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  • and I hear you call my name
    I will break into a run
    without a pause . . . "
    — The Avett Brothers

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September 28, 2012



Beautiful pictures, as always! Can you tell me where you got the little soap pumps beside the sink? They're adorable! (P.S. I'm really enjoying the ornament kit!)

Susie Sears Taylor

Beautiful photos. We are on our way to Shipshewana Indiana. Go to their webste and see the quilt gardens.


Delightful and cozy photos - I do love the fall!


this is such a beautiful post - i just love your cozy little home! :)


Wishing you fulfillment of your hopes and balm for your anxiety. All will be well.


What a beautiful message to accompany your gorgeous photos:) I could feel the excitement you must have felt when opening that incredible English embroidery wool!!! Simply divine!! Hoping to do a little hiking this weekend too as I LOVE autumn! Thank you again for all of your inspiration :)

sharon from sharon stanley writes

hopeful is always a good thing...and the photos are, as always, lovely and full of fall peachiness and all good things. happy blanketing!

Lisa G.

Yes, brief and brilliant - you're right. Beautiful colors, those rusty leaves. We're starting to have some deep red leaves in Ct.

Your house looks so CLEAN. So pretty.


Beautiful photos - and do lay on a blanket for as long as you can! :-)


Gorgeous. Wishing you shimmery autumn days with your loves and so much hope that you need a sherpa to help you manage. :)

Saw this tea towel on etsy and it reminded me of you... must have had a post way back when with something like this?


Are you knitting Little Buds? My heart is gladdened to think that you're feeling optimistic about baby sweaters again. I think of you and the little girl you lost so often, and I pray with with every cell in my heart that motherhood will find you again soon. Love and clear autumn sunshine to you!

Nancy Hart

Oh my, loving your photos as always, cannot decide which I love the most! I see your glasses on the windowsill and love it! The kitchen is so much like mine in my old house! Absolutely love houses built in 1935! Enjoy your book and blanket, it sounds divine! We are expecting (hopefully) a rainy Saturday, so I will be in my sitting room drinking a cup of coffee, reading and looking through rain soaked windows....I really hope!! Blessings to you! (And remember, 'this too shall pass'! That's what I'm banking on! :o) )


I know exactly what you mean about the woods. They are calling for me too... Lovely lovely autumn.


Ahhhhhhhhh, busy and hopeful. I too have been in that place. Laying your heart bare, the anticipation of all that seems meaningful. So worth the journey. My two.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

I was pretending it is fall here, too.
You've got the real thing, and goodness is it ever lovely.
So many poems about fall refer to the dying, the winding down... and yes, I suppose nature is completing a cycle, but it always feels to me like a time of hope and eagerness... for all the beauty, reflection, and gathering to home and nature that we can enjoy. In good health, friends!


I see a sweater with a tiny armhole. Wishing you all the best in this most brilliant of seasons.


wait, did you knit that nest?

Kristen from MA

Hi Alicia, I was going to send an email, but I thought I'd thank you publicly for introducing me to The Avett Brothers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


p.s., lovely post, as usual! :)

Heather M

Oh a wee sweater! I hope that is a source of hopefulness. :-)

Anita K

Thanks Alicia, I needed these pics, having a very stressful day at work and then to see these, felt peaceful all of a sudden. I know what Kristen means, can't wait for the weekend to work on my ornaments and listen to The Avett Brothers, over and over and over.

Thanks for calming me, I sure needed it :>)


Lovely baby sweater!!
Nice seeing an avocado seed in the kitchen window! I haven't done that in years, actually, decades!!
Also nice seeing your windows open!! It's finally - that time of year :-}}

vintage market place

oh that little sweater, how adorable!!!
Great color too.
You paint such a perfect picture of Autumn.


happy weekend love alicia xo


Sharing your love of fall, and wishing you and yours all good things.
Thank you for letting us peek into your life and always find a cosy refuge.

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