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Plum and Moon

They were absolutely delicious, too. Beautiful little things.
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Hello! How are you? We are sleeeeeeepy puppies around here. I can't seem to get up and do anything productive thank goodness. I am having a wonderful day. One of my dreams came true on Sunday night when the boys...
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Autumn in the Air

Autumn is around here somewhere. You can just tell. Things have a russet undertone. The light is lower. The yard looks frizzle-frazzled. In the morning we take quilts out to the back porch with our coffee. A wind comes up...
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Some Recipes I've Been Meaning to Share

For many, many years I have loved my favorite chocolate cake recipe. But my sister Susie's is even better. This cake is awesome. It's dense, moist, perfectly chocolatey, and, I don't know, but there's just something really sophisticated and steady...
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Late-Summer Slow

The air conditioning was on, and then it was off. We sat in the river almost all day on Friday (the hottest), but by Saturday it was strangely cool and weirdly gray and wanted to rain (though it never really...
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I was at the park early this morning, trying to beat the heat. It's going to be hot here these next few days. One hundred degrees plus. Naturally, I am terrified.
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Summer Sweetness

August has a glow. There was twilight birdsong all around us in the field. I cried in the sunset. My sister's visit has been wonderful. The world spins and spins. The flowers. The nights. The years.
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I finished my dress today and I just love it. The vast majority of things I try to make for myself look totally horrideous, which is why I hardly ever try to make anything for myself. But I love this...
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Summer Swell

Dude, did you see my garden potatoes? I AM PSYCHED. Tonight, curried potato, corn, and shrimp chowder. And it's finally cooled off so we can make the choco cake. I'll write out the recipes when I get a sec. You...
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High Heat

Hot, hot heat this past weekend. We sat in chairs in the river all afternoon. Best day I've had in ages. Leaves fell from the trees on the bank and flashed silver as they spun toward the dark water. Even...
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