are assisting you in breaking in your new office. nothing worse than a couch with no 'cules.

Long-live IKEA and their Hemnes line! I can't wait to go to IKEA to furnish the little one's room.

Claire Ashworth says: September 05, 2012 at 04:24 PM

haha... wait, didn't you JUST get that other new sofa? the microfiber one? or are all my years melting together? i can't keep track!

Love Love Love the dress! Just beautiful! The colors are so pretty too! :)

where to start? oh my goodness the dress is divine...hear me, divine...the seating with quilt and dog is perfection itself but that bike, that bike with the basket and bell...well, that did it. that and the soup. i am a nut for soup in fall...nevermind that it was 90 today with 150% humidity...a girl can dream.

You had me at brown sugar banana ice cream! Homemade or from one of the shops here in pdx? Either way, I would love it if you could send me a link to the source. I have a mess of squishy bananas in the freezer awaiting my kitchen, and I've also never turned down an opportunity to bike over to the ice cream shop. Cheers!

So, do you really always have that much fun, or are you just really good at writing about everyday things. Sometimes I think if you told the story of my day, everyone would want to do it. (And believe me they wouldn't.) I don't know which I get more joy out of: reading about the things you do, or perceiving how you note and savor the beauty that is everywhere around all of us. I think you know the secret.

A huge, hearty YES to your findings about the Summer of Reading. I don't think I finished more than one book -- maybe one? Honestly, I was so surprised at myself. Love the couch.

Aw, the precious Paulson babies! Made my day. Thank you.

Oooo, just had to say thank you for sharing your curried potato shrimp chowder recipe! It is delicious. Though I live in the south and it still feels more like summer than fall, since it is September, I made a batch of the chowder yesterday and pretended like it's in the 50's outside. Because sometimes you just need to make believe it is your favorite season.

I'm sure you have some days when your house isn't so tidy but one thing I have never seen in your photos is dog hair. Do you have some sort of magical method for dealing with Clover Meadow's shedding?

Yeah Yeah...lovely lovely...now let's get to the soup and the ice cream! I could love some of each right now...those pics look amazing.

Please make me one of those dresses! Please!

I like the way you make your own clothes. A nice way to bring out your own personality. Not like mall stuff where there are racks and racks of stuff everyone else is wearing. Love the couch set and looks lovely in the room. Bit worried though about paw prints now and again.
Ikea is good though for machine washing. I've still got our beige loveseat and has been laundered for more than 10 years now.

I agree with Christine - love the pics - it DOES feel like we stopped in for a visit.

I love the dress - love the combinations of fabrics, love your description of your trip...

It's all so LOVELY

pats to the gorgeous creatures xx

Love the photos of the juxtaposition of your rooms. I can visualize it better now.
Funny you mentioned the summer of no reading. This is the first summer I haven't read either. Guess I'll have to catch up in the winter.

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