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July 23, 2012


Kathy McDonald

You paint the most beautiful pictures with words, Alicia. The photos are fabulous, but it's the writing that I so look forward to with each post. It looks like you had a lovely day, as you always do. Thanks for taking us along.


beautiful alicia! you always make me want to grab my nikon and run to the woods or a nearby field!! thank you! and yes, your fine man has a cute bum. :) xoxo good shot! haha

mlle patty

So summery heavenly! What are those cool fuzzy pods?


What a lovely start to my week! Gorgeous Ella (3) has been gracing me with a lot of Queen Anne's Lace bouquets and really I FEEL like a queen receiving them! :)


Thank goodness... we all are much more likely to make it through our Monday with that last shot. :)


Dang, who knew a guy with a quilt could be so hot?!


beautiful photos :)


So, so beautiful! And is that a butterfly in the making in walk 21 & 22?


Oops! I mean 20 & 21.

Lisa G.

I would be an English-style landscape, I think. All green, green, with little lines of trees here and there; hills, not mountains. Green is the best color.

I do have to say, though - your water photo up there with the long grasses - I have a thing about pictures of marsh grass; it's a slightly melancholy thing, but still, it always gets me. Another thing that gets me is iron railings in the city, and all the gray tall buildings. Funny.

There are some awfully pretty "weeds" in the world, aren't there?


Haha, hottie shot! :-) Beautiful scenery!


I hope that someone along the line has bought you a handmade journal that you reach for every time these truly wonderful and poetic thoughts leave your mind. I want to drive right out to Sauvie Island today and look for those caterpillars and soft fuzzy seed pods! But even more, I want to go to Powells and find a small book of prose and poetry written by you.

Meg McG

That's so hard. I'd probably go for sand dunes with waving grasses and path to the Atlantic Ocean or a trail through some fern-floored woods and shaded by pines, oaks, maples and birches with a big old gold and green shaggy willow up ahead dipping into a pond.

I love the caterpillar photo and the pink patchwork quilt over the faded blue jeans, they'd be beautiful prints. I love your composed still life's at home but these outdoorsy, unstaged photos are even more beautiful for their sense of impermanence but agelessness.




its all too beautiful, your seasons seem to be mirroring ours here.....

what landscape would i be..that' tough....

i'd be a path through the ripening wheat, meadow flowers and bees at the edges and a cool dappled shaded beech wood just coming into view with swallows soaring overhead with the ghost of a white dog with brown ears at my side.

Rebecca Martin

What gorgeous photographs today! This is pure summer; it couldn't be captured any better.

Angie H.

A great start of the week! Even when it is gray out, you find a way to brighten it and see the beauty God created. Thanks for sharing ;-P. and the shawl you made for your sister was beautiful! A late happy anniversary to the both of you!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Transported, again.
Thank you.
You've made, even a Monday, brighter.
I love your sweet prose with a nod to lustier matters!

vintage market place

This is so gorgeous!
I love the clouds rolling in over the tall grass.
You make me miss real landscape :)


A forest of the one we have here in CA.
Love the contrast of the sweet calico quilt with Andy's plaid shirt!

A Little Blue Dragonfly

Gratuitous hottie are adorable! And, as always, this post is wonderful. Love that pink patchwork!

Sharon McQuistion

Be still my beating heart! Great way to start the week. Thanks for sharing. :)


Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely week~


So at the top of my computer tab I'm just noticing that it says "Posie Gets Cozy:Birds Bees Butt..."
Yep. :)


Oh Alicia the scenes with clouds make me yearn for the safe feeling of a cloudy day in late summer...dont know why... but the bright sunshine never feels as right as cloud cover...lissten to me moping bout sunshine! Cant wait to be able to buy your photos!

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