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August 24, 2012



agreed. We have some crispy crunchy leaves in the front garden, and there is just the hint of a nip in the air in the evenings and early morning.

I am excited. Autumn is my favourite time of year.

It also helps that we have a Bank Holiday weekend, which means we are guaranteed cold weather and rain. It's the law in GB!

have a lovely weekend

Emma/The Log Cabin

Are you still making your Double Irish Chain quilt? I can't wait to see it! xxx

Anita K

I know what you mean, my pups are like my own children. Miss Clover Meadow is all that and more..............

Seanna Lea

I saw the proto coffee cake studded with blackberries and I knew I would have to read down. I love pretty much anything with fruit. Yum and thank you!

(I usually just take the whole milk I have for baking and add some white vinegar to it, because I don't like the buttermilk powder as much as actual buttermilk.)


Love that Autumn is coming. One of my favourite times of year,

Melissa L.

Yep, it just SMELLS like fall. This is my favorite time of the year, right at the transition from hot August to mellow September. I think it should be an entire month of its very own, like "Augtember".

And I am so making that cake ASAP.


I've been noticing the changes too and am glad that autumn will soon begin! I love early autumn here in the Pacific NW with beautifully colored leaves and all--I just don't like the gray skies and rain that follow it...
The photo of your soup makes me hungry:)


love this weather we are having - perfect sleeping weather as compared to last week!


Alicia, your pictures just always make me sigh with pleasure. Thank you.


Beautiful pics and that soup looks yummy!


did someone say "autumn in the air," some of my most favoritest words ever strung together?? bring. it. on. :)

vintage market place

oh you make me so jealous with your talk of cold weather.
Quilts outside!!! oooohhh, I wish, I wish, I wish.

I can't wait for it to finally get here, which will be Nov. :(
Enjoy it all for me please


Beautiful squash.

I've noticed the light changing here, too. Must make an emergency camping trip this weekend, before the summer is gone.


I love visiting you here. There is such rich and peaceful beauty in your photos. Thank you for sharing with us!

annamaria potamiti

Your home and garden are things of beauty. Such a sense of wellness, comfort and tranquility. xx

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Darling Clover.
And darling shift in the weather.
Love the cooler nights.


The colors in that third photo are just like, wow wow WOW! Also, I've been debating whether or not to gravel half of our backyard, and now after seeing this...definitely going to do it!


I'm always drooling over the photos of your tabletops. They are so gorgeous. And of course, your gardens are lovely as well.


I haven`t commented your blog before but I have been reading it for a couple of months now and I would just like to say how much I enjoy it. You take wonderful pictures and your home is both warm and inspiring, I thought it was lots of fun reading that you take inspiration from Carl and Karin Larsson, i went to see their home a couple of years back and it really is special, unlike anything else.

Well, that was all from me.


This sounds silly, you know what I love? Your windowsills. Told you it was silly. I have skinny little ones that don't hold more than a teeny little figurine or two. I enjoy wide ones like yours--especially in the kitchen. How nice to be able to have plants growing on the windowsill. Especially in the winter. My grandmother used to grow violets and other flowers there. I'd give up square footage for a decent windowsill!!


I agree. Autumn is definitely in the air! I just noticed today that the light is lower. My dog now has a sunny place to sleep by the backdoor. Your geraniums are so the red! Happy weekend!

I love your posts. You are so lovely! I look forward to reading them everyday! I am a pastry chef, and I love your style of decorating cakes, it is so similar to my own! I can't wait to try your Cloudburst Frosting! It sounds a lot like a frosting I used to make a lot, but I can't wait to try yours!
and your backyard is so dreamy. I absolutely love your home. and your sweet corgi :)

jenny holiday

Ohhh Alicia...these photos have me smiling so big!I Just beautiful!
I am so so ready for fall! :)
Have a wonderful weekend guys!!
xo Jenny.....and Aaron

Bobbie Duran

Lovely photos of your home and garden. What a beautiful table cloth. Did you make it? I need to start and put up my Fall decorations. I love the change in the air from summer to fall. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

ellen kelley

Fantastic Fall is creeping in here in Western Oregon. Hooray. It is my favorite time of year, forever, Amen.
Your sweet dog always makes me smile. We lost one of our beloved Newfs on Tuesday. We said goodbye at home and the caring vet drove down to help her on her way. Bittersweet.

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