High Heat

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Hot, hot heat this past weekend. We sat in chairs in the river all afternoon. Best day I've had in ages. Leaves fell from the trees on the bank and flashed silver as they spun toward the dark water. Even in the heat there was a glimmer of autumn. My sister made grilled peaches glittered with lemon zest and mint. August in a bowl. We've watched hours and hours of the Olympics. Coolest sport = trampoline! The electricity went out last night for several hours. I macrameed a bracelet until it was too dark to see. Needless to say, at 102 degrees no baking or oven cleaning has happened. Though we did make a trip across town to buy pearl sugar for yeasted waffles. Priorities.


Kamloops in BC around 40C. Baseball tournament and then home to North Vancouver. Ahhh . . way cooler! Mountains, ocean, rivers, forest. Kamloops was neat to visit and all the desert however I love my temperate rain forest. Sitting in the river all afternoon. I hear ya! Peaches yum! We bought some from a road side stand and golden plums. Wow they were delicious. Wish I had more plums. Macrame necklaces. I made those in the 70's and still have them! Ha . . I used a styrofoam board, I think your plank is much nicer and doesn't send white bits everywhere!
My are so old (I'm 51) that my beads are vintage now!
: O )

Thanks for all your lovely photos!

outside is good....grilled peaches....the best.
I do love living where the sun shines every day....

Me and my husband were talking about the signs of Autumn as a random gust of wind blew yellowed leaves off the trees across the street. Sitting here in the heat and seeing signs of Autumn was such a strange combination. Loving the heat but knowing it could end soon had me all emotional since I'm not ready to move on from Summer.

Loved your pic with the chair in the river. We went to Detroit Lake Saturday and our rotation all day long was: slip off the side of the boat into the water, swim around a bit and enjoy its coolness, climb back in the boat and chat a bit...drink a bit...read...eat...bask in the sun a bit, slip off the side of the boat into the water♥

Oh... very good priorities.
Sorry it has to be so hot,
but then I see that river,
and the chair sitting there,
and I think: they know how to
cope, beautifully.

Yes, summer is here too. Not as hot as Kamloops, but Vancouver has been pretty hot too. I am loving the evening walks by the sea. The air is just right, people are relaxed and refreshed,some kids still swimming in the dark.
Beautiful photos. The grilled peaches look delicious. I have never had them-must try!;)

Love your little daisy plaque! It's the perfect sign ("Open for Business!") for a summer that's not yet ready to pass away.

Macrame too? Do your talents ever end?

There's definitely the slightest hint of Autumn here in Missoula too, even with the 95-degree days we've been having. I'm not quite ready for summer to end but feel a little giddy when I think of Fall . . . my favorite time of year.


PB&J.....my favorite! Looks delish.

Beautiful pictures!!!

Wow you are hot there.
Crazy weather.
Still looks so beautiful. Our heat mixed with dull desert is why we keep the shade drawn and the air on, ;)
Yesterday we passed the hot August day with a game of Scrabble and then some crochet, yep gets crazy around here,lol

mlle patty says: August 06, 2012 at 09:37 AM

The reverse here - it feels like a bit of fall already with that slight shiver in the breeze. Leaves falling, crows calling, blackberries nearly ready to be picked.
There's always an Indian summer though so likely it will heat up again.

now that we have had some heat (in SW WA) I am enjoying the silver floating leaves coming down. I thought it no fair before the heat.
I washed and hung out a BAZILLION loads of laundry over the weekend...most dried within 20 minutes. It was CRAZY.
now we are having a cool morning and the chickens are liking the break from the hot air.

sounds utterly perfect!!

Oh, I feel your pain. This summer has been horrible in Minnesota. After a while, it's just holing up inside. Thank goodness for the Olympics! (Yes, trampoline is crazy! I hold my breath the entire routine!)

Lovely colors all the way around!

pretty photos to cheer me up. Almost snapped me out of my bad mood .... almost!

Those hydrangeas are absolutely unreal, I've never seen any that looked so perfect.

Oh wow! Lovely photography! Makes me feel better about having to deal with extreme heat this summer.

WHERE on the river did you go? i would love to find a shallow spot like that. new to portland:).

Your photos always makes me smile. : ) Simply beautiful.

Never thought Portland would have heat like us here in Texas. ?!?! For us, it's warm peach cobbler (made in a dutch oven outside over coals) served with ice cream.

Hope you and your sister continue to have a great time. : )

I'm so happy to see someone who eats jam the way I do. The bread is just a vehicle.

We keep losing power with the rain and lighting, but never for very long.

Great pictures. Very homey.

Oh one more thing, about the macrame, would love to try it, where would you suggest I start, love the bracelet...

I want to sit in a chair in a river today - sounds like a very lovely thing to do.
Hope things cools down there for you.

ms midas...a golden touch to all that you do...and do well. we had a temperature break here in the midwest. doors and windows were open. close to 100 again. i would love to stick my feet in the river. beautiful...as always, alicia.

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