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September 21, 2012



that looks sooooo good!
what a brilliant gadject you have there!


nothing nicer than a busy kitchen, especially when it produces cake!

Utterly gorgeous pics.

Enjoy your weekend.


you go!!! that pie looks like it has my name on it. i have four huge boxes of apples to deal with so this is making my weekend line-up. thanx for the freezing inspiration, i will try to get my type b (or c) personality in gear for it!

happy weekend to y'all!


I've heard of sour cream apple pie, but never made it. My family loves two crusts, but I like the crumble topping. Now it's my turn:)


It is more work, but you'll feel so smart when you pull that stuff out of the freezer in a month or two! :)
And I don't know what it is about counter space.. we just moved from a little tiny house with none into a house with quite a bit more, and I still find myself spinning in circles in the middle of the kitchen trying to figure out where to put whatever it is that's in my hands at the moment. It's like you can never have "enough" lol

Lisa G.

It's excellent to plan ahead like that, Alicia. But so much work, like you said. In my house, it's just my brother and I, but I don't cook recipes for two; I cook recipes which appeal to me. We eat, we may have leftovers a couple of days later and the rest goes into the freezer. And there's at least the bones of another meal for one or the both of us. Do that a few times and you are ahead of the game for a little while. (unless you don't care for leftovers, which I know some people don't) :)


I love your teeny tiny flapper size kitchen.

I have always loved smaller spaces. Our house is 1500 sq feet and I swear I have the smallest house in Raleigh. But, it's the biggest house I've ever lived in....

teeny tiny.


I love this post. Everything about it, including your particular Capitals. Reminds me of Pooh Bear. I'd like to be a frozen food person, but I think about all that work up front, and am not sure I could stomach it.


Your efforts will reward you now and later and they inspire me to follow your good example, Alicia :) [Do you label what you put in the freezer? We don't always which results in some mystery meals :)] xx from Gracie


Ooooh, Alicia. Hey, I love your new picture up top. About frozen food: BTDT, should do it more often. I always find that I never feel like eating what's in the freezer and eventually my hard-earned freezer stash gets freezer-burned and tossed. But then, I don't freeze apple cream pies and butternut squash lasagnas, so maybe that's my problem. I have tons of counter space and plenty of freezer space, you can come borrow it ANY TIME. :) Cheers

Laura T.

Darn it! I just came home from the store where I bought the things I needed to make a pumpkin pie for the weekend. Now I want the apple pie!
Cheers to the sitting in the recliner after cooking - why does that tire me out so? It's not like I'm moving around that much, but hours in the kitchen leave me exhausted. Oh, my legs and my back! Especially after making pies. What a mess, but oh so good.
I will definitely have to try the pie and the lasagne. I love Autumn and all the baking (and eating) that comes with it!

Laura in Naperville, IL


Maybe make a single batch in two smaller pans? My husband refuses to eat leftovers (he is otherwise a wonderful person, but this--I have to overlook it) so my freezer meals are normally just half a regular pot of chili or whatever. High five for all the hard work!

I've had the teeny 20's bungalow kitchen and was always baffled as to how they managed to do much more cooking with many fewer "conveniences." But the pretty baseboards and big windows almost make up for it. :)

Alice S

Delicious photos! I pulled out your sour cream apple pie recipe today. It is on the docket to make soon. Pumpkin bread is our current homemade delight. Yum!


Sorry to miss the lasagna. I have 3 butternut squash on the counter and three more in the idea what to do with it all.

Amazing how our space requirements have been inflated through the years. My grandma used to make dinner for 7 in a kitchen the size of a well equipped modern pantry.

Lynne just made me snort-laugh with the "teeny-tiny little 1920s flapper people" bit! I can so relate! It's a good thing we're going apple picking this weekend...that pie looks amazing! I was going to make apple butter first, but the pie has now moved to the top of my list. A great excuse to whip out the old APCS (apple peeler/corer/slicer), one of my favorite kitchen gadgets in the whole wide world! The apple picture is now my wallpaper on the computer at work :-) Amazingly beautiful!


Sour cream apple pie is my favorite!!

Why not look into getting one of those rolling work islands with the wooden top? Will it fit in your kitchen?


Oh what a good idea! Mom is entertaining family next week and it will be really helpful if I turn up with these two dishes for one of the meals.

I know some people will take their food out of the oven 10 minutes (or so) before they are done so that when they warm them up they finish cooking. Do you do something like this or what is your warm up process?


stay'll be glad later. alicia today i posted a sunset you might enjoy...xoxo

Anita K

What a great kitchen you have, so cozy. And look at you with your window slightly open, picture perfect. Girl what can you not do, you are what I call a jill of all trades. All the little details from the butter on the counter, the lid tilting on the sink, the cabinet door slightly open, perfect.


We're going apple picking next week and the sour cream apple pie looks like it needs to be made in my kitchen too. I'll have to think about the doubling though, it sounds a bit ambitious for me. I mostly stick to freezing crock pot dinners, soups and chilies and the like.

Will try the lasagna too!


Double batches shouldn't really take up that much more space. I think making a pie and lasagna at the same time would make even big kitchens seem a little claustrophobic.


Oh that looks so good! I love a good apple pie. I freeze my own applesauce that can be used for pie filling. That's on my to-do list for October when the apples are ready here in Spokane.


Vicki K

Ohhh...that pie looks goood! Do you have room for a roll-away-cart-that-doesn't-have-to-stay-in-the-kitchen?

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

never had sour cream apple pie. BUT I'M GONNA SOON!!!! xo


Maybe it would help to wear a cute flapper dress? :)

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