Plum and Moon

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They were absolutely delicious, too. Beautiful little things.


Your pictures are amazing!

Yumm! Love the matt colours on plums and how they change when you've touched them. PS. Have just finished my third little quilt after being inspired by your Olallieberry quilt & tutorial. Loving this new found happiness!! Thank you :), S x

Two of my favorite things. Lovely. Tomorrow night will be a full, blue moon!

Flawless. Thank you. :)

Gorgeous autumnal colors. I want an outfit using these colors :)

I obsessed with all things plummy right now too! Just made a plum cake, I think you would really like it, gauging the recipes that I've seen on your blog :)

SO excited for September! Such a happy month, don't you think?

Gorgeous super-MACRO shots!! Very beautiful and amazing capture of your moon too! Lots of visual inspiration going on at your home, as always...:) Thanks for sharing Alicia.

Happy Thursday...enjoy those yummy plums!

Yum - Wish there was a way to bottle up that color so I could paint a room in my house just like it.

gorgeous. As Autumnal as Autumn can be!

Nancy McKenna says: August 30, 2012 at 10:23 AM

Blue moon a comin' this Friday night. It will be the last blue moon for three years. If you are near the ocean, get near the tide line and absorb the earth and the moon's sacred energies.

this reminds me of that William Carlos Williams Poem, 'this is just to say'

Delicious. I love the light on the branches in your moon photo.

I absolutely love your moon photo - it is so beautiful!

Yummy plums! And that moon is amazing!!!

Did you save the plum pits to plant, Alicia? Perhaps that way you can have another plum tree as such. I love collecting seeds and trying my hand at growing them.
Happy Autumn-on-the-way!

We saw the same Blue Moon, and beside it a huge cloud with a lightning storm inside it... what a spectacular night sky.

I do Believe that you can always moonlight as a photographer…. the shots are simply gorgeous.

I read on herriotgrace (I think) the other day that she thought if she was a fruit, she'd be a cherry. Do you think you'd be a plum?

Ohhh I love sugar plums as well. So yummy!

Gleaning is a wonderful thing. I found a peach tree in my alley this summer that was dropping small white peaches on the ground. I beat the squirrels to a bunch. They made the best pie!

Lovely pics, was doing fine till I saw the plum cut in half. Just wanted to reach through the monitor screen and take a juicy bite!

What were your camera settings to capture this moon? It's beautiful... my moon pix never come out.

Lovely photos! Oh how I wish I had a plum in this house! I think we need to go get one right now...:)

Yummmmmmmm and gorgeous! <3

There is something so "vintage" about these plum photos...really gorgeous.

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