Summer Scene

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THANK YOU ever so much for all the suggestions yesterday! I am thrilled to get books and read and make fish tacos this weekend. Thank you for taking the time to get me going! I really appreciate it.

It's just so nice out here this morning. I feel like I could just absorb summer right through my skin. Sunshine and birdsong. Taking it slow today. Andy off today. I love this.


beautiful embroidery - what are you working on?

Luanne Graham says: July 06, 2012 at 09:43 AM

Once again, I'm in love with your dog. How do you keep him so clean! My corgis think they're farm dogs...they herd the cows in the north pasture up behind the house every day (their idea, I assure you) and come back all smelly and doggish. Needless to say, they spend a lot of time outside. Lucky you, it's cool enough where you are to sit outside. It's way too hot and humid to be anywhere outside here today. Have a great weekend. Thoroughly enjoy your blog.:)

I always love your photos but that 'sunrise' one is so lovely. Is that ornament kits, I spy in the making?? Very exciting!

BTW, I keep forgetting to say thanks for the top tip re: wrapping the embroidery hoop in tape. Wow, what a difference.

It's similarly wonderful out here in Corbett.. birds singing.. sun shining. What is Andy working on? Enjoy this run of heavenly weather!

GV girl Mary Kate says: July 06, 2012 at 10:09 AM

Hi Alicia! Hey did you ever get a chance to update your office reveal with more details? I went back through the comments and I didn't see an update - well unless my eyes were overwhelmed with the gorgeousness of the pictures..... Thanks

The saying "a picture is worth a 1000 words" is so true on your blog. I'm inspired now to get some of those red labels and start utilizing all those jars I've saved. I love your applique and embroidery and I have decided it is time I design my own. I do everything else, dye my own wool for it, stitch it all by hand and get old wool clothes to tear apart and felt so the only thing I don't do is design my own pattern! You have truly inspired me!
Your bird and teapot are just precious! You should sell photos of your tables when you've been doing your needlework. They are still lives that would look great framed in people's craft rooms. Or as stationary too! Or paper for covering supply boxes! Enjoy your time!

I love how you make it feel like we're invited into your home with every post you make - thanks for that! :-)

Somebody said your dog looks clean - I was going to say that your whole house looks so neat, so spotless!

Oooh la la,,, 2012 ornaments in the works? I see your test knitter is at work too. The perfect shade activity if you ask me. :)

Jennifer says: July 06, 2012 at 10:31 AM

Joining in with others to say that if that's the 2012 ornament kit in the works, I'm in! Thanks for the almost-daily inspiration and vision of contentment.

gorgeous embroidery in the works! things aren't quite so neat at tidy at my home this week. We had (a rare surprise) rain, clouds, and humidity here this week, so there has been much indoor activity and the messes to show for it! My weekend will consist of organizing and restoring order. :)

You should REALLY send your outdoor pictures to a backyard gardening magazine!! Now that's a magazine I would buy!!

Hi Alicia,
I discovered your blog by accident and have loved checking in every day or so to see what is going on in your world. LOVE your pretty pictures and creative style. :)
Enjoy your hubby and day together. :)


Can you please have your hubby tell my hubby it is okay to learn to crochet or knit.
My hubby has a very stressful job and I am an avid crocheter trying to get him to realize that it is good for stress relief. :)

Plus I think he would come up with some amazing stuff. His brain is made for pattern making, mine is not lol ;)


Ooooohhh - do I see Christmas in July?? Fun, fun and so pretty!

When 'Larkrise to Candleford' was on tv, I read a review that said it looked as if it had been filmed through a camera smeared with golden syrup. They were right, the episodes all had a slightly golden hue to them, making it look warm and cosy and happy. Easy on the eye and a delight to watch. Your photos remind me of that, there is such a warmth and cosiness to your photos and indeed, your home. Maybe it's the glow of happiness. Whatever it is, it's a pleasure to see.

have a glorious weekend.

Aren't we all a bunch of smart cookies -- those of us who are hoping we just had a sneak peek at the 2012 Ornament Kit!

Oh my goodness if that is the ornament kits for this year - WOW!!! They are gorgeous.

Sadie, I agree with you.
Looks like another golden,
dreamy day in the Paulson home.
Enjoy every bit of it.

Penelope says: July 06, 2012 at 11:42 AM

Oh, that tea kettle and that bird......... I hope, hope, hope that they are for kits? yes?????. says: July 06, 2012 at 11:47 AM

Everything is beautiful, Alicia. Please give us the info. on your new office. I, in particular, want to know where you got the glass fronted cabinets and desk? You've quite the touch. Interior design is in your future.

I love your bulk jars, my favorite kitchen decorations are simply jars full of spices and whole foods.

Love cherries! Just made several batches of small hand pies this past week and they're almost gone already! And...what is the robin and embroidery you're working on? My best friend Robin knows I collect and make her all sorts of Robin goodies for her birthday every year. Your summer looks relaxing - my feels more chaotic and messy somehow - LOL

HeatherNicole says: July 06, 2012 at 12:12 PM

Ornament! Kit! Teapot! Bird! Woo!

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