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Crunch and crisp and the pink light of late September. A bit quiet-feeling lately. I am busy, and hopeful, and anxious to get out into the woods. Maybe this weekend. I'd like to lay on a blanket under a tree and read for hours, with my head on my love's stomach, and my little dog's chin on my ankle (that's where she likes to rest it). The days feel brief and brilliant.


i am so glad for this blog. i feel restored. our days full to overflowing . . visits to your blog are a mini break with tea and a reminder to be kind to ourselves too! my laptop recently bit the dust and my kind husband ordered me a new one. wow your photos look pretty darn fine on this new screen! thank you as always for the respite.

Lovely captures.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Yes, beautiful photos...

Love that little blue jacket - seafoam...


I want to walk right into your pictures and take up residence. I feel so peaceful when I look at them. Just lovely.

Lovely glowing colors! We have delicate blossom everywhere but I envy you your fall. Have a lovely weekend.

Just want to say how much I love your kitchen. I would trade my new house big kitchen for your cozy one. Thinking all my adult life I NEEDED a big kitchen, I can tell you it is a huge effort keeping all the black granite shiny and uncluttered...more space only means more space to put STUFF. I so enjoy your pics and my only gripe is you don't post everyday!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and your hopes are fulfilled. Love your pretty little sweater and your house as usual seems a haven of peace and brightness xxx

That sounds lovely! You don't mind if I live vicariously through you, do you?!

Lovely post as always! I love the fall too, happy it's starting to smell like autumn even if the weather thinks otherwise:) Be happy and well!

Am hopeful for that tiny jacket x x

alicia, you share your life with us in the most brilliant way. i, too, love the open windows. (some people here in omaha still have air conditioning on. ew.) your snaps make me want to unclutter my house. *sigh* enjoy your lovely weekend. (i agree. large kitchens are a waste of space as are the ballroom-sized bathrooms.)

Lovely post--I look forward to each and every one. Valerie--those soap pumps are from Target, I think. They look similar to some pale green ones I got from there.

Crossing fingers for you.
We have had hints of fall down here in San Diego. We have a furnace-hot week next week to get through, strangely. After that...well, longer nights do win out! Fogs come up from the canyons where the scrub jays and small mammals live. Parrots squawk overhead a few times a day. Doves coo.
The liquidambar, sycamore, and aspen trees in the area are turning slowly, as they will continue to do through late October...a slow autumn here, as the light becomes ever more golden. The light, the light! Of a California autumn. It's truly marvelous.

Beautiful. Jealous of your Oregon fall, with your Oregon leaves and your Oregon weather! I don't know what it's like there, but Idaho is smoky and still a little too hot and it's just gotten a bit oppressive, so I'm loving this snippet of a look into what I dream is a string of lovelier, clearer and cooler days. Maybe they're on their way to us soon!


yes. yes. yes. That nest among the brilliant leaves, hydrangea curling, fading - brilliant and brief, yes.

I adore your home. With four kids, mine never looks this serene. Little leaf cardigan! Squeee!

Those are some of the most inspiring photos you've made. Thank you for sharing. I, too, think of your loss last year and often wonder how you are doing with the healing.

OOh My! What are you knitting? That has pretty major cute potential!

Wishing you a season filled with hope and perhaps other small tiny things as well. This time last year I had a season filled with hope and tiny sweaters, would love to see the same for you!

beautifully bright!!!
happy weekend, xxx Alessandra

The knitting is, of course, gorgeous, but I'm most excited by that peek of pink crewel wool. So much promise in such a little skein!

I'm also loving these tastes of northern hemisphere fall; I'm getting married in the southern hemisphere autumn next year, so all these beautiful photographs are getting me so excited.

Oh, Alicia. :) Thank you for these pretty photos and words. We love you so.

It's good to see you're knitting again. Prayers from Houston for you and the tiny girl somewhere. God bless you.

I am oh-so-envious of you in the middle of autumn, while I'm stuck in the throws of summer. Lovely photos...

It's all brilliant. But I love that nest the most.

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