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For her birthday, I made my sister a lace-weight crocheted Alpine Frost shawl. It was more the color of alpenglow. I was extremely pleased with and ridiculously proud of it. One of the top five things I've ever made, I think. I gave it to her last night at dinner (the four of us went here, and it was spectacular). Last week, when I had finished it but hadn't given it to her yet, naturally I informed her that I was about to give her the most awesome and fantastic birthday present she had ever gotten from anyone anywhere in her entire life and if it wasn't then . . . well . . . well, I don't really know what, but something. So she was prepared to have her mind blown and I believe she was suitably impressed, which further pleased me. I do like to direct people on exactly how to feel about the handmade presents I give them. I am just so helpful like that. A helpful person. ;-)

When we got home last night — can you believe that sky? That photo is exactly what it looked like in real life. It only lasted a few minutes. I walked down the road in a long flowered dress with the camera. Click click click. The sky was changing second to second. Thunder ripped from several different parts of the sky, then lightning, then more thunder. We sat in the back yard and watched it as night came on. A faint rain fell and evaporated on landing. Eleven seconds, generally, between the jagged white strike and the thunder-roll. Andy lit all the candles. It was our fifteenth wedding anniversary. I looked up and made a wish on the first bright star in the ultraviolet sky. Oh I do love that man with my whole soul.


happy anniversary!
What a wonderful gift! I wish i had the skill and patience to knit up something as beautiful as that!

Sweet 15 years together! Wish you a lifetime more!X

THAT SKY!! Oh so lovely. And the flowers! Oh and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Wow! Beautiful knitting.

Your shawl, well, your sister's shawl is gorgeous! It looks so intricate. I haven't had the courage to start one yet.
Happy anniversary. It's really wonderful when it's right, isn't it? Took me three times, but I finally got it right, too. Our anniversary is tomorrow. :)

Isn't it nice when the one we adore, loves us back with all his heart? I have my own Andy and know the blessing of a great man. Just wanted to put my name on the list if you are planning to add any new sisters to the fold! The shawl is beautiful.

I really hope your wish comes true....

Happy Anniversary!

You are a thoughtful sister. Anyone would love that present with or without your direction.

The sky is beautiful, the wrapping paper is beautiful and that shawl is best of all.

I needed an escape today, from the sad news here in Colorado.

Julie G. in Iowa says: July 20, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Happy Anniversary to one of the sweetest, cutest couples I 'know'.

p.s. The shawl is gorgeous!

All the colors in this post are truely breathtaking!
Happy 15 years!
I really miss sitting and watching a storm come on. It gets me weak in the knees :)

Happy Anniversary.

That is the most beautiful shawl I've seen. So so pretty. Your sister is awfully lucky.
I signed up at Ravelry so I could find out more; I'd rather knit than crochet, but I may be inspired.
Happy Happy Anniversary. xo.

Oh my my my, beautiful, all of it.

When I saw it in the daylight this morning it was even more stunningly beautiful! I love it soooooooooooooooooooooo much.

Love you guys, too. xox

Happy Anniversary! And did you notice the storm lingered into this morning? There were still flashes of lightning on the horizon and distant rumbles of thunder when I woke up at 5:30. I love the growly thunder. i love it almost as much as I love the really loud cracking stuff.

The shawl is beautiful!! And a wonderful job preparing her for her present too :) The photos of the sky are amazing, and it sounds like you had a great anniversary!! Congratulations on fifteen years!! And more to come!

Esther Sunday says: July 20, 2012 at 01:14 PM

Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 15th this year as well...xx

Beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you two <3

Happy Anniversary Both. BTW please keep making the little're going to need them xxxxx

wow what a beautiful gift,,and almost as pretty packaging..happy anniversary,,

You crocheted that shawl?? Ding dang it, you're good!

That is the most beautiful sky I've ever seen, and the photo of the flowers is so beautifully painterly looking. Gorgeous, all of it.

Happy Anniversary! How wonderful it is to love someone so entirely well!

First, that shawl is stunning. Second, what beautiful wrapping. Third, that sky is absolutely magical! Lastly, happy anniversary to you and Andy!

Happy Anniversary to you both - and wishing you many more. xx

Happy Anniversary! Alpine Frost is such a lovely pattern. I'm going to have to make one real soon. Yours is fantastic, and your sister is lucky to have it!

sounds like a magical evening, and your beautiful sweet words do every one of those pictures justice :) Happy Happy Anniversary!

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