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August 16, 2012


Melissa L.

This is the kind of day when cooling off under the lawn sprinkler would be a fabulous idea. Stay cool.


I'd be terrified too!

Lovely peaceful photos.


*laugh* I've been declaring it the "END OF DAYS!!" and it's only going to be in the upper 90s here. Then again, it's been two YEARS (!!) since Seattle has seen the upper 90s. So, I feel justified.

Days like this, I wish we owned more than one fan. Mercifully, my husband just cleaned the hottub, which means it needs to be refilled - with nice, COOL water. =) You know what I'm planning!

Erica-Jane Waters

Your house is so beautiful :)

Erica x

devon hanna

I be terrified also,,stay cool and hopefully the hot weather will pass,,beatufiul photos..


Sorry you too have to experience the HEAT! We broke a bunch of records but Seatle, 100 degrees must be breaking some all time records.

I like your red stove, a Vermont?


Even here in Italy is really hot....puff...puff...puffffff....
xxx Alessandra


Wow, that is really hot! I live in DC and it is not nearly that hot here!!

Can I just say- everyday when I open up your blog on my blog roll, I think your point of view is what vacations are made of. I want to be there with the light and the sweet animals and the wonderful conversations that I know must take place. Looks so lovely and makes me happy and wishful at the same time.

I hope you are able to stay cool.

Amy Heath

Whoa that is hot. Here in Belgium it's always rainy and grey, but we've had the same *suprise* weather. Time to break out lots of fans:)

annamaria potamiti

I am loving the heat...summer took such a long time to show it's sunny face in this part of the world, I am only too happy to be a tad hot now! (Of course my studio is in the basement and it's very cool there..hehehe)Love your photos-always! xxxAnnamaria


interesting. here in the midwest, we finally have cooler weather after weeks of 100+ degrees. i don't look like a melted puddle for a change. the plums look inviting. is that a jello mold being used as a planter? would you please bottle your talents? i'll pay any price. my house dreams of looking like yours. *sigh*


Yikes. scary.

40F (4C) here this morning! I could see my breath when i left for work (a doe, two fawns and a rabbit in the yard!). And i just picked my ripe first tomato. It's warm and sunny now.

Do you have an ice cream maker? Lots of ideas for paletas and popcicles. Hot tea and a really spicy curry in the shade?

Julie G. in Iowa

There's something about the first photo with the plums that I just find so beautiful.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Have mercy.
Just wrapped up a post about coping with our own weather, and the "inelegance" of too much heat.
Your home looks as cool and collected as I could ever hope for... I hope more sensible weather arrives very soon, for us all.

Kathy McDonald

I'm with you, Alicia! These temperatures are just TOO HOT for those of us in the PNW. I feel incredibly fortunate to have an air-conditioned home. . .most are not so lucky here in Seattle.

Your photos always make my day! You find beauty in things I wouldn't give a second glance. What a gift.


We've been roasting like that for several weeks now, and all I want to do is cry! On the flip side, your photos always make me want to run home and redecorate. Gorgeous!


We are finally down into the low 80's here in my part of NC. I am able to turn off the air and still keep the house cool enough since it gets into the low 60's at night. Try to stay cool.


Wow, that does sound hot - eat lots of ice-cream! :-)


send some of that sunshine our way here in the UK, we need it! You can have some of our cool winds and rain in return...i promise! :)


Lovin' the plum pic! May I suggest knitting or crocheting with cotton this week... SO much cooler than wool. ;)

Becca :: Making Room in Sicily

Haha, I completely understand you being terrified! Not good knitting weather. I've been struggling with that here in Sicily; I've hardly done anything crafty for weeks. Yesterday my sister knocked a stick of butter off the kitchen counter and it splattered all over the floor... so mushy in this heat.

Karen B

You may have shared this before, but I'm curious what you do with the little bottles of oils on your wooden tray. They look like essential oils.

sharon from sharon stanley writes

oh dear. be afraid, be very afraid...we had that heat a couple weeks ago...roasted like chickens. hope it passes quickly. the photos, divine!


Isn't it just awful????

Stay in and relish the beauty of your home.

Do. Not. Go. Outside. Early morning and late evening, only.

mlle patty

still, that looks like some hot cuppa something there.... where are pix of popsicles, lemonade, ice tea? hmmm...

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