Baa Ram Ewe

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I feel like my Quill is never-ending. I truly wish I had kept track of how many hours I've spent working on this thing. The tally would be an impressive answer to the question that incredulous, goggle-eyed non-crafty people like to ask crafty people: "How long did it take you to do that?" With this one I'd say [incredulously, and with (bloodshot, half-crazed) goggle eyes] THREE THOUSAND HOURS. And then that'd be the end of that. And probably the end of the friendship, because clearly I don't have time to maintain friendships. Beause of the Quill. Agh.

We went to the sheep show (that's what we call it) over the weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend here. Crisp and clear and early autumn in all ways. I bought more yarn and felt more urgency than ever to finish Quill and start something else. I need to be smarter about how I'm picking my projects. I need to pick things that I can finish while I'm still happy with them. Not things that make me want to stuff them in bags and shove them toward the bottom of the closet when I'm 84% finished. I love the Quill but I cannot seem to memorize that lace edging. I have to stare at the chart the entire time I'm knitting. Not relaxing. Each little pointy thing is twelve rows (with only six rows to memorize, not counting the purl rows). Is that a lot? I'm gonna try again. It's getting colder now. I need this thing around my neck, not in my lap.


Oh how I love the look on The Bee's face. Kat Klassics.

Carol Jackson says: September 24, 2012 at 02:10 PM

Is your dog OK? In several photos lately she looks like she is not feeling well. Maybe she needs a vet visit?
Take care.

Oh, keep heart for Quill! I can't wait to see it finished! Good luck!

You are far braver than I. I just can't get my head around those lace patterns. I'm one of those knitters who enjoys miles and miles of stockinette. Yep. I'm bring that way.

(Sheep be true!)

what lovely pictures of what looks to be a beautiful day out!

If that is cream of wheat, what do you put in yours? I grew up with melted butter and white sugar. Hot cereal and what you put into it tends to be characteristic of the eater. It is such a comfort food. I might try someone's suggestion for other toppings, but I would probably go back to my golden buttery sweet creamy wheat. The problem is that my husband and I are completely incompatibile with our hot cereal method of cooking and additives so we end up making our own single servings.

Love the caterpillar with the acorn hat ♥ We can smell fall in the air here in New England. It has a very musty earthy dirt smell, which is the best.

So nice to see the Bee. The Quill is lovely. Good luck!

OFFF is one of my favorite spots to visit since we moved to the Portland area. Last year I took my spinning wheel and spun some beautiful marine blue wool I bought there. This year I pushed my youngest grand girl around in a stroller, then bought some orange wool so I can try to crochet a pumpkin, which I sincerely hope is not as discouraging for me as the Quill is for you. Don't give up on it, Alicia. Your work is beautiful! Have you checked out Teresa Kasner's photos of OFFF and the local dahlias? Incredibly beautiful! Thanks for faithfully posting. Each one is a gift I so enjoy opening!!! xx from Gracie

Oh sheep poop, I missed Flock & Fiber! I'm glad you had fun, thanks for the photos.
And please don't give up on Quill (mumble I did....)

Great styling of the caterpillar with jaunty acorn beret there!

Hilarious title! Go, Connie for knowing the next line!

So is that worm wearing a beret? Or a butt topper.

Ah, somebody beat me to the quote from the movie. I totally get your frustration. I have a shawl that I've named "The Never Ending Shawl" for those same reasons.

Did you put a hat on the caterpillar? ha ha ha Or did your husband do that?

Oh - I recognize the barns at the fairgrounds. Glad you came.
So much fun to dream about what to make and what other people are making.
Next year, I am taking a class on indigo dyeing. Some friends of mine took classes this year and really liked it.

As usual, is such a pleasure to have a look at your pics and good fun to read your posts!!
xxx Alessandra

84%!!! don't i wish mine would get that far. at least mine are not relegated to the closet floor. they have the cutest pier 1 baskets in which to reside. :-) i've already been in the malt-o-meal box. num.

We just watched Babe with the grands this weekend and now your Baa Ram Ewe post! Always enjoy following your blog.

My favorite "Babe" quote!

Okay, I must point out the expression on your kitty. Too funny! She looks fed up with all of your Quilling all the time... I'm persevering as well with a tank top off all things on size zero needles! I don't have a Drawer of Shame because it's been recommissioned for wrapping paper. So I HAVE to finish this thing!

Your quill is fabulous!!---sometimes I have to keep telling myself that I'm really looking at a finite number of row. It WILL end. But only if I KEEP AT IT!!!! (That pep talk doesn't actually work for me most of the time.....and undoubtedly I cast on for something new, and then it's the guilt trip that gets me back on track!!!!) Good luck!!!

Love your photos as always, and your stories. I hear you on the unfinished projects. I have only two I am currently working on. I got out of control the past year. It feels good to have only two. However there are so many lovely yarns waiting in the wings. Oh, finish knitting!

I'm still on the stockinette part of Quill with that lovely Madeleine Tosh yarn, but am dreading the rest. I use that kind of knitting as meditation - one or two rows of difficult, fiddly lace that uses my entire concentration. Kind of clears the brain's cache, if that makes sense. Can't watch TV while I am doing lace, and that is a serious bummer this time of year, with baseball playoffs looming, although the Quill stockinette part takes so long it will probably get me through the World Series.

My husband called it the Goat & Yarn Festival. It was a fabulous weekend!

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