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Best Weather Ever

Mid-70s, sunny, gentle breezes. Perfect, rare, delicious weekend days. Best weekend weather I can ever remember in my entire life. We harvested beets and potatoes from our wee garden plot on Friday afternoon. It was silly exciting — you stick...
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Ah, yes. It speeds up now. I remember.
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Works in Progress

I finished my own Alpine Frost shawl over the weekend. I had actually started mine a few months ago and I liked it so much I wanted to make one for Julie's birthday. When hers was finished I immediately went...
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Birds Bees Butterflies Blooms

A walk through the summerfields on Oak Island. If you were a landscape, what would you be? He said the mountain woods, with a river, and huge trees overhead. I said a meadow, with tall grasses and wildflowers. Soft blue...
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Like Alpine Glow

For her birthday, I made my sister a lace-weight crocheted Alpine Frost shawl. It was more the color of alpenglow. I was extremely pleased with and ridiculously proud of it. One of the top five things I've ever made, I...
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Summer Days

Ah, summer days. Cloud cover and sunshine. Bicycles, books, and bridges. Beers on the front stairs and watching the garden grow. It's my sweet sissy's birthday today, and she has a gorgeous new blog!!! Xoxo love you girl.
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Little Flower

Thank you so much for all of your kindness, and each and every one of your generous and tender words yesterday. I had a nice day and spent a lot of time outside in the front yard, fussing in my...
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Our dear sweet Violet left this world on Sunday afternoon. She was eighteen years old this summer. We'd gotten her when she was a tiny kitten. She used to sit on my shoulder, like a little bird. She'd wake me...
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Summer seems to have truly arrived! I know this because I've had my air conditioner on for two days and am afraid to leave the house. Thank you so much for all of your incredibly kind comments yesterday. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooo I...
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In Early Evening

Sometimes I miss Montana, miss living deep in the mountains, miss the rolling Clark-Fork River being right there at the end of our street. You could ride your bike in the evening along path at the edge of the river,...
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