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May 18, 2012



Nice week and lovely pics - just as always! :-)


Love your blog! Thanks for all the Portland info - will be visiting Portland this summer and will be trying many of your recommendations. I don't know the city at all so I'm wondering about your favorite coffee shops that may be within walking distance of the University of Portland? Thanks!


Lovely pictures. But: I love the Quilts most *g*
Have a nice weekend :)


I am so envious of your little garden. I had raised beds a couple moves ago and gardening was just plain fun then. Now its a lot of work but I still enjoy it.
Ann LOve the stack of quilts too

sharon from sharon stanley writes

Oh my goodness I love the cowl on Clover Meadow! Precious. Your use of the camera is just enchanting....the colors you are able to coax from that box are amazing. Enjoy your colorful weekend.


Hope your weekend is equally beautiful Alicia...I'm looking forward to mine!


Yellow peas? could be too much water, could be bad nematodes in the soil (spinkle a teaspoon of sugar on the soil around the plant, it kills the little buggers who are lunching on the root hairs of the plant.)

I do love your photos - the stack of quilts, the view from your upstairs window, Clover Meadow.


Garden is struggling as birds are pulling up seeds despite the netting. I will be setting out the plants, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and ? this weekend. Better chance with those and I'll replant the other spot again! With you Irish Chain are you going to chain piece, piece individually, strip piece, combination thereof?, just curious. How about a fabric preview? I seriously have to get back to quilting before the stash takes over the whole house. So much fabric, so little time. Love the cowl on the Clover Princess, fits her perfectly! I will be visiting my daughter & grandson in Portland. They are planning an itinerary, should be intereseting. Enjoy your weekend with friends, sounds delightful.

A Little Blue Dragonfly

Such sweet blessings! So much to be thankful for. :)


Sounds like a perfectly lovely time! I love your climbing hydrangea! How long have you been growing it?


Puppers! So cute. Happy Friday!


I love what you're doing with your yard, and your home. The utilitarian beauty is so inspiring! You're doing great work.


♥ Have I ever commented on how absolutely peaceful your photos are! The picture of your quilts was the perfect start to my weekend. Thank you :)


I so enjoy your pictures...want to give puppers a kiss


What a lovely tour and update on what's happening in your cosy world. Wish we could have a bit of sun here in the UK - it's quite warm & damp here again this evening. There was a grass frost earlier in the week, with clear starry skies and I'm worried about the apple blossom. We've left our veggie patch this year - Flora Puddleduck is voracious and appears to eat everything in the garden! Have a lovely weekend.


Great pictures. Thank you

Teresa Kasner

I've never heard of Natalia's, nor did I know that Camas had such a quaint and charming old town. I will have to go check it out! Enjoy this weather!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Alicia, you need to tell us more about that flower garden hex quilt - is that cheater fabric? those tiny flowers running along the blocks can't be pieced, right?!?!


What a perfectly quaint looking little town! I think I would love the Pacific northwest. We have absolutely no cute little stores or restaurants anywhere near where I live.

Clover Meadow is beyond precious in her new cowl~oops, I mean your new cowl!

Yea, me too~ I want to see your new fabric choices for the Irish Chain.

Gracie Saylor

We are enjoying the weather with you, Alicia! We got some wooden half barrels set up in the new gardening area we are testing this year, and mowed over the old garden area. The skating video is a fun way to see glimpses of Paris. I am going to try to cast on stitches for a colonial blue merino blanket and finish a merino hat I started. Then there are the quilting squares I want to cut... I know you get the picture(: Happy Weekend! <3

Rachel Oakley

The weather has been great, hasn't it?




Enjoy seeing your lush and lovely part of the world . . .

Michael - Innkeeper

Just beautiful. As always. You have quite the magical life Mrs. (and Mr.) Paulson. Happy Weekending!


Such gorgeous photos!

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