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June 12, 2012



So the universe must be thinking of I decided to paint my front door orange....and then I come to your post from yesterday and notice that your door looks orange????? Would you mind sharing the name and paint company with me?
thanks....kindered spirit


I have had times where I want a lot of white around - maybe some feeling of a blank canvas, a new start, clean, pure - who knows! Then I go back to my usual palette of earthy fall colors eventually.
That hammock looks super tempting!


Gosh, you make me want to take up my crochet hook again after many many years of not crocheting at all. Today we saw a daddy house sparrow with his three fledglings on our railing. He was going to our feeder and then taking the seeds to the juveniles. And he actually shooed the mum away. Hope they come back tomorrow - they looked so adorable in that just beginning to learn how to fly look.


I love your frosted glass colored sky comment. I kept looking at it today trying to put my finger on it -- you nailed it.

And here I thought I was the least athletic person on the planet. I am starting 24-hour fitness tomorrow -- wish me luck -- perhaps I can be an inspiration! The only reason I agreed to join is because the windows face the Willamette and my husband comes home talking about all the eagles he sees! If I don't see any eagles, I'm not staying!

I love your dining room chairs. And your cats were quite cute in your last post.... now I'll have to go back and look at the funny comments. Have a lovely evening.


Oh my, my, my! You are so right about it looking lacy! I love it! The other thing I love is that you painted the office white. Yes! It's going to look fab even on rainy days.


Sky like frosted glass - here, too. It's got this odd sulphuric yellow tinging the grey now - that means evening rain.

I've been sputtering, too, under a metaphorical dark cloud (that kind I mind a lot more than the literal ones). I just submitted my students' grades to the University, though, and closed the door on the academic year. I hope that the dark cloud will break up and go with it. I'm looking forward to a few more days of rain up here; rain always feels so forgiving, like an ablution. It's a good way to come back to the world after being locked away in a dark, sad place for a while - the slow puttering pace it induces is just right for reentry. =)


This morning I awoke at 4:45 hearing a bird song that sounded like metal blinds against a glass window. Then later this afternoon,heard the birdsong again. It was a flicker singing from the toolshed peaked roof. He/she looked so alert---maybe it is the head feathers that always look moussed into attention. It reminded me of your bird stories.
The good thing about painting a room white is you can use lots of colorful accessories without worrying about clashing with the room color.


I love white rooms. I know, boring, but it just seems to make everything else pop! I've been working on finishing up a teddybear for one of my grandkids, and a giftcard cover (knitting). Can't wait to start a new pattern!

Heather M

We had a long awaited rain today here in Montreal (cdn) so I hope it will break this awful humidity. I heard our summer will be hot and humid, so I planted my veggies with more space between. They are not anywhere near as sumptuous as yours - yet! - but I know they will be.
Not sure if you noticed, but on 'feelingstitchy' (dot com) they have a set of free pfd's of cross stitched Corgis. You might like to make up your little Corgi!
Thanks for all your wonderful posts. You inspire me to crochet, quilt (it's coming along albeit verrry slowly)and, of course, embroider. In fact, I just finished a stamped image I adore of a few roses all done in french knots. What was I thinking?! I'll do it again, tho!

Judy Kelley

I was reading through my crafty blogs and came across your book, Embroidery Companion! Sandra at Cherry Heart blog was exclaiming about your book and how excited she was to have it. Crafty people are fabulous and it's quite a fun network!


Well, you start the conversation, Alicia, and it is fun as one who views your posts to see where the conversation goes:)
A few minutes ago it was raining so fast and furiously in southeat Gresham, it looked like a white sheer curtain billowing in a strong breeze! [We won't have to water our gardens for awhile:)]
I offered to crochet cup cozies for a group of women several weeks ago and have 8 completed thinking I would just need 12 by the 20th of June. Today I found out I need more than double that number....yikes....I better stop typing and start crocheting!!! <3


i understand being surprised about white. most of my rooms have colour, but now i think i want one white room. i was at the library and found "whip up mini quilts" and there you were. your talent is a good way. you are such an inspiration, alicia.

Rebecca Martin

Please tell about the dish/platter under your tea. What is it? Where's it from?


Your crochet piece is so lovely. I've been in to white too lately - just painted my oak kitchen cabinets in a soft shade called "Vermont Cream." The name is what made me pick it over all the other whites. It seemed like the perfect name for kitchen paint.



Another non-athletic type here who also watches as much tennis as she can! I watched the rest of the match (which was finished the next day)...but am a firm Nadal fan ;) Wimbledon is only two weeks away...I always make sure I have some plain knitting or crochet on the go for tennis.


We're in the process of repainting the entire house (after the construction hell of last summer) and I'm shocked at my color choices. WHO KNEW greige would appeal? Sometimes, a change is good.

Rumor has it, sun coming soon. It's just a rumor, tho. And I don't trust it for one minute out here.


Oh I'm having a love affair with white lately as well. I hope you show Andy's space, of course if he doesn't mind.


Your posts are the highlight of my day. They always make me smile. Like we've just sat and chatted and had an extremely good cup of tea. Thanks for that.


'The sky looks like a piece of frosted glass'. 'The sound of tires going by on the wet pavement'.
I love these two lines from your post. So few words, such vivid descriptions. I can imagine exactly how your weather has been, I love that.

After years of bright colour, we have gone back to shades of white or mute colours. I like it. I think it calms and soothes the mind,especially if there is chaos from projects and life in general.

Adore that hydrangea. We have on in our garden, it has to by my favourite. The delicate lacy flowers agains the dark of the green is simply delightful.


p.s you might be slightly disgusted with me. One of the few Brits who cannot stand the two weeks of wimbledon, and moans every time she finds it on telly. Which is a lot. Give me the strawberries & Pimms, but keep the tennis away from me!!!!

Kelly @ Flotsam and Feathers

i want to step through my monitor glass and into your photos...

sparkly jules

Can I come train with you in the "Domestic Arts?" I want my house and yard to look like your house and yard, but I'm just not getting it. Maybe a couple of weekend worskshops? I'd come to Portland.

Think about it.

Fighting Cancer;




Is it this weather that's influencing so many of us all over the world - or so it seems? Here in the South of England, we'd usually expect long hot, dry sunny days with evening meals outside and dogs with their tongues hanging out. It's not at all usual to have such grey light and dullness. My latest crochet blanket is going to be called Misty Morning - subtle colours - I'm just not into brights atm! You're sounding very calm.


I often start my day with your photos and posts. It's exactly the frame of mind I want to be in as I start a busy day...Tea and beautiful, peaceful spaces. I may even have to take up knitting this fall.

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