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New Computer

Wah! Had to get entire new computer after all. Writing from phone. Wondering why computer problems prompt discombobulation, then, in every other area of life. Discovered (for instance) while eating lunch in restaurant on Tuesday that shirt was on inside...
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Rainy Weekend

Baking : : Movie night Friday (we loved it) : : Birthday lunch with dear friends : : New-neighbor BBQ with old friends : : Much embroidering and much crocheting at all other times : : More movies (this one...
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Thank you for the Midsummer sampler orders (and thank you for the sweetest wildflower book, Rae Jean)! We are sleepy folk here this morning. It's been a really busy week, actually. We finished the "new" office and it's making everyone...
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Midsummer Morning

Over the weekend the weather was so nice, and I said really strange things like, "I'm hot!" and "It's hot out here!" [pointing to the yard] and "It's hot in there!" [pointing toward the house]. WEIRD. Ah, but it did...
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Dinner Picnic

Friday night at the river beach, Sauvie Island, 6/15/12.
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Ah. Sunshine.

Oh yeah. Bring it.
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Wood Buttered

I gave all of my wooden utensils and cutting boards and bowls a nice conditioning yesterday. They were parched. Wood butter (spoon oil) is good for this. I keep a jar in my pantry at all times, and just add...
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Ina's shrimp salad with some pasta, and a pretty little kitty catching some Zs. That's all. Nothing much. (And a whole lot, really. Favorite kind of day.)
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One project (Quill) is on the needles, one project (Alpine Frost) is on the hook. Both are perfectly suited to my mood lately. I alternate between them. I need 97 ridges of garter on the Quill and am somewhere in...
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First Harvest!

Spinach! And lettuce! From seeds! Proud. I am way overidentified emotionally with my garden and will need years and years of therapy when it fails but until then I am taking every single victory as personally as I possibly can....
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