I don't get it either.

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No, it's not exactly the first time that, in the midst of general reorganizational chaos and general way-too-much-going-on, I've found it impossible not to stop everything else and (yeah) make a quilt.

A Serenity Now quilt? Well, okay.

Except for the tiny squares of fabric falling all over the floor.

(Thankfully, no, each little square isn't sewn individually [though some are]; long strips of fabric are sewn together, alternating the cream with the colors, then chopped into 2" strips, then resewn into checkerboards. More on this later.)

I also have 97 ridges of garter stitch in fingering weight wool in progress for the center section of my Quill. I think I'm about 1/3 there. Garter stitch in the midst of chaos while watching reality TV? See, like, that I get.


Oh man, I am knitting quill right now as well. I just finished the center square and I have done a few rounds of the feather and fan. I also found out I can knit mindlessly on a garter square while reading an ereader.

Serenity Now... I get it...
At least without having
to be the one to manage all
those squares!
You make loveliness,
even in the midst
of chaos.

It's beautiful. Your quilts are just so lovely.

Wow, this will be a romantic and wonderful quilt. Greatings from Germany from one of your daily readers :)

I am swooning over that quilt! Your just amazing.

And THIS is why I like you.

I get it :) It's lovely and the name is perfect!!

love the quilt.

sometimes, I think a little extra chaos somehow equals out the rest. That's what I tell myself, when in the middle of doing something I have to make a start - and finish - some other project.

The quilt will be beautiful when it is finished! Love the scrappiness of it and that it is your choice of fabrics and not jelly rolls from a quilt designer. Looking forward to your summer sampler pattern but I won't do it on black. Creativity is not a neat process but we do need to have some form of organization in our work space.

I hope you will share the technique you used to put the quilt together. It's lovely!

LOVE THE NAME OF YOUR QUILT! its also amazingly beautiful! cant wait to see it finished.

I wish i had even half of your energy. I bought fabric monghs ago and it still sits waiting on me.
This pattern and fabrics look amazing! I am sure you will have it finished tomorrow :)

the top photo makes me want to sit down and start the quilt i have never gotten around to starting...my first quilt...i want to make a coin stacked quilt. you inspire me. but today i have the fine task of educating my children...maybe if i teach them to sew...

Just lovely! A bit of peace and rest.

You´re great at this - I´ve never made a quilt and seriously wonder if I´d have the patience..! Chrocheting blankets however, works like a charm - go figure..! :-D

lovely quilt pix -- will you be sharing pattern info?

alicia follows her beautiful heart...quilts = love.
do what makes you smile.

LOVE the fabric selections, AS USUAL! You have such an eye for making the most calming looking creations. Sigh!

Everytime I sit down to make a quilt, I get so frustrated because my corners and points will never, ever perfectly meet and I spend my time ripping out and re-sewing over and over. Quilt sewing is NOT calming to me. Knitting on the other hand~HEAVEN! And EVERYONE needs some heaven amidst chaos!

love that quilt...I've been looking for something I could make with scraps for 4 boys beds, I think this would be PERFECT! I'm pinning to remember for later. And I totally get needing to make a quilt in the midst of everything else...priorities!

it's LOVELY!!!

Serenity indeed! You amaze me. You inspire me. To my brain, you are like string to a cat's brain. **blows kisses** Deborah

Yes, that's the answer! I'm going to go work on my quilt because I have too much going on. Thanks, Alicia.

Oh my god! I'm totally in love with it already!!! Oh, I want one. Just like that, it's perfect. I may have to fly over and steal it!!!

S x

You are such a machine when you start making a quilt. My quiltmaking takes forever....

But, I gotta say: that is a beauty! Is that double Irish-Chain???? I wonder why it's called that. I love all the whitish spaces. My quilts are usually too color saturated. I'd love to make one with the colors against the white. So peaceful....

Alicia, you kill me every time with your new designs. I wish I could get into that brain of yours! That's going to be one lovely quilt.

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