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July 24, 2012



Loverly! Now about those cherries?

Stacy C.

I've read your blog for almost 2 years now and have never commented (I suppose this makes me sound like a creeper...but there you have it). Anyway, I just want you to know how much I love reading everything you write and looking at your gorgeous photos. Your blog has become as much a part of my morning as my cup of coffee! Thank you for creating such an inspiring and welcoming place to visit.



Your shawls are divine. Enjoy time with your sister - sounds like you have it all planned. Hope your cold weather isn't heading over here to the UK, I'm just getting used to a bit of summer sunshine - crocheting and sewing quilt binding edges in the hammock - sublime!

erica K

That shawl is beautiful, I love the stitch you used. I love how cabbages look as they grow. I really wanted one for my garden this year, but it didn't happen. Enjoy your visit! :)


Absolutly beautiful shawl!! So time consuming but the end product is something that you or your friend will treasure forever.


Beautiful shawl... love it! I love all your pictures... sooo much!


Oh your work is so crazy detailed. Amazing!!! Even though it is 107* here i am in a grand crocheting mood...cant get enough. Even crocheted in the car on our road trip last weekend :)
Sounds like you have a lot if fun planned. Cozy fun Take care


knitting, cabbage, family visits...simple things are the best. Fish sandwich recipe please? Beautiful photog's as usual. Nice shawl.

Speckled enamel roasting pans full of cabbage rolls is a prairie food i grew up with. I can't wait to make them in a few weeks.

Finally having a dose of summer here in Alberta (Montana-ish, only even shorter summers). I am hugely protective of my cabbabe patch (Jersey Wakefields and Pixies started from seed indoors) - EVERYTHING wants to devour them - deer, partridges, root maggots, cabbage moth offspring, neighbours...and now a mole!!!) - and I live in a town. I had to the share the Napas with the slugs, but they, the Napas not the slugs, have been Kimchi-ed. The Red Russian Kale - all good, no pests yet, first time i've grown it - bunches and bunches of free food. Organic kale sells for $4.59 a bunch here.

Now I want to go home and work on a dark indigo gansey i've been knitting forever...sigh.



Such a beautiful shawl, I really love it.
Have a wonderful few weeks with your sister
Karen x

Miss Cris

I recently started my own Quill project since I saw it via your blog and was inspired! Thank you so much. Your stories and pictures are a constant inspiration and favourite place of mine to browse. ^_^

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

So... not sure if there is any prospect for this as an actual event, but I would like to state, for the record, that
I will be happy to send in my deposit for the
Posie Weekend Workshop. And as long as I am wishing, could it last an entire week? I'm a slow learner.
You make beautiful, Alicia. All of it: beautiful.


I want that sandwich!!!

mlle patty

That fish-avo sammie looks so good!! Of course it is almost lunchtime here and nothing in the fridge that even comes close to that...
Also, nice cabbage! A Peter Rabbit special, that one.


your shawl is stunning. Just stunning.

Well the Olympics might just have 'good' weather (good to most people, rotten to me!), we've got a bit of a heatwave going on this week.
I'm just not a sports person, which is bad luck, given Wimbledon has recently dominated telly, and the Olympics set to do the same, but the husband is. He's thrilled to have tickets for two Olympic events. I wish him joy of it! I'm happy at home with our little girl.

oh how I love to visit your blog, and feast my eyes on your lovely photos. So happy and full of joy of life.

Nancy Wirz

WOW! I am so with Natalie. A Posy Weekend Workshop would be fantastic. Of course, you would be swamped with your blog followers who drool over all your creations. Maybe after the holidays when the rush has slowed down to a mere trinkle instead of a srttampede. Just a thought!!


What a lovely cabbage! Mine are still thinking about whether they want to be heads or just random cabbage leaves. And I must have, right now, the fish sandwich. If I weren't hungry, I'd be after the shawl because it has turned fallish here in Oregon. Having sisters is such a luxury - enjoy your visit.

Amy Kortuem

Of COURSE you just whipped yourself up one of those gorgeous shawls! I'm terribly jealous of your 56 degrees. Add 30+ degrees and heavy humidity, and you've got my life right now. Yeeeech.

I love the Olympics, too. Glued to the TV, watching things I even hate to watch - like swimming. I would never sit there and watch swimming, unless it's the Olympics. Gotta get some knitting projects organized...

Judith Weldon

Love your shawl and was intrigued by Ravelry, do you know of anything similiar to Ravelry for some of the other fiber arts, embroidery, quilting, sewing etc or really any of the other hand crafts. Do you have any idea how I could even begin a search for something similiar.
Thanks So Much


Two more projects to add to my favourites - thanks! Apparently, Olympic competitors arriving by train from France today were greeted by a brass band and served tea and scones! and there has been a project to supply competitors with hand knitted cushions (should they want one and why wouldn't they?). Hope you enjoy watching it. Bx xxx


Your shawl is so lovely! I'm picking up my knitting - even in our hot and humid weather - so I can spend hours and hours watching the Olympics. I love the Parade of Nations and always cheer for the countries with just a few competitors.


I am knitting a cardigan for my granddaughter.
Love matte wool!! Your shawls are dreamy. X


i love that the fish sandwich is on the plate with a fish scale-like edging. a propos. still over 100 here in the midwest. leaving soon to see my sisters in glen ellyn, where it has at least rained. i'll take fifties for a few days, please. beautiful shawl. as always, alicia, *sigh*. will you be making something for susie?


Oh, Alicia! I was on the fence about making an Alpine Frost shawl but this second one tipped me over the edge. Thanks for providing the notes on your modifications over at Ravelry. Now I just have to finish my zillion works in progress first...


more loveliness!! my hat is off to you and your fortitude with the web shop design...i have been having computer related bothersomeness (is that a word?) for quite some time, and look forward to having the time to get it all sorted out and a new blog layout/host. keep persevering and soooo look forward to seeing the results! x


there is something so nice and relaxing about your pictures that i love - thanks for sharing

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