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I gave all of my wooden utensils and cutting boards and bowls a nice conditioning yesterday. They were parched. Wood butter (spoon oil) is good for this. I keep a jar in my pantry at all times, and just add more beeswax and mineral oil as necessary. I guess we try to do it every six months or so. I also oiled the entire surface of the table. The first picture is before oiling and the second and third pictures after (for what it's worth). Everything now has a beeswaxy sheen. Pretty.

I have no idea if you're really supposed to use it on furniture, but this table is a workhorse, so I fed it. You might want to research it before using it on yours.

It's so cold here. It's 63 degrees in the house. I'm wearing winter clothes and, obstinately, sandals.


Everyone knows that once you start wearing sandals you can't stop wearing them again until October :)

Oooh, so pretty! I need to do that too!

I really need to start doing this to my things. Shame, shame on me!

Looks lovely!!


old, well-loved, well-used wooden utensils are so beautiful. yours must look forward to their bath. one can almost hear them *sigh*. i have that reamer and it has been getting a lot of use lately because dominick's had a huge bag of lemons on sale. good choice of footwear. it's almost summer, right?

yes, I have long yoga pants on and a sweatshirt - so not loving this cool weather!

I didn't even have a clue one could do this, thanks for sharing! :-)

Sandals are important! Once you get them on in the warmer weather, you don't want to let go of them, do you? :D

PattiRNinMI says: June 14, 2012 at 10:40 AM

come to Michigan! There is NOTHING better than shorts, sandals, and a sweatshirt or hoodie, no matter how confused it may look...seems like just yesterday you wrote about oiling your wood items...has it really been six months??? Your posts and pictures have been steady constant companions...it's now to the point where I feel deprived and ignored if there is no new post from Posieville...(sniffs loudly)...two thumbs up to finishing the little tasks that just feel so satisfying!!

Wait, you can use this on your furniture, too? And it doesn't ruin it or anything?

I've got a few wood items (a desk and spinning wheel specifically) that this could really make a difference on. Furniture polish always makes it look pretty but it doesn't really do anything to protect the wood :(

karen on bainbridge island says: June 14, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Wood butter, eh? I've not heard that term. Did you make your own concoction?

Heh. I'm in Seattle, and was just trying to explain to my parents (in PA) why it made sense that I was wearing a sweater and wool socks inside my house (hint: it's because I refuse to turn on the heat after May 31). But it does mean we get to be cozy practically year-round!

I'm wearing my shorts. In desperation, I succumbed to the fluffy socks. AND I AM NOT TURNING THE HEAT ON.

Rose Festival Week Weather. Gotta love it's predictability.

I clicked on the link you gave for the wood butter, and it sounds just wonderful. I think I'm going to gather the supplies this weekend and make some for gifts. I don't have very much to use it on, just a large cutting board and a few bamboo utensils, but I know several people who will just love it! You surely paid it forward for both the Creative Culinary website and Bon Appetit Hon! Love you for that, AP.

So... maybe not on furniture, but what about on my body?
Seeing your buttery, nurtured wood, suddenly my skin feels quite parched!

oh gosh, you are good. I'm a lazy so and so and have never done this. Really should. Shame on me.

Our heating keeps coming on. It's set to switch on when it reaches a certain temperature. But, I am a cold weather girl, so I really don't mind. I'm sure other people here would like a hint of sun though!

So beautiful, this post inspires me to stop up on wooden cooking utensils.

I love the idea of buttering wood. I don't give my wooden utensils enough love, i should oil them more.

It hasn't been above 60 degrees where I am in the UK all of June. We've got the heating on. Yesterday, I dug out the winter jumpers. Depressing.

Very pretty. You are a treasure. When I was a teenager (in the olden days in the early to mid 60s), I wore thong-type sandals year round to school! It was the closest I could get to barefoot and still obey the rules. Granted, this was in San Diego, but it still got cold on the feet! 8-)

xo Linda

My mom has this weird idea that the chairs and table need to be oiled before Company comes over. I was always stuck doing it before every family party! I always thought that the time could have been spent doing more noticable cleaning chores, like getting the spiderwebs off the ceiling, but hey. We used furniture oil, but I bet it was just a mixture of oil, beeswax, and some orange oil.

BB LaBoss says: June 14, 2012 at 01:50 PM

I am jealous of both your wood butter and your weather.

Lovely, we have moved to a new house and my benchtops in the kitchen may just need some of this wooden love! I have just found your blog and love all your pictures - so beautiful! xx Rach

obstinately, sandals. you crack me up. I have been complaining about the Portland weather all morning, and now look at it, it's 3:00 and glory be. ; )

Your wooden collection looks gorgeous! I am totally smitten with your new (old) table and chairs. You did a nice job of feeding all of your wood treasures...:) I bought a block of beeswax from a Woodcraft store. I was wondering what to do with it. I was hoping to melt some of it and use it in encaustic artwork. I am not sure if it is meant for that though??!!

I hope some Summer sunshine and warmer temps will be heading your way soon!


too funny! i conditioned my spoons last week! some years back i really, REALLY wanted a kitchenAid mixer for christmas and lee knew it. christmas morning, there was the big box, wrapped and under the tree. inside....3 wooden spoons with a note, "low, medium, high." it's been a joke forever now and i HAVE to keep my "mixer" in good condition as they are quite special....for the record, we went the 26th to get the real thing. true story.

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