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August 01, 2012



I am so excited for the ornament kit! I look forward to it every year! Have a great time with your sister!


Looove how the you must have to crawled under a chair to snap Miss Clover's photo! And what are the adorable tiny flowers in the jar?

vintage market place

lol, I agree, that self cleaning button intimidates me as well :)
especially since my friend who lives down the street tried hers and almost gassed herself out of the house.

That soup looks so good and warm. I can't wait for the temps to drop again to enjoy a good soup.



Scuse the misplaced words in last post...need to figure out how to disable auto complete!


Any time with a sister IS thrilling!! Enjoy your time together.

Helen in Switzerland

Oh you really do take the most fabulous photos! I wish I had your talent!!


i meant to recommend "for strange women" on etsy for amazing, earthy, foresty, natural perfumes. she sells small samples of her perfumes so you can try them all out. my favorite is "winter kitty," which i wear year round. she has some mossier, earthier blends, too. even if it doesn't smell great on me, all her blends are lovely works of art. (her lip balms are AMAZING, too).


I´m an avid coffee drinker but during last week when I was at Zakynthos (Greek island) and had absolutely no desire for it - didn´t have one cup! If you knew me you´d understand how very weird that is..! :-D

Lovely pics as usual!


I wish It was 93 for the high here. Its predicted to be 114 today in good ole oklahoma. Maybe I should come for a visit because I'm pretty sure hot coffee would sound good to me even if the temperature was that high.


No matter what you are up to it always looks like the perfect way to spend a day. Plus, there is that chocolate cake to look forward to. :)


I'm a new follower who spent a solid week reading your past posts (can't decide if that makes me sound lame or eager...anyway) I was really hoping you would put out the old ornaments again as I missed them- so this is great news for me! Hurray!!


Eeeeeee! I can't wait to see the ornament pattern for this year. The coffee and cappuccino look lovely and make me want one even though I'm a tea drinker.

Mary Mulliken

I hope when she says she's bringing the best chocolate cake recipe that she means the chocolate cake recipe from BAKED. (because it really will be death by chocolate.) crossing my fingers for you.


Hi Alicia,

Not sure if anyone mentioned it ealier, but you could try the Fig Perfume by Pacifica ( The website describes it like this: Earth meets ocean in this green, full-bodied blend with Sweet Fig, Palm, Cyclamen, Moss and Clove, all set in a luscious Sandalwood base. Sensuous and complex, it's a wonderfully imaginative take on classic fig.

They have it at Anthropologie sometimes. It's a very good scent for fall/winter. And if you discover you like it, they have candles, lotions, soaps, etc. in the same scent available online.

Melissa L.

It's refreshing to hear the word "floss" used in a context that has nothing to do with dental hygiene!


I absolutely spend time each day looking at your photographs. You are so talented at taking them, and at making your home such a special place. You inspire me! Thanks for being you, and for sharing your home and gardens. :)


A botany question here - what is the flower in photo #6 from the top of today's posting? It looks quite dear and perhaps it is something that would grow in Seattle? I cannot wait for the new ornament kit, even though I'm still working on last year's kit . . .


I also want to know about the flowers in photo #6!
And I hope it doesn't get too hot this weekend, I have to organize my tiny warm laundry room.


I guess I need to get working on last year's kit. Yikes. How did that happen. That soup does look delicious even if you didn't make it. I love soup although the weather is a bit too warm now. Keep me updated on the perfume. I keep thinking I want to wear it again.

Carla (from Alabama)

I can't wait to see what you had one and one half hours to dream up for a kit. I love your kits! Everyone of them!!

Your perfume link goes to the coffee maker on Amazon, thought you might like to know.

Your pictures are beautiful as always.


ah, more gorgeous photos!

perfume shopping and oven cleaning sounds lovely to me. Two things that I do often!


Have a great visit! We have family coming into town next week and I can't wait to share our summer with them!

And I didn't get a chance to comment, but I loved your thoughts about your garden. I totally agree.

Lisa G.

Oh, the furred head on the pillow! aww


For perfume shopping, check out The Perfume House on Hawthorne. Amazing selection and knowledgable folks.

I had heard of it for years and finally made it there last month when MY sister was visiting.


I perused the perfumes at
and ordered a couple (so hard to choose). I can't wait for them to arrive! I also added a note saying I found their website through a link on your blog and that they should send you a gift certificate! :) Thanks so much for the link!

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